Vacancy Web Services Fact Sheet


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Vacancy Web Services

Fact Sheet

Are you a large recruiter? Save time and
money by using Vacancy Web Services on
Australian JobSearch
direct from your
computer system

About Vacancy Web Services

Vacancy Web Services is a free IT interface
provided by the Department of Education,
Employment and Workplace Relations (DEEWR) to
help post large numbers of jobs onto the
JobSearch website.



Services means you can avoid
the need to manually enter your jobs onto
JobSearch by providing a seamless and secure
interaction between your internal recruitment
system and JobSearch.

About Australian JobSearch

JobSearch is Australia’s largest
free online job
board. The website is the fourth most frequently
visited online job board, giving your advertisement
maximum exposure to people who are actively
looking for work.

There are over 900 000 job

seekers registered on

Employment Servic
es Providers use the
site daily to register job seekers who are ready to
work and can assist by connecting suitable
applicants with your vacancy.

Benefits of using Vacancy Web Services

The benefits of using Vacancy Web Services

IT support provided


Free posting of jobs on JobSearch

Shorter recruitment time and a faster
turnaround of vacancies

Seamless access to JobSearch from your
recruitment system

Exposure to job seekers across Australia,
giving Provider, Individual or Third Party the
ability to attract quality candidates

Increased traffic to your website for the
candidate to apply for the job

How Vacancy Web Services works

Vacancy Web Services works by connecting to your
internal recruitment system and transmitting job
details directly

to JobSearch. Each internal
recruitment system can be configured to post a job
to JobSearch at the time the job is entered into the
system, or to post batches of jobs at

times (i.e. twice a day, once a day,

Knowledge of SOAP, XML and HTTP
S is required to
initiate Vacancy Web Services. The
implementation process requires the mapping of
fields from an internal recruitment system to the
fields required by JobSearch and to build a matrix
between the two systems so they can share the
same infor

Investment in integrating Vacancy Web

Posting jobs to JobSearch via Vacancy Web
Services is provided free by DEEWR.

Then only investment in implementing Vacancy
Web Services for use with JobSearch is the
investment of integrating the facil
ity into your
existing recruitment syst

Your investment will quickly be recouped

Vacancy Web Services saves considerable staff
time as manually entering jobs details into
JobSearch is no longer required

You can automatically advertise as many jobs

you want on JobSearch

completely free of

How to get Vacancy Web Services

To arrange
technical documentation and support
information to be sent to you


Even if you’re not
ready to take the Vacancy Web
Services step, you can still use JobSearch to
advertise your jobs for free and find the right
person for your job Register on

today or phone the Employer Hotline on
13 17 15