CirtexHosting Adds Support For PostgreSQL Databases in cPanel

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CirtexHosting Adds Support For PostgreSQL Databases in cPanel
NEW YORK, December 14, 2009 – CirtexHosting
, a leader in Linux Web hosting, announced
today it has added PostgreSQL Hosting
, enabling its customers to create and manage
PostgreSQL databases through the cPanel control panel.
The vast majority of shared Web hosts currently do not support PostgreSQL, instead supporting
only the MySQL database platform. Although both platforms are loaded with an impressive
array of features and boast strong performance records, CirtexHosting added support for
PostgreSQL to allow its customers to utilize the database the best meets their needs.
“In recent months, there has been a consistent increase in demand from our customers for more
database options. Although supporting two databases increases the complexity of our hosting
environment and adds marginally to our customer support load, we believe it is essential to do
everything we can do help our customers succeed, especially when they ask for improvement in
a specific area,” said CirtexHosting President John Xie.
Customers can utilize either MySQL or PostgreSQL at no additional charge. In fact, customers
are able to manage both MySQL and PostgreSQL databases when creating databases in their
allotment. This flexibility enables customers to build a Web site that relies on a diverse set of
applications that are powered by both platforms.
CirtexHosting offers a variety of Unmetered Bandwidth hosting
plans and Semi-Dedicated
hosting plans, in addition to Shared hosting and Reseller hosting plans. With Unmetered
Bandwidth Hosting, customers can host bandwidth-intensive applications and stream multimedia
without worrying about exceeding arbitrary caps or facing crippling overage fees. Unmetered
Bandwidth hosting plans start at just $15.99 per month. Semi-Dedicated hosting plans start at
just $35.99 per month and are housed on powerful servers that can deliver the level of system
resources needed to sustain optimal performance for each individual account.
To learn more about CirtexHosting, please visit
CirtexHosting is a wholly owned subsidiary of Cirtex Corp., on the web at
About CirtexHosting
Founded in 2003, CirtexHosting
is a leading provider of shared and reseller Multiple Domain
Linux web hosting solutions. Offering 24/7 technical support, 99.9%guaranteed uptime, and a
30-Day unconditional guarantee, CirtexHosting continues to serve thousands of businesses and
individuals internationally.