Ayonix , Incorporated

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Ayonix , Incorporated

Company Introduction

Ayonix Inc. is
a high technology provider of company
focused information technology and face
recognition solutions for the global marketplace.



headquartered in
the center of


biometric face recognition SW/HW
products to security companies, system integrators and Major software/hardware manufacturers.

Ayonix Inc. develops its
face recognition S
oftware Development Kits

by the integration of its
fast algorithms and high reliab
ility. Ayonix's SDKs can be used for human
free access control
systems, surveillance systems, computer security, banking, entertainment, law enforcement
Hotel VIP service
and customer managements etc.

Ayonix’s facial identification algorithm
s are all Ayonix’s patented algorithms. The algorithms
developed are based on the state
art techniques which have been
recognized by Osaka City
technology innovation contest (March, 2007).

With its high technology and market, its targets are not o
nly Japan, but it targets a global
marketplace, too.

nix at a

Corporate Headquarters:

Ayonix, Inc.

Established :

March, 2007

President&CEO :

Sadi Vural

Business Segments :

Technology Solutions

Software products
(under development)


Detection SDK


Face Recognition SDK


Access Control Software


Automatic Reception Desk

Hardware Products
(under development)


Access Control device


Automatic Reception Desk


Surveillance system for Airport use

Device Solutions
( under development)


ssor Devices


LSI Devices


FPGA components

Industrial Applications and Projects

Ayonix Inc. envolves many applications and projects. Some of them are listed below:

Automatic Reception Desk

Automatic Reception Desk is a product that welcomes the customer a
t company entrance and
sends this information to the responsible person in the company.

Currently, some companies assign gate
security guideman to communicate with the people at the
gate and some companies put one intercom or telephone or a bell. Once the

customer comes, he
should touch on intercom or bell or dial up the internal number of the person he wants to talk.

Whereas, Automatic Reception Desk recognizes the incoming people in early stages and informs the
company person about him. Customer does no
t have to wait at the gate.

Furthermore, the system say a message like “Good Morning Mr.
Tanaka” or “Mr.Tanaka, we have
been waiting for you. Mr. Nakata will be shortly here”

This system comes with software+camera or hardware+camera. It has speech engines


English, Turkish, Japanese.

System makes VIP services better and keep the Customer satisfaction high. The product is planned
to be released at the end of 2007 and now it is under testing.

Access Control

Access Control checks the entrances and exits o
f a door. One person at once is recognized. It is
applicable for controlling the entrances of companies, R&D divisions, factories, Hotels, Airports.

Our first target is Hotel check
in and Apartments.

Micproprocessor application

We are developing a su
parallel micro processor with Renesas Technology. Renesas
technology is a Japan leading
Semiconductor Company

established by Mitsubishi Electric and

Using microprocessor, we target to obtain a speed that is 1,000 times faster than the speed of

the fastest face recognition software in the world.

The target application is the embedded industry (Mobile phones, Video cameras and Digital

ial mosaic

for Department Stores

Face Recognition is not only for security. It has many applica
tions. One of projects we work is
for protecting people privacy. We are undergoing an application, where we put mosaic to some
Our application analyzes the faces in real time inside the Department stores. If it finds a
previously registered face, it

puts a mosaic into the face and it is not recorded into DVRs.

Ayonix Techniques

Face Detection Techniques:


Skin Analysis


Gabor filtering techniques


Local Face Feature Analysis

Face Recognition Techniques:


Gabor filtering


Dynamic PCA techniques


nlinear Discriminant Feature Classification(NDFC)


A mixture of SVM and Neural Networks

Work Items

We plan to assign the following works to students:


Algorithm Testing and improvements

We have 10 different face recognition algori
thms and 8 different face detection algorithms. We
need those components

testings and improvements of their performances. In addition to that, we
need to know the best combinations of Face detection and Recognition algorithms to achieve a
high speed and/o
r best performance. Therefore, some evaluations and testing on them will be

Those algorithms are fully documented and essential information is provided prior to work.


Application Development

We have three implementations: Software, Hardware, Micr

Software: PC
Based applications

Hardware: PowerPC or commercially available board
based application

Microprocessors: SoC
based application

For Students who are interested in either of
, one theme is assigned. The final work is

The work that is assigned to the students can be embedded into our existing products or it
becomes a final product. In either case, company has all rights of the product

Product know
how and any knowledge along with product specifications and deta
il sheets are
provided by our corporation.


SoC is the abbreviation for System on Chip.