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Compushare Cloud Computing
A computing utility should be no different than an electrical
utility that we use today. You should just plug in! That is the
beauty of cloud computing. That said, there are several types
of cloud computing solution providers that do not make sense
for the financial market due to their lack of regulatory and
compliance focus or their lack of knowledge of the legacy
banking applications that require virtualization in order to be
accessed from the cloud.
Cloud computing has become very popular due to the many
benefits an organization can receive. Whether it be cost savings
and cost avoidance, flexibility, scalability, uniformity, simplicity,
security, mobility, resiliency, compliance or environmental
benefits, cloud computing simply can’t be ignored. This is
especially true during times of IT budget constraints that impact
hardware refreshes, mergers, acquisitions, or rapid growth or
business continuity planning. Cloud computing simply means no
more IT systems headaches or huge capital outlays.
It is ridiculous to consider putting a power plant in your back yard
or a transformer in the basement to get your electrical utility, and
yet organizations have entire rooms filled with computers, servers,
routers, switches and every other manner of technology to provide
their “computing” utility.

Avoid future capital expenditures from
technology refreshes
• Increase resiliency and security/user controls
• Improve remote user accessibility
• Avoid integration projects, upgrade headaches
and ongoing maintenance
Compushare Cloud Computing (C
Only on the C
platform will you find a library of pre-installed
applications designed specifically for your organization,
connectivity to your third-party providers, and virtually unlimited
compute power that you can scale on demand. Our private C

cloud is not just virtualization or outsourcing; it is a modular
platform that allows your organization to adopt state-of-the-
art technology with the confidence of industry best security
and compliance. No latency issues, no availability concerns,
and resiliency is a snap! With the Compushare webtop, your
applications and data will always be available to you anywhere,
anytime and from any computer.
Compushare’s fully compliant and redundant cloud grid can
be leveraged for all your mission-critical applications. And with
hundreds of customers just like you already using Compushare’s
cloud-based services, you can rest assured you are in good hands.
Three Hutton Center Drive, Suite 700, South Coast Metro, CA 92707