Quick temperature-dependent electrical characterization of organic thin-film transistors.

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Quick temperature
dependent electrical characterization of
organic thin
film transistors

Master project
dependent measurement of organic thin
film transistors (OTFT) has
two applications: 1) access to some charge
transport properties of the semiconductor and 2) assess
whether the circuit will be stable with small temperature variations. The first

one is usually a long
measurement done in a cryostat with liquid nitrogen or helium. The objective of this internship is to
build an extension to the current automated electrical characterization platform to allow quick
dependent measurement.
It will give an idea for 1) and fulfills 2). This implies building a
heating chuck using a Peltier plate and programing the related controlling software (Labview).


6 months

Knowledge/Skills required:

Labview programming, Electrical measuremen

CSEM responsibles
: Dr. Nenad Marjanovic (
) and Dr. Rolando Ferrini (