Multilateral Scorecard: United Nations Capital Development Fund (UNCDF) 2012

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Multilateral Scorecard:
United Nations
Capital Development Fund


The United Nations Capital Development Fund (UNCDF) works as part of the United Nations (UN)

system to extend
financial services and basic government services to poor people in Least Developed Countries. In 2011

12 Australia
provided approximately $3.25 million to UNCDF for programs in Africa, Asia and the Pacific. Australia does not
provide core

funding to UNCDF.


Some examples of results achieved by UNCDF include:

providing access to finance through mobile phone banking for over 450 000 people in the Pacific

implementing local government development programs in 30 Least Developed

Countries with 90 per cent of local
government partners adopting participatory mechanisms that improve planning and budget processes.


UNCDF’s ratings
‘strong’ in relation to alignment with Australian priorities; strategic management; co
st and
value consciousness; partnership behaviour; and transparency and accountability, and ‘satisfactory’ in relation to
delivering results; and contributing to the wider multilateral system.

Australia notes that UNCDF is working to
incorporate a gender l
ens throughout the project cycle, and that it is making efforts to play an effective global
coordination role on finance issues.


Australia engages with UNCDF on individual programs. For example, Australia is a member of the investment

for Mobile Money for the Poor and the Pacific Financial Inclusion Program.

AusAID will:

encourage UNCDF to evaluate the poverty and other social impacts of its financial services programs

encourage UNCDF to improve access to information on aggregate r
esults and performance indicators across its


UNCDF issues annual reports on a calendar year basis. The 2011 report is the most recently available report since the publica
tion of the AMA.