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CWI/CTIF Workshop on
“Internet of Things and Future Applications”
Oct. 25.-26, 2010, Grimstad, Norway

Day 1 - Oct. 25 - morning

10.00 -12.00 CWI Steering Board

Day 1 - Oct. 25 - afternoon

12.00 Registration and lunch
13.00 Welcome by CTIF/CWI
Ramjee Prasad, Frank Reichert
13.20 Security Challenges for the IP-based Internet of Things
Tobias Heer, RWTH Aachen University, Germany
13.40 Real Time Fall Detection and Activity Recognition using Wireless Sensors
Jong-hoon Youn, University of Nebraska, USA
14.00 Machine Perception for Identification and Interaction in the Internet of Things
Zheng-Hua Tan, University of Aalborg, Denmark
14.20 Access Control of Sensitive Alert Data and Critical Actions from Intrusion Detection Systems
V. Oleshchuck/ Ulltveit-Moe, University of Agder, Norway

14.40 Break
15.00 From Walled Gardens into the Telecom Chaos - Key Trends in Wireless Communications Systems
Claes Beckman, University of Gävle/Royal Institute of Technology, Sweden
15.20 Invited Presentation
Pekka Jäppinen, Lappeenranta University of Technology, Finland
1.540 Presentation from CTIF
Neeli Rashmi Prasad, University of Aalborg, Denmark
16.00 Machine-to-Machine Communications
Mischa Dohler, Centre Tecnològic de Telecomunicacions de Catalunya, Spain
16.20 Fine Grained Access Control on Remote Home Monitoring Solutions
Fensli/Ren , University of Agder, Norway
16.40 Combining Strategies for Decode-and-forward Relays in Wireless Networks
John Barry, Georgia Institute of Technology, USA
17.00 Break
17.20 Panel Discussion
18.00 END
19.00 Departure to Social Event
19.30 Social Event -

Day 2 - Oct. 26 - morning

09.00 Welcome
09.10 Mobile Services Key Establishment in Cloud Computing
Henrik Tange, Ingeniørhøjskolen i København, Denmark
09.30 Cloud Computing and User Centric Applications
Chunming Rong, University of Stavanger, Norway
09.50 Some examples of sensor networking and remote control of industrial processes using DELTA V
Saba Mylvaganam, Høgskolen i Telemark, Norway
10.10 Break
10.20 Trust Issues and Aspects for the Intenet-of-Thing
Geir Køien, University of Agder, Norway
10.40 Campus 2020 - Ubiquitous Computing Scenarios
Frank Reichert, University of Agder, Norway
11.00 User-centric approach for personalized service provisioning in pervasive environments
Anis Yazi, University of Agder, Norway
11.20 Improve the quality of life by including sensor networks in "Smart Buildings"?".
Nils-Olav Skeie, Telemark University College , Norway
11.40 Privacy and IoT
Josef Noll, UNIK/University of Oslo, Norway
12.00 Short summary
12.20 Lunch

Day 2 - Oct. 26 - afternoon

14.00 -16.00 CTIF/CWI Coordination Meeting