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Verizon announces


Gigabit Ethernet access to the

Verizon Optical Networking is a dedicated, point to point, private line Ethernet service that has been
available since July 2003.

Verizon Optical Networking ser
vices are transported over Verizon’s state of the art, shared Telephone
Company managed network. The Verizon Optical Networking offering allows for Ethernet protocols of
various speeds to be transported between two customer locations.

The Verizon Optical
Networking network consists of Telephone Company network elements (e.g., Next
Generation SONET and Wave Division Multiplexing) and fiber optic facilities configured in a diversely
routed architecture or topology. This architecture allows for point
t, Verizon Optical Networking
services to be multiplexed on to, or off of, the Verizon Optical Networking network at locations where a
suitable network element exists.

Verizon is pleased to announce that Verizon Optical Networking can now connect to the
Transparent LAN Service (TLS) network. This solution will allow you to order a NNI port on the TLS
switch and then order a Verizon Optical Networking, Gigabit Ethernet circuit as the access to the NNI
port. This arrangement will give you the opti
on of using the Ethernet switching capabilities of the TLS
network, while protecting your GigE access with the resiliency of Verizon Optical Networking. This new
offer is available, as a point to point, full rate GigE from a customer designated location o
r a collocation
arrangement to a Verizon wire center where a NNI port is available. The collocation arrangement cannot
be located in the same wire center as the NNI port.

Please refer to the following tariff sections:

FCC 1, sections 1 & 19

FCC 11, sect
ions 7 & 28

FCC 14, sections 17 & 20.3

FCC 16, section 20.3*

FCC 20, section 5

Please contact your Verizon Account Manager with any questions or sales inquiries.

The terms and conditions of
TLS and Verizon Optical Networking
are set forth in full detail
in Verizon’s FCC Tariffs (Tariffs). This
summary of the Tariffs is being provided for your convenience, but is not intended to provide a complete description of the t
and conditions of the Tariffs. You should not rely on this summary, and should cond
uct your own review and analysis of the Tariffs.
Any failure or error by Verizon to fully or accurately set forth all relevant terms and conditions of the Tariffs shall not b
e deemed to
bar Verizon from exercising its rights under the Tariffs. Notwithsta
nding anything to the contrary herein, the Tariffs shall govern over
any inconsistent provision set forth in this letter.

* Collocation arrangement is not available for this service in Verizon’s FCC 16 franchise territories.