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Press Release

Truth about Ettore Majorana

Birth of a New Science

Dear Director or Chief Editor, we focus your attention on this attached document, a press
release we believe to be more than a news.

Truth about Ettore Majorana.

We will give some indications about life and work of this genius, universally recognized
even before his disappearance, due to his explicit intention and will. We'll talk about who
were close to him and when he knew him, years after his disappearance. We'll illustrate
some moments of his misadventures suffered during the period of development of

theories that
Master Majorana
taught him.

Birth of a New Science.

After more than half a century, today humanity can hope a cleaner future, and a better
life. Steps to reach this can be few, it depends on all of you, we are ready.

Leading researchers have expressed concern, we are at a tipping point, the hearth is no
longer able to regenerate because of pollution.

We are more optimistic, through our International Association Life Project (Associazione
Internazionale Progetto Vita) newly established, because we are the only, without

presumption, to possess the equipments to solve this huge and unresolved problem.

Associazione Internazionale Progetto Vita

The President Pietro Panetta

P.S. In order not to discredit anyone, this Press Release is sent via email to all

newspapers, magazines, agencies, as well other organizations. If you haven't received

for some reason, you can make a request to following address:



Rolando Pelizza
for half a century has devoted his life to physics and mathematics.

That allowed him to develop a system called "Life Ray". This discovery allows you to

treat and modulate Antimatter; a New Science doesn't have references about what we

ordinarily study. Besides, people that worked with us and, for various reason, could

follow the evolution of this story, always had sketchy and contrasting informations

never revealed in their true nature. It was a good thing, as you will read later, but let's

go on step by step.


The theory was developed and optimized by
Ettore Majorana
, a true
. After

about 20 years after his disappearance decided by his will, he knows Rolando Pelizza.

Majorana sees in this young boy, talented in mathematics, what probably he was

looking for, and he proposed to collaborate with him. This happened in 1958.

Rolando began a long training of studies in physics and mathematics. The Master

gradually teached him all the knowledge to complete his theoretical project, which

already he worked for many years on.

Rolando has the merit, not only for learning all theoretical knowledge, physics and

mathematics, but also for putting in practice the theories. Indeed in the early 70s he

had an equipment that would unleash the military world to get cheaply the most

powerful weapon in the world. But Rolando and his Master were not seeking personal

enrichment nor build a weapon; but they were fully committed to give the world peace

of life and wellbeing.

Here is the commitment not to allow anyone to employ this new knowledge for the

purpose of mass destruction.

He decided to isolate himself in order to achieve the cure for the ills of the world,

whose he sensed the danger, and he succeeded.

He found in Pelizza his perfect ally, giving all to him, knowing the discovery would

be used for the good of humanity, a purpose that was so alive in Pelizza, in order

to make for him a reason and a mission of life.

How long did Ettore Majorana live? Enough to complete his works.

We stop here talking about Ettore Majorana. Do not ask more now, soon a book will

Be published where you can find the whole story of this wonderful adventure, that

thanks to God sees us players with pride.

It will be a detailed story of those who lived near this
Immense Genius
, that world

must never forget to thank.

The book will be published exclusively by this Association. You realize that if we begin

to give interviews and news, interest that may raise loses effect. Instead, help us to

keep attention on the International Association Progetto Vita. Our Association will be


grateful to you with all humanity, whose action is directed.

On our website
you can find the Statute; our website is under

development, so please be content meanwhile.

For reliability and clarity, a bit of history

Pelizza was born in Chiari (Brescia

Italy) in 1938 by a wealthy family devoted to

work, he lavished all that it had losing everything and everywhere.

He has gone on with tenacity and many personal sacrifices of his family and those

who were close to him for over 40 years. What happened?

To fulfill his promise, his life is divided into two parts: the first, study and research he

carried out secretly, the second, applying to procure the necessary means; he draws

initially within the family, but then he must strive alone.

She traveled extensively, in fact from Spain got more financial means selling a formula

to a company that manufactured plastic coated. This agreement allowed him to get

money and an impressive collection of ancient paintings that he first brought to

Switzerland and then he moved to Chiari, setting up a gallery of 193 valuable paintings.

Those paintings mysteriously disappeared and still no one knows by whom.

Rolando was introduced Massimo Pugliese, who presented himself as a consultant for

financing and development of new initiatives and applications,in fact he knew later,

Pugliese was Lieutenant Colonel of the Italian Army Carabinieri connected to SISDE

Servizio per le Informazioni e la Sicurezza Democratica (Italian Intelligence and

Democratic Security Service) on leave from work.

