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Brian McGough, Director of
Enterprise Systems Integration and
Delivery, UITS

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Evolution Strategy

Feedback from users will be the cornerstone upon
which we will base future investment.

Your feedback counts, and all feedback will be

Mobile Steering Group being formed that will
evaluate feedback as well as University and Campus
Mobile aspirations, and will be the governing
prioritization group for mobile at IU going forward.

Mobile Strategies

Confronted with Options for Investment


Specific client applications

Blackberry Specific client applications

Android Specific client applications

Nokia Specific client applications

Palm Specific client applications

SMS Gateway for SMS based services

Device agnostic browser based applications


Multiple aggregation points

Weighing the options

Device specific development and deployment

could allow for an optimal user experience on a given device

potentially the quickest response times

Defining the platforms we would develop for

Spend of resources to maintain multiple source paths for
each device we would code for.

Device independent development

allows for us to deliver a set of services to a myriad of

Quickest path to product for most devices

One source repository is maintained

Leverages existing investments in web infrastructure

Weighing the options

Survey done to gather
representative statistics of
Types of phones in use at
the University.

Still dealing with many
classic phones most of
which offer basic web

From the survey of the
respondents the highest
percentage phone was the
, but that topped out
at 28%

Breakdown of Phone Types

Making the decision

Evaluated options through practical prototype

Prototype development on

Prototype development on

Prototype development via Web Delivery

Option for leveraging/joining an open source higher
education effort

MIT open sourced their

web application

This offered us a well defined scope of services to
begin with implementing

Device agnosticism

Making the Decision

Given expense associated with client specific
implementations, and the need to quickly take a step
forward on mobile, we decided:

Usage of web delivered services from
would be primary focus and default option for
delivery of mobile services we develop

When needed and justifiable, platform specific
development would be done to fill niche needs that
can’t feasibly be addressed in a usable way

The work of the decision

Convert the MIT delivered code over to IU code to
access IU specific resources, and make it
deployable in our environment

Connect the converted services to IU data suitable
to offer the services in IU’s environment

Account for the multi campus nature of IU in our
port of the code from MIT, allowing for campus
level branding, and service palette management.

Ongoing work of the decision

Campus Branding and Campus Palette

Continued evolution of base service offering

Continued introduction of base service offerings

From a University Perspective

From a Campus Perspective

Evolution as new devices emerge

Campus and Departmental contributions


Focus on getting content from applications to

Ability to leverage existing web based services
(CAS single sign on, etc)

Evolutionary model for mobile application
deployment that will allow for rapid progress on
specific deliverables

Next Steps

Solidify base offerings, and embrace campus
localization support where desired

Further embracing of localized content into campus

User/Group/Role support for pushing of audience
specific content through the mobile gateway

Completion of outstanding objectives

Campus Maps, Bus Schedule improvements,
What's on the menu for dining facilities, IU sports
information for the campus’s

Next Steps

Develop standards and libraries for building mobile
services that can be offered through the mobile
gateway by units,
, schools, and campus units

Review customer feedback, form steering group,
prioritize new work as well as enhancement work to
existing components

Evolve strategy, as the mobile phone


Mobile Team

Tara Bazler

Brian McGough

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