Control of Systems with MEMS Sensors and Actuators via Data Mining Techniques

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Control of Systems with MEMS Sensors and Actuators via Data Mining Techniques

Wesley W. Chu*, Chih
Ming Ho**

*Computer Science Department

Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering

University of California, Los Angeles

Contact Information

y W. Chu, P.I.

Computer Science Department

University of California, Los Angeles

Los Angeles, Ca 90095

Phone: (310)825

Fax: (310)825


Ming Ho, Co

Department of Mechanical an
d Aerospace Engineering

University of California, Los Angeles

Los Angeles, Ca 90095

Phone: (310)825

Fax: (310)206


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MEMS sensors and actuators

Dynamic control

Delta wing flight control

Temporal and spatial data mining

Project Award Information

Award Number: IIS

Duration: 08/31/2001


Title: Control of Systems with M
EMS Sensors and Actuators via Data Mining Techniques

Project Summary

To process and interpret the vast amount of sensor information in determining the actuation schema to
control the system is an open problem. We use a novel data mining technique to deriv
e classification rules
and association rules from training datasets that consist of multivariate input and output variables. Based on
the system
operating environment, the best applicable rule can be selected to derive the actuation schema
that drives the
system to the desired state. The input
output relationship for delta wing aircraft is highly
linear, specifically the transfer function between the sensors and actuators is extremely complicated.
We plan to use the delta wing aircraft input/output MEMS

test bed samples to develop a scalable data
mining technique that discovers full input
output relationship under a wide range of conditions (dynamic,
temporal, spatial, etc).

This project leverages on our past data mining research of multivariate variabl
es training datasets, as well
as the available MEMS sensors and actuators for UAV (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle) application and wind
tunnel measurement facility to collect the training data. Our current research is on the design of
experiments to collect the d
ata for dynamic system behavior, extending the mining algorithm for
summarizing temporal rules, developing the rule selection strategy for actuation schema, and developing
the wind tunnel experiments to validate our research approach.

Goals, Objectives, a
nd Targeted Activities

The goal of our research is to discover non
linear relationships between the distributed sensor input and
actuation schema output by using data mining techniques. We have designed a set of experiments to collect
the data for dynamic
system behavior, and are extending the mining algorithms to handle massive amounts
of multivariate training data. We plan to develop methodology to generate temporal rules and strategy to
automatically select actuation rules for real time system control.

Indication of Success

We will discover rules for representing sensor and actuation relationships based on vast amounts of non
linear and temporal sensor input and physical output data. Such rules can be used for the flight control of
delta wing aircrafts u
nder dynamic movement.

GPRA Outcome Goals


Discoveries at and across the frontier of science and engineering.

Data mining techniques to generate actuation rules from distributed multivariate sensor data

We are developing methodology to generate temporal
rules that capture and summarize the characteristics
of dynamic data, to handle massive amount of multivariate sensor data and generate rules to represent the
multivariate input and output relations, and to automatically select actuation rules for real tim
e system
control. These data mining techniques are instrumental for any application requiring real time dynamic
control based on continuously streaming data from massively parallel sensors, so the results should play a
important role in controlling micro f
based systems.


Connections between discoveries and their use in service to society.

Develop techniques for dynamic system control

Together with the researchers at Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering, we are developing
to automatically read information from massive distributed sensors, transfer the information to
actuation rules and select the most applicable rule to derive the actuation schema. This process can be used
in other real time control systems, such as environ
mental, medical, etc.

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Area Background

Data mining, dynamic control of macro
scale machine, distributed sensor

Area References

Z. Liu, W.W. Chu, A. Huang, C. Folk, C.M. Ho,
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Potential Related Projects

There are several temporal spatial data mining projects (e.g. Christos Faloutsos, Ma
tthew O. Ward, Vassilis
J. Tsotras) in the IDM. They all can be leveraged on each other’s research.