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School Business Management
Certificate Program
Thinking Like a
Program Begins July 24, 2013
Space is limited
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Meet over two-dozen of the State’s top school
business professionals

Engage in scenario-based learning that models
the current fiscal year

Become part of the USC School Business
Management Graduate Network

Maintain access to job and interview coaching
from current faculty

Take your career to the next level
Jody Thulin
Director of Faculty & Instruction
Colleen Dietz
Program Director
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Innovative • Accessible • Relevant
USC’s School Business Management Program
takes you through an 11-month experience
that utilizes a scenario-based learning model that is continuously updated based on the
ever-changing landscape in K-12 education. Moreover, students are taught each subject
and provided support from expert faculty and some of the State’s most influential school
business leaders. The resources provided to enhance your learning experience are almost
unlimited, as are the resources and support afforded to all graduates. Successful completion
not only ensures you are better equipped for success in today’s K-12 arena, you are provided
ongoing support and access to the USC School Business Management Graduate Network
for prospective job listings, application reviews, and interview preparation.
Program Facilitator
Jody Thulin
spent 15 years in the K-12 profession serving as a Teacher, High School
Assistant Principal, Principal, Athletic Administrator, Director of Curriculum, Director
of Educational Services, and Assistant Superintendent of Educational Services. Five
years ago, Ms. Thulin became Assistant Superintendent/CBO, successfully applying her
program expertise to ensure that the financial resources of the district were utilized to
ensure continuous student achievement. Currently, Ms. Thulin serves as a business services
consultant for California school districts and charter schools. In addition to having earned
Master’s Degrees in Criminal Justice and Education and possessing several teaching
credentials, Ms. Thulin is a graduate of the USC School Business Management Program
and has her CASBO CBO certification.
Bachelors Degree or 5+ years of
school business experience
Letter of recommendation
Interview by phone
Includes tuition, course
materials, room and board.
Graduates receive continued
support from the program
as part of the USC School
Business Management
Graduate Network. Newsletters
highlighting important issues,
recruitment & job search
assistance, access to a network
of over 200 USC CBO’s, and
much more.
Ron Bennett
, President/CEO
School Services of California
Joel Montero
Kenneth Hall
, Founder and
Chairman Emeritus, School
Services of California &
Founding Director of USC
School Business Management
Program Format

11-months broken up into 4 Quarters

Approximately 10-20 hours per week

All study/assignment related materials available online

Most assignments completed in small groups (4-6 people)

Learning Management System used for online classroom

Adobe Connect & Blackboard used for online lectures and team collaboration
Looking For Talent?
USC’s School Business Management
Program has hundreds of highly qualified
individuals for a variety of educational
positions. We can help match our talent
with your district’s needs. Call Jody Thulin
to find out more about potential candidates
that may be the best fit for your district’s
The Program is mostly
, making it accessible to anyone seeking to join our network of
school business professionals on a mission to bettering K-12 education.
(over 75% of the program):
Learning Management Software
(Program Begins):
USC LA Campus
Budget Update

(School Services of CA):

Northern and Southern CA Locations Provided
(Program Ends):
USC Orange County Campus
Information & Technology Services
Human Resources / Management
Leadership & Strategic Planning
Maintenance & Operations
Pupil Transportation
Purchasing & Warehousing
Risk Management
School Finance
School Law
Attendance Accounting
Budget Development & Control
Business Service Overview
Collective Bargaining
Creative Finance & Entrepreneurship
Facilities Planning & Construction
Food Services & Child Nutrition
History of School Finance
Institution of Education
Field Study / Direct Experience
For More Information:
For More Information:
Jody Thulin
Director of Faculty & Instruction
Jody Thulin
Director of Faculty & Instruction
Colleen Dietz
Program Director
Colleen Dietz
Program Director
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K-12 Leadership
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K-12 Leadership
The content covered each year meets or exceeds all the CASBO CBO Certification
requirements for hours of instruction - which results in graduates immediately becoming
eligible for a
CASBO CBO Certification