Looking Forward to 2013

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Looking Forward to 2013

January is usually when
we draw

conclusions from the
year just past and


the future.
For some reason
I'm motivated to try that now......perhaps it's the tradition of trying to gu
ess what
Santa will bring that
s the inspiration

I'm writing this on December 20th without knowing if the predicted end of the world will come
tomorrow. Perhaps we don't need to worry about what's next in IT......


better e
for procrastinating

I recently re
ad an

about the growth in the amount of information in the world.
They say "
estimates the digital universe has doubled within the last two years a
nd will reach 40 zetabytes by 2020

that would be 5,247 GB of data for every man, woman and child on the planet.
" I don't know about
you but I don't know where I'd pu
t 5,000GB
s of data

not on a free cloud storage service

and not on my
PC. Presumably

these numbers aren't just saying we have billions of

copies of the same thing

I like the iCloud idea where one copy of a song is stored and a list of authorized users is maintained (at
least I think that's what Apple does)

this avoids big data from bec
oming "big duplication." I can't tell
you what we'll

by the end of 2013, but we certainly need to take the information ecosystem

capture, access, storage, archival, security, etc.


and we'll probably see interesting
developments in this a

Talking about

clouds, it sometimes appears that

half the
news articles out there are

about clouds

their benefits

but also

the issues of "cloudifying" the world
. Cloud computing is without
doubt the

of the IT world these days.
computing is also now about "personal
" which reminds me of the Peanuts character that always had a cloud over his head.....although
Pen's cloud was made of dust

not bits and bytes

Are the Peanuts gang
in this picture running to fi
nd a cloud

I suspect we'll see and hear
even more

about clouds in 2013. I also think we'll be treated to the "
of disillusionment
" for some
of the
cloud services.

This may happen because of some
failure, or may simply reflect the difficulties
people are having

realizing the benefits.

I'm guessing Hybrid Clouds will be more popular, which implies a mind meld of corporate IT people wit
service providers. Multi
cloud solutions will also emerge, which will make Cloud Brokers more critical to
success. Service level agreements will become critical.

I think Cloud Computing changes the procurement model that public sector buyers need to us

Perhaps 2013 is when some of the standardization efforts will begin to get airplay......IEEE, ISO, ITU and
many others. Clouds will also become the glue that unites a wide range of other technologies, from
massive storage to mobile devices to multi
ant applications. Cloud computing seems to provide a
real base for innovation

the number of companies that can start up using cloud systems is enormous.

The union of cloud computing an
d mobile computing

will undoubtedly continue. It seems there's a
rong focus on the smartphone and who makes the best device. Perhaps the focus on hardware will
decrease this year, but it's also likely that the
smartphone apps supply chain will become more and
more strategic. Making it easy to get information, to find
apps, to keep everything up
date and
especially to synchronize everything will be features that everyone demands

and this takes more than
just the device itself. I know that my contact list, which originates on my PC, is still a mess with multiple
tries for the same people.

These are only three of the many observations on 2013 that will be forthcoming. At the end of the day,
there are hundreds of areas that we should be following, many different technologies that can provide
fertile ground for entr
epreneurs, and also many economic and social factors that will contribute to
progress, or not. Here's to an exciting new year in 2013 with many, many topics to write about (in
addition to the latest phones, of course!)