Cloud Computing

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coming computing technology that uses the internet
(the “cloud”) and central remote servers to maintain
information and applications.

Allows consumers and businesses to use applications without
installation and access their personal files at any computer
with internet access.

More efficient computing by centralizing storage, memory,
processing and bandwidth.

Three segments:




4 Layers


the computer hardware or software that relies on the cloud

Mobile, Thin Client, Thick Client


the program the cloud computing company offers
(replaces software)

Many different applications


packages, services, or infrastructure offered from the
company that runs the application

Services, Solutions, Storage


mode of delivery, typically through virtualization


the computer hardware or software products created to
deliver the cloud services

Maintained by service company

Private Cloud

Also called an internal cloud, is a
cloud that operates on private

Offer higher security and better
reliability but cost more

Hybrid Cloud

Mix of private and public cloud

Public Cloud

Mainly web applications and services

More common than others


Al Gore gave us the Internet

Broadband got cheap

Not everyone had to build in house data

The computer running the application
could be far from the person using it

Only a fast connection was needed which
led to

Large enterprises had complex requirements

Data outside firewall

Cost vs. usage


Applications and infrastructure are independent and
allowing servers to be shared by applications.

Runs everywhere

Doesn’t have to run in you data center or
in your applications providers center.

Computing Service
that charges based on the
computing resources you use aka Pay As You Go

Open source software must be utilized in order for
cloud to “grow”

Lack of confidence by business leaders in
cloud computing

Possible solution

Introduce them to internal clouds first, eventually
incorporating a system that keeps some
information in house and some information public.

Helps global corporations work effectively
from locations around the world.

Cost Savings. $50.00 per user of Google
App Enterprise version vs. Microsoft Office
Pro $499.99.

Saves time, provides real time updates.

Installing and configuring the OS, running
multiple applications, and providing database

Using IBM Blue Cloud software and services to
turn existing corporate data centers into its
own private cloud protected by a firewall.

By law corporations must know where
physical copies of their documents are at all

Complying with Sarbanes
Oxley on
corporate financial reporting.

Complying with Health Insurance Portability
& Accountability Act (HIPPA), which sets
rules for security and privacy of medical

Google’s search engine and applications are some
of the early products of efforts.

Microsoft released online software called Windows
Live for photo
sharing, file storage and other
applications served from new data centers.

Yahoo has taken the same steps.

IBM has devoted 200 researchers to this project. just broadened access for software
developers to its “Elastic Compute Cloud”

Lets small software companies pay for processing power
streamed from Amazon’s data centers.

Potential uses are widespread.

According Business Week, “Google, Microsoft,
and others are also building online services
designed to give consumers greater access to
information to help manage their health

Technical standards for connecting various
computer systems and pieces of software
could slow the progress on new products.

U.S. broadband penetrations lags in Europe
and Asia.

Without high
speed connections, especially
wireless ones, services wont be widely

Privacy protection.

Convenience and Simplicity


Hybrid that allowed any software to be easily
ran as a service in a data center that someone
owns and manages that led to

Reduce IT Infrastructure costs

Business benefits from the ability to
efficiently ramp up & power down

Introduce New IT services

Financial Savings

Streamline processes and Increased

Assist with Cost savings in terms of Wasted

Utilize Service in a Single Day

1) Where is my data stored?

Can be found in many different places

2) What do I do when I can't access my data?

Reset computer router, Reload program

3) What can't I do?

Limited power

4) Is it safe?

Off sourced material

5) Do I need to keep copies of my data at


6) Are my files too big?

Size only matters in the actual storage

7) What happens if you go out of business?

Occupied storage space would be

8) What happens if I forget to pay for a