SmartSolve Integration Web Services Kit


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Web Services Kit

Integration Web Services
is a software platform that provides the
connectivity between third-party applications
and SmartSolve. The kit includes pre-
built web-services to synchronize your
organization’s key system information,
complaints and nonconformance events
captured in the other systems such as ERP,
SPC and CRM systems.
The pre-built
Web Services

Existing master data, including
employees, customers, vendors,
contacts, parts, operations and their
associated costs and failures, from your
existing ERP, CRM or other system, to

The customer complaints data from
existing CRM systems to SmartSolve

Nonconformance events, such
as ERP systems for shipping/
receiving nonconformances or SPC/
LIMS systems for out-of-tolerance/
specification to SmartSolve
The Web Services Kit provides sample XML
files and documentation on how to use the
web services to integrate with SmartSolve.
What’s in the SmartSolve Integration
Web Service Kit?
The Web Services Kit comprises:

The WSDL file which defines the
SmartSolve Web Services’ exposed
web methods

Sample Input XML files to synchronize
master data, complaints and
nonconformance events

Test application to invoke the
SmartSolve web services

Application notes describing the test
SmartSolve Integration Web Services are
based upon Microsoft .NET and provide
secure access to the SmartSolve platform.
External applications and systems can be
integrated easily with SmartSolve to enable
data exchange or add-on products.

Push and pull issues and associated
data from other external applications
from/to SmartSolve

Secure web services communication
using HTTPS

Sample application provided to
demonstrate SmartSolve Integration
Web Services authentication and web
method invocation
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Master File Synchronization - including support for client, client
contact, internal actor, person, department, part, product,
product line, failure mode, operation, work center and unit of

Complaint Synchronization - including inquiries, product quality
complaints, adverse events, and field service requests

Events Synchronization - including support for customer,
product, process, and general exceptions, or any other type of

Document Profile Information Synchronization - including
support for critical document-related information such as
attributes, types, categories, certifications, and references to the
source documents between SmartSolve and 3rd-party content
management systems

Electronic Medical Device Reporting (eMDR) communication
through customer’s E2B gateway for eMDR submissions and
return of FDA acknowledgements

XML data extraction of any SmartSolve objects for import/
update in 3rd-party systems

Based on industry open standard formats – XML and SOAP

Seamless integration between various ERP and CRM
systems with SmartSolve

Allows transfer of data captured in existing systems (ERP,
MES, CRM, Complaints, CMS, etc.) without manual
intervention, thus ensuring data accuracy

Reduces non-value-added costs such as the cost of re-
entering data to SmartSolve

Reduces the probability of human errors in re-entering data
into SmartSolve

Allows for cross-platform integration where the source system
can be any system capable of calling web services; systems
do not need to be in a Microsoft .Net platform

Detailed knowledge of systems behind firewalls is not needed,
making it simpler to create system connections