Rolando was responsible for utility models in the plastics industry, he was the first to

produce colored plastic balls and more to be told in the book, a biographical novel

we mentioned.

Presence of Pugliese was becoming more stressful.

Rolando noted frequently trap questions to understand on what he was working.

It was evident his inquiring curiosity by former intelligence officer.

Rolando, in order to distract him, explained hime better some of his technology, giving
him a photo, saying "
this is not my technology. It belongs to a group of European

”. As a consequence of Pugliese's activity Rolando received: monthly

reimbursements he demanded, and also some trouble in fiscal and judicial systems

which damaged, only to end up in a stalemate, without considering theft and ongoing
checks of any kind. For completeness we give a summary of the most significant.

It was 1976. Rolando arranges a meeting: Panetta first, to whom Rolando briefly outlines
doubts and suspicions that he had suffered as a result of the events, informing him, for
the first time, about the research he was leading, and giving indications on the potential

of this research; this leaves Panetta speechless.

The suspicion that someone had checked, or had followed him to take possession of

what he was doing, put him in apprehension, for at that time the effects the equipment
could generate were only destructive.

So he summoned Pugliese and two other friends (for privacy reasons names are not

made, we only mention those already in the press) to organize a strategy in order to be


A meeting follows, Pelizza summarizes what were his research about, advising all to
maintain strict confidentiality and ruling out any negotiations with trade, as everything

was being studied, and we were not ready to make a practical application yet; instead,

he recommended to consider that thing and eventually report to competent authorities

for humanitarian purposes of this research, giving, if necessary, the availability of a

laboratory test, which was already possible.

The test consisted in a demonstration of the effects of material particles of anti

generated by the equipment he developed.

Pugliese asked to have proof of what Pelizza said in order to provide a dossier to be

submitted in case of need.

Until that time there was a relationship of mutual trust and unity of purpose with our

whole group of people, especially with Pugliese, whom Pelizza considered a person

of absolute honesty and reliability.

Below are further deductions on the facts verified and confirmed later.

The experimental test was done and video
transmitted on a closed circuit, because the
equipment, for reasons of secrecy, was kept in small room with difficult access, in the
high mountains.

In Brescia (Italy), a TV was tuned, and all people view the experiment in action and the
materials tested.

Pelizza showed that the equipment reacted in a destructive way on the matter and

since it could be used as a weapon, it required a few years, maybe two, to set the

equipment in order it could heat a material without deterioration and destruction.

So Pelizza recommended that were not set negotiations whose target was its use in war.

Pugliese, didn't take care of his recommendations, and contacted the American Embassy
in Rome and organizing a meeting, which Pelizza refused, asking him why he had

contacted Americans instead of Italian authorities. At the end he accept to meet them

because of compelling insistence, because, as his usually, Pugliese proposed things

after he had previously organized.

Then a meeting followed to the American Embassy in Rome with the officer John Louis
Manniello, who requested an experiment to demonstrate the effects of equipment on

various materials, which was also possibly recorded on magnetic tape.

After, it was arranged a meeting with the personal envoy of President Ford, Eng. Matteo
Tutino, who expressed congratulations for the monumental discovery, and a great

interest by americans. The proposed agreement was to create a company 50% with

the U.S. government and Pelizza (then called the European Group) estimated one

billion dollars.

If it was not possible to change the law which prohibited the U.S. government to

participate in private companies, a contractual party would be addressed under the

control of American government.

Pelizza agreed and reiterated that it was necessary to make a good use of the

equipment to complete research, excluding everything was not peaceful.

At the time of conclusion he required as further proof, to bring down 5 orbiting satellites,

providing us a list of coordinates.

Besides, he required to able to use the machine for both peaceful and military purposes.

Pelizza strongly opposed to this request and stopped all negotiations.

At this point, Pugliese got agitated, starting send reports and videos around, informing

Italian politicians, officials of both Italian and foreign intelligence services, negotiating

contracts and sending never authorized drafts, giving lectures, improvising discussions

on scientific theories, etc.

But not only Pugliese was busy, even friends of Brescia, whose number had now grown,

didn't ruled out proposing meetings and contacts.

