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Daedalus Lift & Access Equipments Pvt. Ltd. we are involved in offering the best quality Man lift manufacturer in Pune Maharashtra India. This lift is best suited to perform various material handling activities such as uplifting materials, carrying goods, etc. Our hardworking professionals manufacture this lift with the help of latest technology using excellent grade components. We also provide this lift at feasible rates to the valued clients. We would like to tell you how we work. Please contact us on +91 8698200365 or drop an email at We look forward to hearing from you soon. Please go through our website for more information.


Elevated drive Rate for Aerial work Programs: It goes without mentioning that you are
able to drive erial Work Platforms (AWPs) forwards and reverse, such as just about any
automobile. The forward or reverse rate is set by how far back or forward the driver
pushes the drive stick -- what's known as proportional drive.
But for security reasons, it’s just possible to push an AWP in the utmost rate once the
flourish or scissor lift is at transportation or stow position. Rather than the utmost rate
of possibly 6 km/hour, the pc automatically restricts the maximum rate to what's known
as “elevated drive rate".
Safety Measures at First Check
In Daedalusind, we try to make certain this elevated drive Speed limitation is usable in a
predetermined area of our lawn. We do so within their very first check responsibility the
moment the system comes back
Man lift manufacturer in Pune Maharashtra India
. This
way, our very first checker may make absolutely sure the elevated drive rate as stated
by the producer isn't exceeded. The research records the effect on the initial check
record so that we understand whether it is within the safe rate parameters.
If the checker does detect some discrepancy, it’s flagged for the mechanical engineers at
the workshop to produce the necessary adjustments to make certain that the elevated
drive rate is in complete compliance with the manufacturer's safe speed limitation.
Precautions and check the elevated drive rate is set correctly. After the Gear is on a job
site, we realize that operators will probably not create this particular check. Carrying out
this crucial evaluation is but one instance of just how Daedalusind, Equipment could be
safely controlled before we hand it on to the client.