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WinIn is a next generation RFID solution for Jewellery industry. WinIn comprehensively addresses the
needs of speed, billing accuracy, shrinkage prevention and near
real time stock accounting. WinIn

Jewellery product information available on handheld PDA reader and point
sale billing mechanisms to
automate the billing activity.

Improved Productivity and Cost Avoidance

Identifying items by RFID involves less work than using barcode scanning a
nd other less automated

Decreased Cycle Time and Taking Costs Out

RFID scanning is not a serial process, like traditional Barcode scanning, so the business can perform
identical tasks much more quickly.

Reduced Rework

As RFID scanning has a greater f
irst time pass accuracy this reduces the number of errors that are
generated and retries needed.

Reduced Business Risk & Control of

RFID tagging enables better audit and

control. The ability to track and trace items better

can be located more easily.

Improved Security and Service

Human intervention is required to scan a barcode, whereas in RFID tag can be detected “hands


must be visible on the outside
. RFID tags can be placed inside the

You must ha
ve “line of sight” to read a barcode. RFID tagged items can be read even if they are
behind other items.

The readability of barcodes can be impaired by dirt, moisture, abrasion, or packaging contours.
RFID tags are not affected by those conditions.

gs have a longer read range than barcodes.

RFID tags have read/write mem
ory capability; barcodes do not.