ITD 120 Design Concepts for Mobile Applications

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Spring 2013 - ITD 120 Syllabus --Mrs. Eaton[1/23/2013 10:28:50 AM]
New River Community College, Dublin, Virginia
ITD 120 Design Concepts for Mobile
Course Plan - Spring 2013
Last Update: January 23, 2013
Course Number and Title: ITD 120 Design Concepts for Mobile
Instructor: Mrs. Carlotta Eaton (signature on file)
Approved by: Dan Lookadoo, Dean (signature on file)
Note: This one page handout is a subset of the course plan. Please see the
course web site ( for the complete syllabus/plan.
I. Course Description
Provides skills for designing both Web-based and stand-alone applications
for wireless devices. Details discussions of the needs for applications
including mobile phones and a range of rich hand-held devices such as
PDAs. Emphasizes the important of usability and performance to create
fast-loading business enterprise applications and games. Lesson 3 hours
per week. 3 credits.
This course is designed as a 4th semester course. Pre-requisites for this class for IT majors or CAD
majors are all of the following:
Concepts IT Majors CAD Majors
Office & Computers CSC 110 Intro to Computing ITE 115 Intro to Computer
Applications and Concepts
Programming CSC 200 Intro to Computer
ITP 160 Introduction to Game
Design & Developmen
HTML, CSS and Dreamweaver ITD 110 Web Page Design I ITD 110 Web Page Design I
Graphics & Photoshop ITD 112 Creating Web Page
CAD 120 Intro to Graphic
If you do not have these pre-requisites you will need to have instructor permission to take this class.
Additional Minimum Prerequisite Knowledge
Spring 2013 - ITD 120 Syllabus --Mrs. Eaton[1/23/2013 10:28:50 AM]
Students are expected to have completed several courses utilizing computers at the high
school level before attempting this course. Computer Programming is generally considered
an intermediate level computer skill. You should be proficient at the high school level in
keyboarding, Windows XP (or Vista) Email, Web surfing, Word, Excel, Power Point and
Access before starting this course. You should also be proficient at math and logic skills or
high school level Algebra I course.
II. Instructional Materials
Required Textbooks
All four of these textbooks are available free from SafariBooks Online. NRCC has paid for a subscription
for students to use this service.
Click each textbook to jump directly to the online book.
Adobe Dreamweaver CS5.5 Designing and
Developing for Mobile with jQuery, HTML5
and CSS3 Studio Techniques by David Powers
2011 Peachpit Publishing ISBN: 978-0-321-77325-
8 (Read for free online from SafariBooks, also
available as eBook) [
Textbook web site] [
web site]
jQuery Mobile Develop and Design by Kris
Hadlock 2012 Peachpit Press ISBN: 978-0-321-
82041-9 (Read for free online from SafariBooks)
Textbook web site]
Recommended Optional Textbooks
Designing Web & Mobile Graphics by Beginning PhoneGap by Ghatol and Patel 2012
Spring 2013 - ITD 120 Syllabus --Mrs. Eaton[1/23/2013 10:28:50 AM]
Christopher Schmitt 2013 New Riders & Pearson
ISBN: 978-0-321-85854-2 (Read for free online
from SafariBooks, also available as eBook)
Textbook web site]
Apress ISBN: 978-1-4302-3903-1 (Read for free
online from SafariBooks) [
Textbook web site]
Other Materials
ITD 120 Course Web page -
This web site will be used for assignment details, due dates and more.
Microsoft HTML5 Application Development Fundamentals certifcation at
Blackboard will only be used for announcements and to post grades.
Dreamweaver CS5.5 or Dreamweaver CS6 (available on the Macs and in Mall 109)
PhoneGap (available as free download from http://
Apple iPhone SDK Software (available on MacBooks)
Office 2007 or later is needed to complete some Lesson assignments. Office will be
available on your MacBook.
MacBook will be available for your use this semester
iPad 2 will be available for your use this semester
iPod Touch will be available or you can use your own smart phone or device
Other items
Data Files (download from textbook web sites)
2GB minimum thumb/flash drive for backup and homework
Notebook to take notes, Folder with pockets to organize handouts and programs
III. Evaluation
Exercises, assignments, projects and exams will be used to evaluate this class according to the following
point schedule.
Grading: Assignments = 50% using average of all assignments, Final Mobile Project (25%), Microsoft
HTM5 certification (if we can collaborate with VWCC)
90 - 100% 80 - 89% 70 - 79% 60 - 69% <= 59%
IV. Office Location
Professor: Mrs. Eaton
Office: Mall 110
Office Hours: and posted on office door
Phone: (540) 674-3600 x4250 and Cell Phone
Spring 2013 - ITD 120 Syllabus --Mrs. Eaton[1/23/2013 10:28:50 AM]
V. Attendance Requirements
Students are expected to maintain regular, consistent attendance. Please inform your
instructor in advance in you plan to miss a class. Attendance will be taken at the beginning
of each class. If you miss a class, you are responsible for getting the missed material. Read
the textbook material, check the web page, or contact a classmate for notes before contacting
your professor. Missing 2 weeks worth of class or assignments constitutes excessive
absences. Excessive absences before the withdrawal date will result in Faculty Initiated
Withdrawal with a W grade. No refund will be applicable. Excessive absences after the
withdrawal date will result in a F grade.
