What do Americans Like to do for fun?

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What do Americans Like to do for fun?

Americans are big on electronics. Lots of Americans time is spent watching T.V., playing on the computer (twitter, myspace,
facebook,etc.) or texting. Exercise is important of course and Americans get that from organ
ized activities more than they do than just
going outside. Lots of teens spend their time hanging out with their friends: walking places, going shopping, or hanging out
around the
neighborhood. But overall Americans biggest past time is using electronics.
Without them, America would not be the America it is
today. [But don't get the impression that's all Americans do and are total eletronic zombies.] Hope that helped:)

Top 10 things to do in shanghai:

1. Barrel down the Bund
Beijing h
as the Great Wall and Xi’an the Terracotta Army, but Shanghai has its Bund, a magnificent
riverside sweep of masonry that grew with the rise of Shanghai and impassively watched the city’s decline and renaissance.

Nowhere else in Shanghai are the ebbing sy
mbols of Western hegemony so deftly contrasted to monuments of China’s
growing clout. The promenade is ideal for putting every Bund building in its proper context; it’s a carnival of kiosks, hawke
tour groups and the commercial mayhem of China’s tourist

boom. Visit at dawn for tai
chi performers or at dusk to see
twilight settle magically over Pudong’s skyscrapers.

2. Breeze around People’s Square
Far less austere than Beijing’s crypto
Stalinist Tiananmen Square, People’s Square has none
of the paranoia o
f the capital’s notorious rectangle. But even if you’re twitchy with crowds, you will find the square an
unavoidable tangle of metro interchange, intriguing museums, dazzling hotels, top vistas and cultural venues.

3. Size up Lujiazui
Nothing in Shanghai is

more manufactured and aspirational than Lujiazui, Pudong’s most pulsating
panorama. and the city’s state
art answer to Hong Kong’s Central district, as viewed from Kowloon. China’s economic
nerve centre, Lujiazui is an ever
evolving scene. The best

way to reflect on China’s landmark towers is at night, but any time
will do. Weather permitting, toast the towers from the terrace of New Heights in the Bund. Alternatively, savour high

stratocirrus permitting

in Lujiazui itself from Cl
oud 9 or the world’s highest observation deck in the World
Financial Center.

4. Savour Shanghai’s dishy deco heritage
Shanghai is a snappy museum of art
deco style. The machine
age building form
evokes racy 1920s and ’30s Shanghai, when the city first emerg
ed as a modern, cosmopolitan city. The clothing and fashions of
that era may have vanished, but art
deco hotels, apartment blocks, private residences, cinemas and banks

made of more
durable materials

have survived.

5. Put Frenchtown in the frame
The mod
ish French Concession comes into focus with a meander around its leafy back streets.
With politics,shopping, old gangster pads and dining, entertainment is guaranteed. Cap the experience off with dinner and
drinks at one of the area’s excellent restaurants

and bars. Shanghai has its European eccentricity, but little prepares you for
the Gothic towers.

6. Fish for fashion around Tianzifang
Shoppers and wanderers take note: this engaging warren of stone
gate houses,
architecture and hip

boutiques is the perfec
t spot for browsing while soaking in the

flavours of the ever
elusive traditional
Shanghai neighbourhood.

The handsome recipe of lane housing, wi
fi cafes, art galleries and

fashion shops fills out this
residential community.

7. Drink and dine among Shang
hai’s Shikumen
Xintiandi hasn’t been around for a decade yet and already it’s a Shanghai icon.
An upscale entertainment complex modelled on traditional
(alleyway) homes, Xintiandi was the first development in the
city to prove that historic architect
ure does, in fact, have economic value. Well
heeled shoppers and alfresco diners keep the
place busy until late, and if you’re looking for a memorable meal or a browse through some of Shanghai’s more fashionable
shops, this is the place.

8. Link up with Sh
anghai’s laid
back lanes
Shanghai’s ultramodern skyline is electric for sure, but also impersonal and
dwarfing. Don’t fret. For things on a more human scale, where real communities get on with their daily lives, meandering
through Shanghai’s collection of

homes is a helpful antidote. These gorgeous stone
communities, mainly designed from the mid
19th century to the art
deco era, hog much of Shanghai’s characteristic
era charms, where low
rise tenements line up
in neat, pretty rows.

9. Go on an Old Town culture quest
With its shaded alcoves, sparkling pools flashing with goldfish, beckoning classical
pavilions, rustling bamboo and rocky recesses, Yuyuan Gardens is one of Shanghai’s most eminent sights. This prompt
s a
caveat: classical Chinese gardens were simply not designed to accommodate daily visitor figures topping a thousand. Securing
that unique, tranquil atmosphere that brought these gardens fame can be a mission improbable. Set your alarm for an early,
crowd visit for glimpses of the gardens’ tranquilising harmonies of light and shade, and rock and water.

10. Delve into the divine
At the Jade Buddha Temple , Shanghai’s holiest Buddhist shrine, the tinkle of the tourist dollar
clashes with the sacred chant
ing of monks and birds chirping from
Magnolia grandifl ora
branches.. Festooned with red
lanterns, the halls and courtyards of the saffron
coloured temple glitter with fine effigies and temple ornaments. A visit is a
reminder of the growing religious fever

sweeping China.

Top ten Russia: 1) hunting 2) chess 3) boxing, 4) hockey 5) drinking vodka


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