PCS Mobile Offers Mobile Assurance

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PCS Mobile Offers

Mobile Assurance

PCS Mobile is known nationally for their expertise in voice, video and data

mobility solutions.

Our legacy focus is on products and services that support a mobile workforce and
have traditionally offered services and service contracts including; phone su
pport, remote and on
trouble shooting, repair services in
house and remote, and either full or depot RMA services. In addition,
we offer “preventative maintenance” services for in
vehicle mounts, docks and wiring related to the mobile
computer termin
al (MCT) units.

We are now able to expand our service capabilities to include alert monitoring
. This includes
monitoring the performance metrics on a computer for signs of trouble. The idea is that symptoms can be
identified and addressed before the sy
stem goes down. There are thousands of metrics to monitor and
PCS Mobile has identified a small list that are relevant in our space; WWAN connectivity, hard drive
usage, memory usage and processor usage, to name a few. If a metric exceeds a predetermined

threshold, an alert is issued which will create a automated ticket for review or service.

Customized solutions can be created to fit any budget and we offer a customer portal service to
provide a streamlined process for requesting and monitoring servi
ce issues.

Allowing PCS Mobile
to monitor and proactively evaluate your mobile fleet infrastructure, will allow for significant savings that
lower operating costs and maximize budgets.

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Additional New Offerings for Mobile Data include

Cycle Management

Image Management

Disposition Services

Hard Drives Cleaned



Other Value
Add Services...

Crash Kits w/ Hot Spares

Preventative Maintenance

Future Planning allows you to take advantage of better pricing opportunities!

Client Web Portal for e
asy access to ticketing and

project reporting