Inclement Weather Policy
If NRCC cancels classes due to inclement weather, any quizzes or exams scheduled for that
day will be taken at the next class meeting. Any assignments are also due at the next class
If NRCC is open, but the roads are bad at your home please stay home. Don't risk your life
to come to school. Call, cell text, or email your instructor. We will view the high school
closings to grant leniency for any assignments due.
VI. Course Content (with tentative schedule)
This schedule is subject to change depending on the capabilites of the enrolled students.
The following textbooks are used in the course content below:
Textbook Textbook Title
Required or
Dreamweaver 1. Adobe Dreamweaver CS5.5 Designing and
Developing for Mobile with jQuery, HTML5 and
CSS3 Studio Techniques
jQuery 2. jQuery Mobile Develop and Design Required
Design 3. Designing Web & Mobile Graphics Recommended
PhoneGap 4. Beginning PhoneGap Recommended

Plan Textbook or Video Course
Week 1
Why PhoneGap?
PhoneGap: Chapter 1 Understanding Cross-Platform
Mobile Application Development
Why Dreamweaver?
Dreamweaver: Chapter 1 Dreamweaver Goes Mobile
Why HTML5?
Design: Chapter 1: Understanding HTML
Week 2
CSS3 Overview for Mobile Design
Design: Chapter 2 Styling with CSS
Spring 2013 - ITD 120 Syllabus --Mrs. Eaton[1/23/2013 10:28:50 AM]
Design: Chapter 3 Web Typography
Tozai Hotel web site: Change from XHTML to
Dreamweaver: Chapter 2 Progressive Enhancement with
HTML5 and CSS3
Week 3
FTP with Dreamweaver
Test mobile web site using iPad and iPods
Mobile Design Challenges
Design: Chapter 4 Challenges in Web Design
Tozai Hotel web site: Add Media Queries for
Mobile Devices
Dreamweaver: Chapter 3 Adapting Pages for Mobile with
Media Queries
Week 4
Tozai Hotel web site: Make a Web App available
Dreamweaver: Chapter 4 Making your Site Available
Week 5
jQuery Introduction
jQuery: Introducing the Future of Web Development
jQuery: Supported jQuery Mobile Platforms
jQuery: Chapter 1 Understanding jQuery
Week 6
jQuery and HTML5
jQuery: Chapter 2 The Role of HTML5
jQuery Mobile Introduction
jQuery: Chapter 3 Getting Started with jQuery Mobile
Week 7
UI Components
Multi-page Mobile Sites
jQuery: Chapter 4 Creating Multipage Websites
Dialogs and Buttons
jQuery: Chapter 5 Dialog Windows and Buttons
jQuery: Chapter 6 Working with Toolbars
Week 8
Tozai Hotel web site: Create basic multipage web
Dreamweaver: Chapter 5 Introducing jQuery Mobile
Week 9
UI Components
Grids and Collapsible Content
jQuery: Chapter 7 Layout Options
Lists, Numbered lists, nested lists
jQuery: Chapter 8 Working with Lists
Search Filters
jQuery: Chapter 9 Search Filtering
Week 10
Forms, textboxes, methods, events, check boxes,
Spring 2013 - ITD 120 Syllabus --Mrs. Eaton[1/23/2013 10:28:50 AM]
radio buttons, sliders, switches
jQuery: Chapter 10 Form Elements
Tozai Hotel web site: Add form reservation page
Dreamweaver: Chapter 6 Diving Deeper into jQuery Mobile
Week 11
Native Apps using Phone Gap and Dreamweaver
PhoneGap Introduction and Set Up
PhoneGap: Chapter 2 Getting Started with PhoneGap
PhoneGap: Chapter 3 Setting the Environment
PhoneGap: Chapter 4 Using PhoneGap with jQuery Mobile
Travel Notes App
Dreamweaver: Chapter 7 Building a Native App with
Week 12
Microsoft HTM5 Certification Exam
jQuery Mobile Layout and Themes
jQuery: Chapter 11 Theming jQuery Mobile
Design: Chapter 5 Color for the Web
Design : Chapter 12 Laying Out Pages
Week 13
Final Project
Images and Mobile Design
Design: Chapter 6 Images for the Web
Design: Chapter 7 Creating Images for the Web
Design: Chapter 8 Transparency and Shadow
Design: Chapter 11 Image Maps
Design: Chapter 13 Images for Responsible Web Design
Design: Chapter 14 Aligning Images
Week 14
Final Project Presentations
Week 15
Final Exams
VII. Learning Objectives
Students that successfully complete this course (with a C or higher) will develop knowledge
and skills in the following areas.
