Networks for Business Management Consultants


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Networks for Business Management Consultants
Else Groen / FEACO

1. Networking

Reason for networking also stems from the wide variety of services and
specialisations in the MC industry.

2. Why is networking important

- to get new clients
- to operate on a wider market
- grow one’s business
- to learn from experiences of others

3. Networking events should have a clear objective

a – exchange of know-how on how to network, how to operate your network, how to
divide tasks etc.

Presenters should have practical experience/knowledge of these subjects.

b – partner search : networking with prospective partners

c – finding customers : networking with clients

These objectives can be combined in one event

4. To be effective, events should be well structured

a – participants should provide information on themselves and what type of partners
they are looking for, possibly the project they want to develop, well before the event.

b – this information should be provided on a web-based system, to enable participants
to choose from among the other participants whom they want to speak to.

A good international brokerage platform is still missing

5. What are participants looking for

1 – partners from the same branch as well as parters with complementary activies.
Both, events with participants from the same branch, as well as events with
participants from other branches in the knowledge services industry are useful

Suggestions for organisation

a – organise round tables where participants can exchange their business/networking
experience so that participants can get a better idea of other participants’ capacities.

b – organise some kind of ‘marketplace’ with stands where companies can present

6. Frequency

Events should be organised 3-4 times a year and be regional.

7. Follow up of the event

Direct follow up is very important.

The events should have a rapid, well-structured, web-based follow-up, which allows
participants to follow up with new contacts shortly after the event.