NEC and NEC Electronics Develop High Threshold Voltage Control Gallium Nitride (GaN) Power Transistor on a Silicon (Si) Substrate

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NEC and NEC Electronics Develop High Threshold Voltage Control
Gallium Nitride (GaN) Power Transistor on a Silicon (Si) Substrate

New Delhi, December 11, 2009:

NEC Corporation (NEC) and NEC Electronics

Corporation (NECEL)
today announced the development of a nitride semiconductor (*1) power transistor on a silicon
(Si) substrate that

has improved the control and suppression of electrical currents


power is turned off (normally
off characteristics (*2)),

a necessary feature for
the safe operation of consumer electronics and IT devices. The transistor features a new
structure for the layer

beneath the gate electrode, which improves the controllabilit

threshold voltage that intercepts electrical currents and enables the realization of low
losses, high speed switching and high

temperature operations.

Power transistors that use silicon semiconductors occupy an

important role in the advancement

of energy conserving machines, as

they convert electrical power and serve as a controlling
element for a

wide range of applications, from consumer electronics to industrial

Future expectati ons are high for the implementation of

Nitride semicond
uctor transistors,
which demonstrate lower

losses, higher speeds and higher temperature operations when
compared to current silicon transistors. However, it is important to suppress

variations of
threshold voltage and improve reproducibility of their

off characteristics.

Current transistors are composed of a two
layer structure that

consists of an AlGaN electron
supply layer and GaN channel layer. A

great deal of variation in threshold voltage occurs due to
differences in the thickness of the

AlGaN electron supply layer under the gate,

which is etched
down to a few nm from 20
30 nm to achieve normally

characteristics. A high precision
etching process is specifically

required in order to reduce the variation of threshold voltage

ze normally
off characteristics.

A five layer structure makes it possible for these new transistors to control threshold voltage
with a high degree of precision by reducing the threshold voltage's dependence on the
thickness of the electron

supply layer. T
his is accomplished by introducing an electric charge
neutralization layer, the "piezo" neutralization layer, within the

electron supply layer, while at
the same time i ntroducing a buffer

layer, located beneath the channel layer, with the same

the piezo neutralization layer. This structure enables uniform

manufacturing of
nitride semiconductor power transistors that realize normally
off characteristics at a low cost.
These transistors also

exhibit excellent performance such as low power loss

breakdown voltage.

Looking forward, NEC and NEC Electronics aim to accelerate research

and development
towards the design, evaluation and implementation of

nitri de semiconductor power

NEC will present transistor results at the Intern
ational Electron

Devices Meeting (IEDM) held in
Baltimore from December 7, 2009

(announcement on December 7).

(*1) Nitride Semiconductor: Semiconductors composed of Gallium nitride (GaN)/aluminum
nitride gallium (AlGaN) that have bandgaps larger than 3.4eV
. These promising devices feature
high breakdown field strength and high electron mobility, as well as components that

high power output and resist high temperatures and

voltage. Th ese semiconductors are widely
used by Blue LED

materials that capi
talize on large bandgaps.

(*2) Normally
Off Characteristics: Characteristics that block

electrical currents when voltage is
not applied to a transistor. This is necessary for the safe operation of machinery and tools.

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