Mac Operating System
Use the desktop, Apple menu, dock and dashboard
Navigate with Finder
Search with Spotlight
Stay organized with Spaces
Get online with Safari and more
Install applicatons, transfer files
Apple Developer Program
Spring 2013 - ITD 120 Syllabus --Mrs. Eaton[1/23/2013 10:28:50 AM]
Become a registered Apple iOS/iPhone Developer (using the Apple web site).
Join the iOS developer program.
Understand and complete the process for downloading and installing the iOS
SDK (Software Developers Kit).
Use Xcode IDE and the Interface Builder tool from the SDK.
Build and run Xcode projects.
Become familiar with the various windows of both Xcode and Interface Builder.
Be familiar with modifying attributes in Interface Builder.
Set up Xcode settings.
Create a new project and understand the differences among the different types of
project templates.
Deploy to iOS device
iOS Web Applications HTML5 and CSS3
use CSS3 and HTML5 to create content that displays on iOS devices
create special effects using CSS
build a web app interface
create powerfule interactive content including a photo viewer and a video player
use HTML5 and CS3 techniques to format type, create list driven menus, toggle
buttons and more
create web content tailored for viewing on the iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad
devices that will also work with browsers on other platforms as well
Mobile Web Design & Development Fundamentals
understand the mobile web environment
design using mobiel web development guidelines and best practices
set up a mobile development environment
adapt desktop web sites for mobile devices
create mobile optimized pages
understand mobile browser capabilities
PhoneGap Development
1) Installing PhoneGap
2) Building and Debugging on Multiple Platforms
3) Mobile Web to Mobile Applications
4) Managing a Cross-Platform Codebase
This course also includes the following Virginia Community College General Education
Learning Objects:
1. Area 2: Critical Thinking
2.6 Use problem solving skills
VIII. Instructional Procedures
The course will consist of discussions, demonstrations, exercises, hands-on
exercises, programming exercises, case studies, projects, assignments and exams.
IX. Withdrawal Policy
Student Initiated Withdrawal
A student may drop or withdraw from a class without academic penalty during the first
60% of a session. For purposes of enrollment reporting, the following procedures
Spring 2013 - ITD 120 Syllabus --Mrs. Eaton[1/23/2013 10:28:50 AM]
a. After the add/drop period, but prior to a completion of 60% of a session, a
student who withdraws from a class will be assigned a grade of "W".
b. After that time, if a student withdraws from a class, a grade of "F" will be
See the current NRCC Catalog for more details.
Instructor Initiated Withdrawal
A student who adds a class or registers after the first day of class is counted absent
from all class meetings missed. Each instructor is responsible for keeping a record of
student attendance in each class.
Students who have not attended class by the last day to drop the class and receive a
refund will be deleted by the instructor during the following week. No refund will be
When a student’s absences equal twice the number of weekly meetings of a class
(within the first 60% of classes), the student will be dropped for unsatisfactory
attendance in the class by the instructor. The student will be notified of the withdrawal
grade of "W" by the Admission and Records Office.
After that time, a grade of "F" will be assigned for unsatisfactory attendance.
See the current NRCC Catalog for more details.
Withdrawal from the College
A student who wishes to withdraw from the college should contact a counselor to
determine the appropriate procedure. Failure to follow established procedure
could place the student’s college record in doubt and prejudice the student’s
return to this or another college.
X. Academic Honesty
The NRCC Code of Conduct states:
As a member of the New River Community College Student Body,
I will act in a responsible manner with the utmost integrity at all times.
I will obey all college rules and regulations.
I will respect the rights and privileges of others.
Students will be expected to maintain complete honesty and integrity in their
experiences in the classroom. Any student found guilty of dishonesty in academic work
is subject to disciplinary action. Penalties include but are not limited to disciplinary
probation, withholding of transcript or degree, denial of degree, suspension or
expulsion. See the current NRCC Student Handbook for more information and details.
Sexually Explicit Material: Warning! Despite the wealth of great material on the
web, there are also objects in poor taste. Do not download them or view them on any
NRCC computer. Display of sexually explicate images may result in suspension or
Spring 2013 - ITD 120 Syllabus --Mrs. Eaton[1/23/2013 10:28:50 AM]
permanent expulsion from the class at the discretion of the professor. These images are
very clearly marked and cannot be downloaded by "accident". Displaying these images
on any screen in the computer lab, at any time, would cause embarrassment, would be
in extremely poor taste and could be seen as sexual harassment.
Disability Statement
If you are a student with a documented disability who will require accommodations in
this course, please register with the Disability Services Office located in the Counseling
Center in Rooker Hall for assistance in developing a plan to address your academic
Diversity Statement
The NRCC community values the pluralistic nature of our society. We recognize
diversity including, but not limited to, race, ethnicity, religion, culture, social class, age,
gender, sexual orientation and physical or mental capability. We respect the variety of
ideas, experiences and practices that such diversity entails. It is our commitment to
ensure equal opportunity and to sustain a climate of civility for all who work or study
at NRCC or who otherwise participate in the life of the college.
NRCC Learning Links
Additional resource materials for some New River Community College classes can be
found on the NRCC Web-based learning site at
©Copyright 2011-2013 by Carlotta Eaton. All rights reserved.
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