Protection at the internet level to eliminate threats before they reach your network.


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on-demand web security
InformatIon and communIcatIon technology
Protection at the internet
level to eliminate threats
before they reach your network.
Alphawest On-Demand Web Security
proactively discovers and blocks
Internet threats and helps enforce
employee Internet usage without
deploying any on-premise equipment.
It’s easy to deploy for organisations of
all sizes, and uses Websense global
data centres, which are load-balanced,
highly available clusters positioned in
10 locations worldwide, including one in
Sydney, Australia.
Websense global data centres are
certified to ISO 27001 standards, and
are backed by industry leading Service
Level Agreements (SLAs) to ensure
uptime and availability.
Alphawest On-Demand Web Security
works hand-in-hand with Alphawest
On-Demand Email Security to provide
integrated email and Web protection,
enabling organisations to consolidate
management and reporting for both
Web and email security.
Alphawest On-Demand Web Security
1. Is available 99.99% of the time
2. Blocks 100% of all known viruses
inside web content that has passed
through the service
Alphawest On-Demand Web Security
leverages a multi-tenant architecture
to provide leading Web security
technology. The service enables
customers to:
+ Reduce business costs and
complexity with no on-site
equipment to install or maintain,
eased administrative overhead, and
built-in scalability, enabling Web
gateway consolidation
+ Increase protection with the
Websense ThreatSeeker Network™
and to safely leverage the power of
Web 2.0 technology
+ Retain control with 24x7 access and
flexible customisation of policies,
configuration settings, and reporting
Fully managed “on-
demand” web security
service backed by
comprehensive sLas
Helps protect against web-
based threats including
viruses, trojans, worms and
phishing attacks
Helps to increase
productivity by reducing
unauthorised or excessive
employee web usage
real-time policy
management and reporting
enables reduced total cost
of ownership
Alphawest’s On-Demand Web Security provides protection at the Internet
level, eliminating threats before they reach your network, and provides
unique centralised security in distributed or mobile environments. Backed
by Service Level Agreements (SLAs), Alphawest’s On-Demand Web Security
reduces business costs, eliminates complexity and uncertainty, and provides
comprehensive protection with no software, hardware, installation, or
maintenance required on-site.
Businesses that deploy only on-premise WEB security
technology increase their administrative burden, network
operating and capacity planning costs, and are completely
reliant on in-house expertise to ensure best security practices.
on-demand web security
works better
in unison.
At Alphawest, we believe organisations
work better in unison, when people,
systems, communications and processes
work as one. As your Information and
Communications Technology (ICT)
partner, we can help you achieve this.
Our solutions are built around a Unified
Communications and Collaboration
strategy, to help you reduce operational
barriers in your workplace and service
your customers better. Together with
our parent company, Optus, and
leading technology vendors, we bring
you the expertise, technology and
telecommunications services to help you
achieve a sustained business advantage.
In unison, we can help you to work better
in more ways and in more places.
1. On-Demand Web Security
+ On-Demand Web Security delivers
industry leading Web security
technology as a service, including
over 100 URL categories and
comprehensive reporting, helping
to lower the total cost of ownership
without sacrificing security. The
service provides centralised
management and reporting for single
or multiple locations, and easy-to-use
policy controls.
2. On-Demand Web Security Gateway
+ On-Demand Web Security Gateway is
a fully hosted secure web gateway.
It combines industry leading URL
filtering and extensive security
categories with real-time scanning
for protection from spyware, phishing,
key-logging, and malicious mobile
+ The Alphawest On-Demand Web
Security Gateway is backed by a 100%
protection from known viruses SLA,
using antivirus scanning and the
Threat-Seeker Network™ to ensure
networks remain uninfected while
enabling employees to harness the
business value of Web 2.0.
ISO 27001 –the international best
practice requirement for implementing
and maintaining an Information Security
management System within the context of
an organisation’s overall business risks.
ISO 27001 covers all types of organisations
(e.g. commercial enterprises,
government agencies, not-for profit
organizations). For more information,
please visit International Organization for
ThreatSeeker Network™ - The Websense
ThreatSeeker Network, powered by the
world’s first Internet HoneyGrid, is the
technology foundation for Websense
Web security, messaging security, and
data security solutions. It provides the
intelligence that underlies Essential
Information protection by delivering real-
time reputation analysis and expanded
behavioural analysis. This gives users the
most up-to-date protection possible from
unwanted content and malicious threats.
on-demand web security
Call us now to find out
how your business
can work better in unison.
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your technology and
partner In one.
A wholly-owned subsidiary of Optus Networks pty Ltd
and part of the SingTel Group.
Alphawest Services pty Ltd ABN 49 009 196 347
Alphawest, in conjunction with our parent company, Optus,
provides integrated Information and Communication Technology (ICT)
solutions to private businesses, public companies and government
organisations across Australia.
Since 1986, Alphawest has been bringing technology, processes and people
together, to help organisations simply work and communicate better. Being part of
the SingTel Group enables us to provide solutions that work in unison with Optus’
communications networks, so that you can work more productively in more places.
Our solutions are built around a Unified Communications and Collaboration
strategy, encompassing expertise in Business Communications, Security,
Information and process management, Data Centre Technologies, mobility and
Wireless, managed Services and Green Technology.
As a single source provider, we can help you identify, plan, deploy, secure, manage
and optimise your technology and communications investments, to help enhance
your productivity, drive competitive advantage and profitability, improve customer
service and reduce your environmental impact.
Alphawest On-Demand Web Security On-Demand
Web Security
Web Security
Web Security
Industry-leading URL filtering combined
with extensive security capabilities, including
antivirus and Web reputation services and
comprehensive security categories.
Top-tier global
data center
Built-in failover, scalability, and speed,
backed by ISO27001 certification ensuring a
high degree of security and data privacy.
Administrative efficiencies and centralised
management for distributed environments
and remote employees.
reporting and
flexible policies
Visibility and control with 24x7 access to
forensic dashboard, detailed reports and
policy settings.
Consolidated SaaS security for both web
and email, all delivered in the cloud from a
single portal.