Scribe Adapter for Web Services


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Scribe provides cost-effective, no-coding
solutions that can be used as the only
tool businesses need to integrate virtually
any application, data source or Software
as a Service (SaaS) platform. Scribe’s
unique approach; configurable integra-
tion software, enables mid-market and
enterprise businesses alike to achieve
enterprise-class integration; with limited
budgets and small IT staffs.
The Scribe solution consists of Scribe
Insight, the core integration engine,
and Scribe Adapters. Scribe Adapt-
ers are components that enable the
Scribe engine to communicate natively
with specific business applications like
Salesforce or Microsoft Dynamics as
well as standard technologies like Open
Database Connectivity (ODBC) and Web
The Scribe Web Services Adapter works
with Scribe Insight to enable migration
and integration with any application or
data source that exposes a Simple Object
Access Protocol (SOAP) based Web Ser-
vices Application Programming Interface
(API). The Scribe Web Services Adapter
can be used to:

Integrate customer applications that
expose web services to other commer-
cial applications and/or data sources.
Integrate applications and data sources
with Microsoft SharePoint.
Integrate Microsoft Dynamics CRM or
Salesforce to Microsoft Dynamics
AX and other ERP solutions that
expose a SOAP based Web Services
Integrate 3rd party web services, like
those provided by StrikeIron, with an
organization’s data sources and busi-
ness applications.
The Scribe Web Services Adapter
offers the following features:

Enable users to design integration pro-
cesses where the source and/or target
applications are exposed via a standard
Web Services interface.

Allow users to configure web services
migrations and integrations through
metadata, thus eliminating the need for
custom coding.
Allow users to easily navigate to a Web
Service and map values to the param-
eters of the various Web Methods
found on that Web Service.
Scribe Adapter for Web Services

Figure: Identifying a Web Service,
its methods and properties from
within the Scribe Workbench

Provide connectivity to Web Services
through both http and https protocols.

Provide users the ability to supply static
values on SOAP Headers.
Allow users to define web service “Log-
On” and “Log-Off” events without hav-
ing to manage the complexities of
explicit instructions.
The Adapter for Web Services has the
following requirements:
• Scribe Insight version 6.5 or later
• SOAP based Web Service
Technical Requirements:

Scribe Insight version 6.5 or higher.
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