Hence Loris Fortuna then President of the Industry Commission, who initially revealed

great interest and promises ended in a stalemate, while plotting with Pugliese and

entertaining with Tutino, got a job for Prof. Ezio Clementel then CNEN President,


Comitato Nazionale per l'Energia Nucleare

Italian National Nuclear Energy
Commission) for the request of an experimental test on steel plates provided by the

same Clementel. Tests were run and plates returned with a film through Pugliese.

The professor concluded: "
If the execution of the tests took place in a properly way ...

he cautiously wrote in his report, and that phrase "
" referred to the videotape

where it was clear that the equipment of 'experiment was powered by a small battery,

the powers involved are enormous, and results are not to be gained with a technology
known till now

All this was written in a detailed report and sent to the Italian President of the Council

of Ministers.

It was waste of time. It was requested a new experiment. It was pointed out that since it
was winter the area was inaccessible because of snow. The reply was an ultimatum:
complete what was required within 15 days or every Italian negotiation was considered

Thus began a relationship with Belgian government: first, a request for an experimental
test in the presence of a laser expert. A test was carried out with a report produced by

the expert, who, moreover, was an NATO Army Colonel. In Belgium was proposed to

us an agreement in which the Belgian state and our company, that was to be a

Luxembourg Holding confering rights of ownership, constituted a joint venture 50%

each part. The Belgian State undertook to fund what was necessary for the continuation
of research, and would have made a payment of 50% of five billion Belgian francs of

that time under condition of an experiment to be carried out in Belgium.

Pugliese, in this deal, is put aside by us.

And the Italian government as observer, assign this task to Plenipotentiary Minister of

that period Antonio Mancini, a great person for his professionalism, honesty and

humanity we remember with affection and respect.

The Belgian Parliament should change five laws, to authorize the contract.

The draft of the contract was in French, under supervision of the Legal Advisor of the

Belgian State.

For our part, we entrusted to a lawyer of Brescia, who knew the language, urging the
points of absolute priority that were not negotiable.

At the day of signing, at the presence of five ministers, Prime Minister and Pelizza sign

the contract, a technical documentation is deposited in a safe of the State Bank, the

Director held the key, the code number was held by Prime Minister and Pelizza, the

release would have took place after payment.

When we came back to home, while reading carefully the contract, we realize the points
of highest priority that should not be altered are expressed as follows: "
Ministers will

undertake, as gentle men to respect ..
.", But ministers do not last forever, will ministers
involved in the future respect the contract?

He began a dispute with meetings: the first in the private residence of the Prime Minister
with the Legal Advisor of the Belgian State, Pelizza, Mancini and Panetta. In that dispute
was asked to change the points that had been verbally accepted, and while refusing to
make adjustments to the contract, the Prime Minister was reading the dossier, which
could be glimpsed in a few pages of documentation filed in the bank.

If this was true, it meant the safe had been broken. There was no certainty, but the

doubt increased and were also explained certain attitudes.

The refusal causes Panetta, who represented the absolute majority of the company, to
request a hearing with the Legal Advisor of the Belgian state.

Several meetings took place, where at the end was agreed that: the Legal Advisor of the
Belgian State agreed by telephone with the Prime Minister, at the presence of Panetta,

to proceed with the experiments included in the contract, but in case of their failure, the
contract would be automatically revoked, making the parts free of any obligation.

This forced us to prepare the experiment, not to be default. So we decide to proceed with
the experiment, with the intention not to succeed it.

The day of the experiment was chosen, Minister Mancini with the Belgians organized

the transfer of the equipment.

Pelizza, Panetta, Mancini, and a professional expert from Rome, went on a van

escorted by policeman plainclothes from Chiari (Italy) to Ghedi military airport, where

the equipment was loaded on a Belgian military plane.

In addition to the pilots there was the Belgian colonel who previously attended an

experimental test in Italy, who authorized the contract through his report with the

Belgian Government. That made him worth for promotion to General.

The destination was the military area of Braschaat, in Belgium. When we arrived, we

locked the equipment, and the keys were handed over to Pelizza.

The next day, there were some peopel to attend the scheduled tests, apart from us: the
Belgian General, three teachers of a European center, two Italian researchers including
Ezio Clementel, professionals of the company, lawyers and others who were not

introduced. In the narrow bunker, where the equipment had been placed, Pelizza start

some unscheduled tests on materials found in the room, who succeeded perfectly.

Mancini attended with him and Panetta, so tests began. The first unscheduled, was to

destroy a tank. It was clear the intent of war, so the equipment was started with the

command of self
destruction, that caused a big fuss in the small room, but no noise.

Just the natural result of combustion of the equipment materials.

