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March 2005

Is Speaker Verification set to become the most reliabl
e form of
personal identification?

White paper from VeCommerce highlights advantages of Spe
Verification over fingerprints, palmprints
, iris and face recognition

significant increases in reliability and security.

a company with

over 20 ye
ars experience in the provision of natural

solutions, have produced a White Paper “Can you prove who you are?” which
highlights the success of Speaker Verification as a secure and reliable means of
personal identification and the advantages it has

over other methods such as finger and
palm prints, iris and face recognition

as well as PINs and passwords

Ro Iyengar, Managing Director of VeCommerce in the UK, said: “
Identity fraud is one of
the fastest growing ‘types’ of crime in the world. With many

countries concerned about
their national security and businesses of all sizes anxious to safeguard their own security
as well as that of their customers, being certain that a person is ‘who they say they are’
is of increasing significance.”

“Independent r
esearch carried out at Edinburgh University and GCHQ
demonstrated that
speech verification outperformed other systems in overall
,” continued Ro
Iyengar. “
Calling on our many years of experience in developing and implementing
speech recognition
solutions for businesses and government departments around the
world, we believe that Speech Verification will play a significant role in personal
identification solutions for many organisations.”

VeCommerce have developed

to integrate the latest

developments in both
Speech Recognition and Speech Verification and the White Paper highlights the role that
the company believes Speech Verification will play in personal identification

reliability, increased security and the ability to carry
ing out identification over the

The technology is now so sophisticated that different accents and dialects can be
successfully identified, and it is extremely hard to mimic or copy someone else’
s voice
pattern,” added Ro Iyengar. “We believe t
hat speech verification is proving its value for
organisations in many parts of the world. Proving someone’s identity has never been
more important to individuals, businesses and governments.”

A copy of
the White Paper

follows this press release



Sue Viney

Viney Communications

0118 934 2093

07774 267280

Notes to Editors


Photos of Ro Iyengar available as high res jpeg files. Please contact Sue Viney
on 0118 9
34 2093 or

for a copy



is an Australian based company with over 20 years experience in
the provision of natural language speech recognition and voice enabled e
merce solutions. The business solution enables consumers simply to say
what they want to an organisation’s computer systems using any telephone. This
results in complicated but ‘routine’ transactions being completed automatically,
significantly reducing th
e cost of each transaction whilst enhancing customer
satisfaction through an easy to use, friendly and consistent service. Clients
include SunCorp, Pizza Hut and the Australian Tax Office in Australia, Ministry of
Social Development in New Zealand, Magna E
ntertainment Corporation in the
USA and Littlewoods Bet Direct in the UK. VeCommerce set up a UK office in
Maidenhead, Berkshire in 2002.