Script for Computer Basics

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Script for Computer Basics

Good morning/afternoon everyone. I am Ong

from G7J. Today I am
going to tell you about computer basics. It is important for you to know about
computer basics because all of you have computers and you should know
about it. In the future when you are in MYP or DP you need to use computer a
lot to d
o some assignments.


Computer is an electronic device that manages information. It can store, recall,
and process data. You can use computer to type documents, send emails and
browse internet. You can communicate with your friends, do homework, li
to music, watch video and do a lot many more of things.

Types of Computer

There are 7 types of computer. The first one is desktop computer that you use
in ICT lab, at home or in offices. The second is laptop computer that use
battery and you can carry

it with you. The third one is tablet computer that is
touch screen and a small computer like Ipad. The fourth one is Game Consoles
that you use at home to play video games. The fifth one is Server that you
store information and send it to other computer u
sing a network. The sixth one
is TV that you can watch

programs and also use internet. The seventh one is
mobile phone that can be use as a small computer.


The OS or operating system is the most important software in a computer. It
run the computer on a
nd checks that everything is working well. It manages
memory, processes, software and hard wares. If there is no OS the computer is
useless. The example of the OS is Mac, Windows and Linux.


An Application is a type of software. It performs spe
cific tasks when we told
them to. When many apps are open it the same time it is called Multi
Examples of applications are Microsoft Word, ITunes, Window Media Players,
Chrome, Safari etc.

Cloud Computing

Cloud Computing is that you have your fil
es on the network on the internet.
You can have access to these files anywhere that have internet. It can be a
place where you backup your files because it won’t get lost. Examples of Cloud
are Drop box Evernote Mozy and Carbonite

Web apps

Web apps are ap
ps on the internet. You don’t need to install anything because
it’s on the internet. For Example Online Mail Services like Gmail and Yahoo
Mail. You don’t need to install that.
It store data on the internet.

Desktop Computer

Now, I will tell you about a d
esktop computer , what’s inside the desktop

There are Computer Box or CPU that is a metal box, Monitor that shows things
up and work with a video card, The keyboard for typing. The mouse is for
clicking. In the mouse there is also mouse alternati
ves which are trackball and
touchpad. There is also a link between power outlet and power supply unit.

Laptop Computer

Laptop Computer is a portable computer that you can use it anywhere you
want with a battery. It is more expensive than desktop but it is
a lot smaller.
For Netbooks the functions got lesser because they want to make it very small.

Differences between desktop and laptop

First I will start with laptop then desktop. Laptop is more portable that desktop,
desktop is not portable. Laptop computer

have touchpad but on desktop
computer you use a mouse. You use battery on laptop but you need to plug
the power to the wall outlet. Laptop is more expensive than desktop while it
got the same specs. Laptop is hard to upgrade while desktop is easier to
grade and change parts. Laptop is an all in one computer with ports
touchpad screen and more but for desktop you need to connect many parts to
use it.

Laptop Computer

Desktop Computer


Not Portable







Hard to upgrade

Easy to upgrade


Ports in CPU

All in one

Many Parts

Mobile Computers

Mobile computers have small size like a mobile phone. Usually the mobile
computers will have touch screen. Navigation devices that tell you where
to go
is also one example. You can play games, watch movie, listen to music on a
mobile computer.

Setup a Desktop computer

For Laptop

Press the power button (if it isn’t charged plug it)

For Desktop


Unpack the Monitor and Computer Case


Locate Monitor Cab


Connect one end to the monitor and another to the computer case


Connect the keyboard and the mouse


Plug the speakers (if you have)


Plug it to the wall outlet

Find files in Mac and PC

For Pc you click the windows explorer icon beside the start button and

search for what you want. In Mac you click the blue icon which says Finder
and search for what you want.

Keep Computer Healthy

First, you need to clean the keyboard, the mouse, the monitor by wiping it
smoothly. Also you need to back up your files so it won’t be
. You also
need a safeguarding. And the last one is you need to keep your computer

Create a Safe workspace

st you need to adjust your chair so that your comfortable. Second you
need to adjust the keyboard to a height that you can type the best. Third
you need to keep your mouse close so when you want to use it you don’t
need to reach for it far. Fourth you need

to keep your monitor in a distance
so you won’t hurt your eyes. Fifth you need to avoid clutter and the last one
is so need to take breaks (for example when you play 30 minutes you need
to rest 5
10 minutes)

Thank you for watching my presentation. BYE!