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Source Development Project:

Public Media Manager


North Country Public Radio

Development Partner:

Clarkson University

Funding Partner:

Corporation for Public Broadcasting

Project Completion:

June 30, 2004

Project Synopsis:

To take an existing web
based news content management
system written to meet the needs of and conform to the resources of a single news
producer, and to develop from it a stable and portable news content management
system suitable for use by non
als in a wide variety of news outlets.

The Existing CMS
consists of:

1) a set of web
based forms use to enter specialized content into a MySQL
database running on an Apache server,

2) a set of php scripts to deliver content in various forms within a w

3) a set of javascript tools to deliver content in various forms to locations
outside a web domain.

To get from the existing system to the project goal requires work in the following

Code validation, optimization and internal document
. The existing
CMS was grown like a coral reef, rather than built like a watch.

. A rational directory structure and server configuration routine
needs to be developed and documented.

. Content templating and styling tools with

a simple user interface
needs development. No
code scripting tools for creating topic pages and
distributable content modules needs to be developed.

User Manuals
. Two user manuals need to be written
one for code
development, one for administration and

Next Step
: Get a working copy of the existing CMS established in development
space accessible to Clarkson. *

*We are buried in our main fundraiser this week; it will be next week before
Bill can work on this. He will either make a download
able package in
SourceForge, or provide the code by email. It needs some directory structure
work before it is portable. It should be ready for your folks to work on during
the first week in November. Let me know if this is OK.

Dale Hobson

NCPR Online