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Unit 1: Intellectual Property Rights
Concepts and Evolution

Introduction to Intellectual Property Rights, Evolution of Intellectual Property Laws

Standards and Concepts in Intellectual Property, Conv
entions and Treaties Relating to Global
Administration of Intellectual Property Rights, Protection and Classification Regional
Conventions and Treaties, Organization, Jurisdiction enforcement and Administration of IPRs,
IPRs and Information Technology IPRs

and Bio

technology, IPRs and Traditional Knowledge,
Management of Intellectual Property Rights, Law of Intellectual Property and Ethical Issues,
Knowledge Driven Economy and IPR, Intellectual Property Rights in India and abroad.

2: Law of Patents
, Copyright and Trademarks

Introduction ,Evolution of patent Law, Scope and Purpose, Classification of Patents, Patent Law
in India: Patent Act of 1970, The Patents (Amendments) Act, 2002, Patent Office and
Authorities, Grant of Patent, Right and Obligatio
n of a Patentee, Infringement of Patents,
Offenses and penalties, Patents and other commercial Law, Patents

International Law, Patents

Emerging Trends, Social Implication of Patents.

Introduction to Copyrights as forms of Intellectual Property, Copy
right Law in India (Copyright
Act of 1957)

meaning, Form of Copyright and Ownership Assignment/License, Registration
and terms of Copyright, Copyright infringement , Offences, Remedies and Enforcement, Broad
casting Organization and performers, Copyright

International Law, Introduction to trademarks,

forms of Intellectual Property, Law of trade Marks in India (trademark act of
meaning, registration and Authorities, Right conferred by Registration and use of
Trademarks, Infringement of

Trademarks and passing off, Offences, remedies and enforcement,

International Law

Unit 3 : Law of Designs, geographical Indications and other Intellectual Property

Introduction to designs

Industrial Designs, Design Laws in India: Designs A
ct of 2000,
Registration of Design, Owners Rights, Piracy of Designs, Offence, Remedies and Enforcement,

International Law, Introduction to Geographical Indication, Law of Geographical
Indication in India: Geographical Indication of Goods (Registr
ation and Protection) Act, 1999,
Register of Geographical Indication, Infringement of Registered Geographical Indication
Offence, Remedies and Enforcement

The Semiconductor Integrated Circuit Lay Out design Act, 2000, The protection of Plant
varieties and
Farmers rights Act, 2001, Law Relating to Diversity

Unit 4 : Introduction to Cyber Law & Information Technology Act, 2000

Evolution of Computer Technology, Emergence of Cyberspace, Cyber Jurisprudence,
Jurisprudence and Law, Doctrinal Approach,
Consensual Approach, Real Approach, Cyber
Ethics, Cyber

Jurisdiction, Hierarchy of Courts, Civil and Criminal Jurisdictions, Cyberspace

Web space (WWW), Web Hosting and Web Development Agreements (specimen), Domain
Names, Internet as a Tool for Global A
ccess, Overview of IT Act, 2000, Amendments and
Limitations of IT Act, Digital Signatures, Cryptography, Cryptographic Algorithm, Public
Cryptography, Private Cryptography, Electronic Governance, Legal Recognition of Electronic
Records, Legal Recognition o
f Digital Signature, Certifying authorities, Cyber Crime and
Offences, Network Service Provider Liability, Cyber Regulation Appellate tribunal, Penalties
and Adjudication

Unit 5 : Cyber law issues and related legislation

Patent Laws, Trademark law, Copyr
ight, Software

copyright or patented, Domain Name and
Copyright disputes, Electronic Database and its Protection, IT Act and Civil procedure Code, IT
Act and Criminal procedure Code, Relevant Sections of Indian Evidence Act, Relevant Sections
of Bankers B
ook Evidence Act, Relevant Section of Indian penal Code, Relevant Section of
Reserve Bank of India Act, Law Relating to Employees and Internet, Alternative Dispute
resolution, Online Dispute Resolution (ODR)


Law and practice of intellectual property in I

by Vikas Vashishth


Intellectual property

by A.Kalank


Intellectual property

patents,copyrights,trade marks and allied rights

by Cornish W R


Patents ,copyrights, trade marks and design

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Intellectual property law

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