Relative Motion, Inclined Planes & Atwood's Machine


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Relative Motion, Atwood’s
& Inclined Planes

Dynamics Extension

Part II

Physics 12

Learning Outcome (Student will…):

• use vector analysis in two dimensions for
systems involving
two or more
masses, relative motions
, static
equilibrium, and static torques

Relative Motion

Reference Frame

a coordinate system
in which an experimenter makes position and time
measurements of physical events

Inertial Reference Frame

that in which
the Laws of Motion apply (not accelerating)

How do we analyze motion in two different
reference frames?

Atwood’s Machine (simple)

Example of Modified Atwood’s

A 15 kg cart is attached to a hanging 25 kg
mass. Friction is negligible. What is the
acceleration of the 15 kg cart?

Inclined Planes

What is the acceleration of the system? What is the tension developed in the