After a short time, the Legal Advisor of the Belgian State arrived, carrying in his hand the
letter to cancel the contract, he had to give to the President of the Company, and while
spending some time talking to Pelizza and Panetta, he expressed the pleasure to know

us, adding: "
When you want, our door is always open for you

That door was never reopened.

In the general confusion and disappointment (we waited for the money, about 130 billion
of Italian 'lire' of that period, and knowing the generosity of Pelizza they were day

dreaming) Clementel while conversing with Panetta, without exposing himself, expressed
a concealed satisfaction. Besides, Italian Min. Mancini, as a faithful servant of Italy

believed that such a discovery would be Italian first, and then of the world.

But, let's think about it, he was right, the discovery is purely work of Italian people.

(The Genius and the culture of the South with the intelligence and efficiency of the North.
Here is the united Italy

editor's note) But don't digress, this is another issue.

We returned back to home, leaving the remains in Belgium, and no one gave more news
to us, nobody cared to know what had really happened, the only ones to worry about
were the "
" of Brescia and other fixers who were part of this game in the massacre.

In fact, it was known much later, the password was circulating among them was: "
must compel Pelizza to leave the equipment, perhaps making him stop

This more or less was the sense and meaning.

Instead Pugliese reported to "
" Chief, expressing his conviction that they should

compel Pelizza to sell his invention, and if necessary, arrest him.

It was felt a sense of unease, surveys and tax records and other headaches to force

Pelizza to leave Italy.

After some time, Pugliese is indicted with others, by italian judge Palermo.

From the inquires performed on Pugliese, searchers found a pile of papers, reports and
other material he used to collect, so as to involve Pelizza in a fugitive for 11 years.

The accusation was that he built and marketed a weapon of war called "
death ray

He himself, who had given up a huge sum for the use of the equipment not to join the
war. We do not mention any more on this miserable affair.

We can not forget the role played by our friend Min. Mancini.

We say at once that he was close to us for better or for worse in a selfless manner.

He always tried to be helpful, the book will illustrate all the details.

Trying to find more resources, he has introduced us some well
known physicists,

we do not comment on more, but we want talk about a sub
nuclear physics professor

who taught at the University of Naples. Mancini and Panetta met the Professor.

Panetta illustrated the construction of the equipment giving explanations on the principle.

According to his knowledge, the professor listened with interest, but he after two hours
answered: "
I thank you in confidence, I have listened with great interest what you have
stated, but I feel like a child at primary school on this subject despite I teach sub nuclear

This meeting was inspiring, how can someone know something that has never studied?

We had to think about it before.

Among these events, Pelizza had partially completed the calculations for heating the ma-
terial and at the presence of Min Mancini and a senior professor, a laboratory experiment
succeeded perfectly.

Year 1981, "the beginning of a new era," commented Min. Mancini. But despite the

strong interest he showed, as responsible for the Italian government, he was submitted a

request that it still had to be performed a system destructive test to a commission, but

there was no interest or possible negotiations on a heating material test.

This was exactly the opposite of what we wanted.

Thus increased judicial actions, taxation, controls, and more with the result of warrants
against Pelizza and his collaborators.

All completely acquitted.

As preview we can say: tests make clear that the matter treated could reach about 40%

of its melting point without any wear or alteration of the material used.

Of course we aren't ready for industrial application, but certainly we are on the right way.

We will keep you informed. Before the greenhouse effect. We stop here describing details
about this period. The purpose is to represent the reasons which have moved us.

Pugliese last act.

A few years ago Pugliese left the earthly life, may he rests in peace. His last act of

friendship was leaving all his material, relating this discovery he trustly held, to Mr.

Franco Cappiello who honestly declares he has got from Pugliese. Mr. Cappiello tries

to make good use of it, involving the University of Pavia (Italy) and promoting

meetings and conferences.

On July 6, 2010, "Il Giornale", an italian newspaper published a two
page article talking
about a foundation of Vaduz that claimed to be in possession of a process similar to

ours, someone for 10 years had tried to set.

Subsequently, an obscure person connected with Pugliese reappears, who has been
trying to find moments of glory in science and in 2001 was warned by us to stop his

activity, otherwise we would have taken the necessary legal measures.

So instead of contacting another media to deny what was reported, we called our reporter
representing the truth.

So began a series of phone calls and inquiries about the location of Majorana, Cappiello
intrudes and so on.

