Want to shape the Internet of Things?

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Want to shape the Internet of Things?
You love to apply the latest web engineering tricks to make
a site look really awesome in any browser? You like to
surprise your site visitors with a great user experience that
builds on cool UI controls? We are looking for a talented
developer like you to join our startup in the Internet of
Things field as a
Frontend Web Developer
What you will do

You will build a
(desktop and mobile)
for our customers to manage millions of barcode
scans in a revolutionary new way.

You will work closely with designers to make sure our
platform has an
awesome look and feel

You will team up with our
backend developers
to find
the best way to present their data to your users.
What you have

Solid knowledge of HTML5, CSS, JavaScript and jQuery

Ideally: knowledge of a client-side JavaScript framework,
such as Ember.js, Angular.js or Backbone.js

Experience in integrating with a web application frame
work such as Symfony2, Django, Rails, etc.
Technologies we use

Ruby on Rails

Apache Cassandra, MySQL, MongoDB
Founded by alumni of ETH Zurich and MIT,
Scandit is the leading mobile barcode scan
ning platform. Thousands of companies
(including a space agency...) and millions of
users around the globe use our technology
on their mobile phones and in the cloud.
Watch the video

I N O U R S T A R T U P!
Great! Send your application to
Christof Roduner at
. If available, please include
reference projects and a description of
your responsibilities.
About Scandit
We are a young team of passionate
software developers based in Zurich.
Scandit is growing fast in an interna
tional market and has just opened a
subsidiary in the US. We offer a
challenging and fun environment
where you can put your enthusiasm
for cutting-edge technologies to use.