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Summer Bioinformatics Workshop

June 30

August 7, Mon


Afternoon Session Description


NAC 7/106 and 7/105

Pathways Bioinformatics & Biomolecular Center

Computational skills in bioinformatics:

Class hours and credits: 1:15pm
4:00pm, Sci31501, 3 credits

Section A
Statistics, genome sequencing and annotation.

Location: NAC 7/106,
computer room , Department of Computer Science, CCNY

Instructors: Dr. I. Balsim (Mathematics, Kingsborough Community College)

Dr. Yuying Gosser (Bioinformatics, Grove School of Engineering, CCNY)

This interdisciplinary course will introduce:

a) Basic concepts in probability and statistics, Hidden Markov Model

and genefinding

Genome sequencing

c) Gene annotation and research project

Section B
Math, Art, Programming, and Molecular Graphics

Location: NAC 7/105, computer room , Department of Computer Science, CCNY

Instructors: Dr. P. Brass (Computational Geometry, Computer Science, CCNY)

Dr. Y. Gosser (
Bioinformatics, Grove School of Engineering, CCNY

This interdisciplinary course will introduce

a) Mathematical imagery, geometric shapes and symmetry, together with classical

examples of visual art.

b) Human genome project, visualization of small molecular and protein structure, and crystal lattice

c) Perl programming and two general methods in computer
graphic technologies:

PostScript and Ray Tracing.

Students will create and present their individual graphic art for important scientific objects

Interested students please contact:

By email:

or phone: 212


In addition, if the course credit is desired, please contact Dr. Yuying Gosser


This program is supported by HHMI, NSF, and CCNY Science and The Grove

School of Engineering.