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PostgreSQL 9.0 Reference Manual - Volume 3
PostgreSQL 9.0 Reference Manual - Volume 3
Authors:PostgreSQL Global Development Group
Retail Price:$14.95 (£9.95 in UK)
Format:Paperback (6"x9")
Content:274 pages
Printed on acid-free paper
Publisher:Network Theory Ltd
Publication Date:November 2010
About the Book
This manual is the part of the official reference documentation for the PostgreSQL RDBMS (version 9.0.1).
This volume is the systemadministrationguide,andcovers the installation,configurationandmaintenance
of PostgreSQL database servers.Topics covered include backups,security,tuning and upgrade procedures,
as well as routine tasks such as creating and deleting databases.Later chapters provide a detailed expla-
nation of advanced PostgreSQL features,including file-based and record-based log-shipping,continuous
archiving and point-in-time recovery.
The other volumes of this series are Volume 1A"The SQL Language"(ISBN978-1-906966-04-1),Volume 1B,
the"SQL Command Reference"(ISBN 978-1-906966-05-8),and Volume 2,the"Programming Guide"(ISBN
This book will be of interest to software developers and database administrators using PostgreSQL.
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