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2012 Casual Living



Alfresco Home is committed to delivering independent retailers and designers the finest collection of
outdoor living furniture and compl
mentary casual products in the industry. With
more than

30 years of
experience in the desi
gn and development of casual furniture and patio accents, Alfresco Home is a
valuable resource to all industry partners.

Our principal mission at Alfresco Home is deeply rooted in our unwavering efforts to deliver quality
products, fresh design, useful fu
nction and excellent value. The core of our casual furniture offerings
resides in the stylish and refreshing elements of our Cast Aluminum and Everwoven™ All Weather
Wicker Collections. With over
collections, the selection is appealing to all tastes and

is supported by
national retail partners, who


year after year

with our experienced sales and marketing team to
create and maintain extremely successful partnerships.

Accompanying our Cast and Woven product families is the intriguing complementary co
s of
Alfresco Home including
our handmade Marble Mosaic Collection. These decorative elements are a
core accent to any casual furniture setting yet are strong enough to be
central feature in any setting
both indoors and out. Elegant and stylish

patterns, bold and soft, integrate beautifully with all casual
products and help in finishing the surroundings in which they are placed.

Beyond the furniture collections, Alfresco Home makes bold effort in the development and production of
y Casual Products.
Alfresco Home introduces the Fornetto

, dual purpose wood
oven and smoker to its complimentary offering.
Alfresco Home
continues to add

style, color and
breadth to any outdoor setting with an array of bistro collections, fantastic

glazed beverage coolers, fire
burners and our world renowned Terra Fresca pottery. Elements of freshness can also be found in our
wrought aluminum beverage coolers, gas fire pits and many other functional patio elements. Alfresco
Home truly embodies a sel
ection of products that address both the functional and decorative elements
of outdoor living.

At Alfresco Home we continue to embrace all aspects of global manufacturing, design and distribution.
We work carefully and conscientiously worldwide to bring
fashionable, quality product to the
marketplace at minimal cost and with a high perceived value. With attention to efficient production,
seamless logistics and effective customer service, Alfresco Home is a top choice for any partner
dedicated to serving t
he outdoor lifestyle.

Winner of the 2012 International Casual Furniture Association’s Manufacturing Leadership
Award for Complementary Casual Products
, Alfresco Home is proud to be part of an industry that is
at the forefront of fashion for outdoor living

décor. Alfresco Home welcomes all inquiries to those
partners who would like to be a part of a growing organization focused on the needs of independent
retailers throughout North America.



Sponsor Profile

2012 Casual Living