On September 26, 2010, "Il Giornale" newspaper published an article at page 18 with a
subtitle: "
Some of these documents prove the experiments conducted by scientist

Clementel in the 70s

....". Prof. Clementel made no experiment, just evaluated some

experiments conducted by Pelizza, requested by Clementel.

Why create confusion when it was told in a clear manner? Why does Cappiello intude?

The denial was only to say that the Foundation is not the owner, but there are people

who really are. The other things don't matter.

What is this disinformation? It hurts the writer as reader.

A new Science.

Sometimes we say: "
Every cloud has a silver lining

Over the past 11 years Pelizza was hidden abroad, that caused problems for him and

his family.

But during that period Pelizza focused on his work, and started the study of calculations

to develop the mathematical model is needed, to adjust his equipment to solve the ozone

hole, the first work on the calendar.

These calculations are completed no later than a few months ago. Why so long?

Simply because the tens of thousands, or more variables are calculated with pencil and

We could greatly reduce this effort adopting a computer. We tried, but results are not

Unfortunately, they are not suitable with this
New Math
, despite the power of today's
computer systems.

The computers contain very complex mathematical instructions in the CPU, but

everything is based on what is known today.

This aspect is only revealed today, all those who have approached this matter did not
know this important detail.

This has preserved many thefts of prototypes, under construction or fully finished, to be

as well as the circulation of design drawings, almost public domain. (Pugliese docet)

A comparison for a clearer understanding.

CERN is one of the leading

research centers in Europe,

spending billions of public money.

That's right so because the

research is the basis for social

development, but that is nother

matter. We just mention CERN for
comparison. In 2002 they announ-
ced the creation of a few thousand
particles, we are not surprised
of their work because of the

enormous structure available to
them. Now look at this image,

Figure 2
, this is our whole

equipment, it's almost a portable

, this artifact, though
incredible is able, with right settings, to intervene in almost all the big problems facing

the world.

Even more

is the theory behind all this. It's expressed by a true

and illuminated by God
, who analyzes the laws of physics using only
His Math

He reached his theories with his only speculation, revealing deep reality through
". Without experiments, because his mind was better than larger and more
precise instruments.


is the intelligence of Pelizza that with dedication and great sacrifice put
into practice the theories of his
Great Master


is our talking about the biggest and
most monumental scientific

5 blocks make the equipment


revolution of this century in the world
as if we were to have a drink. The reasons are
the ones we have said, probably some mistakes was made, according confidence and
trust to those who did not deserve, but most of all to disclose the author of the theory.

And it's hard to get audiences out of any means of scientific circulation, as it happened.

Credibility of results are whitout doubt for people that know, but it's hidden, perhaps

because of interest.

In fact in the 2000, we had contacts at the highest level in Italy and abroad, with zero


Consequences: no response on one hand, controls and barriers to the other.

However, this is the truth, we're ready to demonstrate it under condition that there aren't
speculations for group operations. We are ready to take action to permanently solve

the problem of global warming as Kyoto Protocol does not affect either the 2%.

Our intervention is of course limited to specific areas and zones that must be reported
with accuracy by a group of prominent researchers in this field. Our task is to codify and
direct antimatter in the right indicated point.

Antimatter, this unknown.

Let's try to make it clear, what are we talking about: the equipment generates an

antiparticle, which has a lifespan of five thousandths of a second which at the light

speed covers about 1500 km.

If it's programmed on a material, say iron, the beam in contact with the iron creates the
reaction of annihilation.

This means that when we send negative anti
particles that generate reaction at atomic
level with positive particles,

heat is created in the proportion of the area concerned, without any side effects.

In fact, if we put a wooden table in front of the iron, blocking the visibility, the effect

remains the same on the iron but wood remains unchanged. The beam is perfectly

transparent, it reacts only in contact with the programmed material and does not emit

any kind of radiation. The energy required is the only necessary to feed the 5 small

engines shown in
Figure 1

This thing confuses more
radical physicists. If we add
that, after complex calcula-
tions, of course, we can

decide whether destroy or
heat without damage of the
matter, determine thickness
and size to be treated, and
modulate the beam for the
desired results, then we

have assured enemies who
will immediately try to recite
the quantum theory.

Let it be clear that we

main block and core of the equipment where diffuser is located


understand those who studied hard, and difficultly accept a theory which doesn't fit

with their knowledge, but this is absolutly new.

A new science that allows us to heal the planet from greenhouse with huge benefits for
industry and energy production that is still concerned with oil. Give more vitality and job
opportunities, then looking for better preservation of the emission of fumes.

