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Key Features
Protection for PCs and laptops
Simple policy creation
Flexible policy scheduling
Easy to deploy – easy to
Attractive and informative
Deployment Options
Use our light, non-intrusive MSI
client to provide protection to PCs
and laptops. This agent can be
pushed out by group policy and
provides endusers with a non-
intrusive internet experience –
free of any latency.
Alternatively you can apply
gateway level filtering, deploying
light footprint software on an
internal server (physical or
virtual). This model works particu-
larly for larger deployments, or
those using machines utilising a
mix of OS.
Web Security Service
The MXSweep Web Security is a fast and flexible cloud based web filtering solution-
which is ideal for securing networks with multiple locations and remote,
unsupervised or roaming users. Easily deployed by installing a small MXSweep
client that runs silently in the background on every computer, it intercepts web
traffic from any web browser on the computer using any Internet access point
available; wired, Wi-Fi or 3G. An-easy-to use and centralised web console allows you
to control and report on all user activity.
Unlike competitor products, MXSweep Web Security does not proxy the data
between each computer and the cloud. This provides a superior browsing
experience for the user and reduces the amount of bandwidth required at either
end. The MXSweep Cloud Link client takes care of this along with user authentication
and security. Once installed, the MXSweep Cloud Link client cannot be removed,
stopped or re-configured without an administrator password.
Time Wasting – Are you aware of how much time your employees are spending on
social networking sites, watching films online, booking holidays over the internet,
buying and selling on auction sites? Did you know that a recent survey indicated
many staff spend more time on social networking sites while they are at work than
they do in their own free time!
Powerful and Affordable Internet Filtering
What our clients say
Call UK + 44 207 022 8966
Call IRL + 353 1 84 96 698
“Makes it so easy to control
access to sites, to stop down-
loads of just about any file type
and to see who’s been attempt-
ing to do what and when.”
Lincoln Christ
Hospital School
“Provided us with all of the
relevant information we needed
to fine tune our internet access
strategy and policy. As a result,
staff now experience better
remote access connectivity into
our head office because we have
been able to restrict when and
who streams video and audio
over their local internet connec-
tions, thus freeing up precious
bandwidth at remote sites. We
have also seen a reduction in the
web browsing time for every
user on nonrelated work
sites……has paid for itself within
6 weeks. We are delighted.”
Rhys Davies,
Wales Co-operative

Malware - Do you know how much money you are spending on clean-up of malware
from your computers? Are you aware of the financial impact of any downtime in lost
revenue and productivity caused by malware downloaded accidentally from the
Data Leakage – Whether malicious or unintentional, data leakage can be both
embarrassing and costly. Locking USB drives is simply not enough. Control employee
use of free web-based email and file storage sites
Bandwidth – Downloading and streaming are just two reasons that can slow your
internet connection to a crawl, impacting directly on business activity, particularly as
we move towards use of more cloud services. This can also result in penalties from
your ISP for going over bandwidth quotas.
Legal Action – As an employer, you have a duty of care to ensure that your
employees are not subjected to offensive or illegal material found on the internet.
Remember – an employee who takes offence at something to which they are
exposed on their own or a colleague’s machine will have a grievance with their
employer, not the individual responsible for the original misuse of the internet!
Illegal Content - Protect your company and employees from illegal content found,
and distributed over the web. This content can involve copyright protected material,
or even grossly indecent pornography, possession of which can carry heavy fines or
even prison sentences. Peer-to-peer file sharing could result in your network being
used in the storing and sharing of this sort of material.
Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) – An increasingly wide range of devices are being
used to access web-based content. Address this growing challenge with MXSweep
Web Security deployment options that allow you to filter smartphone and tablet
browsing. Easily map MAC addresses and create captive portal access for guest users.

Did you know that recent surveys have found that many office staff spend as much
time using social networking sites while they are at work, as they do in their spare
time. Someone spending 20-30 minutes per day engaged in ‘netslacking’ will likely
not attract any attention. Replicate that across an organisation of 50 users, every day
and pretty soon a substantial annualised loss in productivity results.
Calculate the loss:
30 mins x 5 days x 50 staff x 48 weeks x the average hourly wage =
a major drain on resources!
MXSweep Web Security pays for itself within weeks!