We have a separate project at regard we will submit soon.

The moment is serious and we must repair soon, we don't say directly it, but authoritative
sources of the study area for example, see Italian newspaper Repubblica, on August 17,
2010 at page 11: "The Earth is exhausted, natural resources are over," and other studies
sorces you are surely aware.

Figure 3 shows the diffuser's output,

please note the beam shape.

This image joins with Figure 1

Figure 4 shows the final stage assembly.
The external dimensions are little more
than 50 cm. per side

Note of clarification.

Readers could feel our rage against Pugliese that lives no longer, who seems to be the
cause of every wrong thing in our story.

He has certainly contributed negatively, but who is not named is perhaps more guilt.

In our book, we'll provide more details. We must say that in some rare cases he was

very helpful.

We have discussed our disappointment with him when he was alive, and we have
"forgiven" him.

After all, he was simply a figure, but he wanted to be a protagonist. In any case, it is not
our consuetude to be partisan nor talk about who is absent.

Facts described are only for historical truth, we have other things to think about.

A special thank goes to those who have helped us in difficult moments, thew will have a
substantial recognition and will be justly rewarded.

The final Assembly

Diffuser's Output


Figure 5

Test over a kitchen tool of the Min. Mancini, who among
other things was an excellent cook. Please note the
shape that's the point of reaction, is instantaneous.

In figure 5b and 6b the magnified detail

Same test on a brick building
Figure 6
. Please,

note the same shape and particularly the inner
surface glaze. The effect is instantaneous.

The figures show photographs taken
in the early '80s.

Tested with a

kitchen utensil

Details of the test on a kitchen utensil

Details of the test on a brick building

Test on a brick building


We want to give a special signal to everyone who has followed us for years, who

monitors and occasionally takes away something.

Be calm, now everything will be public, in order to bring difficulties with less effort.

In fact, we have recently suffered specific threats with which they will do anything to stop
us if we put in place what we are proposing, with any judicial, administrative, fiscal and
appropriate procedure by the deprivation of liberty extended to all those who played a
marginal role.


After the last events we were almost tempted to drop everything and devote ourselves to
our families who we have sacrificed and neglected leaving the world follow his tragic fate.
But our consciousness has prevailed.

It seemed an act of cowardice, so we decided to set up: the
International Association
Life Project
, whose maxim is: "
Work for all people and right to life

The poor must have the dignity of life and welfare, the rich more revenue opportunities.

We just inform you directly and tell you who are we, what we do, what are the reasons
that moved us and guide us in the near future, honestly declaring our past.

That's in order not to find excuses, but we want to impose and give the maximum


If something is not clear, please ask to us, we avoid the disinformation and we are


Since today we can't ignore longer.We must defend what we have created.

In addition, to avoid any doubt, the construction of the equipment will be entrusted to the
Technical Committee of our Association, headed by Eng.
Enrico Sciubba
, Professor of
the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering at the
University of Rome "La Sapienza"
, giving
our assistance.

Not secretly until now has been done. You can follow the development, if Mr. Sciubba

will allow you to do so, we have no objections.

You are all invited for the final test. Our Committee is the only one authorized to build the
the equipments.

Final conclusion: the events have resulted in about thirty years of obstacles,

impediments, boycotts, even with attempts at coercion of freedom, not to

mention the

impossibility of carrying out any activity. But with our sacrifices we have

developed the process to redress the greenhouse effect.

This was the reason that did not allow us to anticipate at least 10 years the use

of this equipment that certainly would help the world.

So now, if the public does not help us accomplish this project, because the

political power has done everything to stop us by any means,

we will abandon all, against our will, with serious damage to the whole world

And especially for the science.

We would like this does not happen, but if they try to create even more obstacles

and defamatory, we will do everything to achieve it. You please, consider it.


Associazione Internazionale

Progetto Vita The President

Pietro Panetta

So if you consider worthwhile publishing this statement we thank you, otherwise we thank
you all the same

Please, note that we do not seek publicity for us, but give the news to the public that may
have a moment of hope in a period where it lost that too.

If you decide to publish something, please, if you wish, send a hard copy at the following
05100 Terni (Italy), via Fabio Filzi n.10

or pdf file, or web link to the following email address:

Oue website is under development but it already contains the

essential informations.

Our office telephone: 0039 0744 428638

Mobile phone n. 0039 380 1831223.

If you get no answer leave a message, will call you back as soon as possible

our office is also under construction.