Day 2 Wednesday 18 April 2012 Session 6 BIOGRAPHY Anthony Gagliardo, Director Technical Training Support, Office of Technical Training, FAA

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Wednesday 18

April 2012

Session 6


Anthony Gagliardo, Director Technical Training Support, Office of Technical
Training, FAA

Anthony (Tony) Gagliardo leads the Federal Aviation Administration Air Traffic
Organization’s Technical Tr
aining Support Directorate, where he guides efforts to
modernize and transform training for the Federal Aviation Administration’s 20,000
air traffic controllers and technicians. Gagliardo focuses on integrating new
technologies and best practices to improv
e air traffic operations in addition to
directing training technology infrastructure, content design and architecture, quality
assurance and metrics initiatives, contract programs, and simulation strategy. He
also works with military and private institutio
ns to enable efficiency advancement to
private entities. Last fall, Aviation week selected a program he oversees, Air Traffic
Control Optimum Training Solutions (ATCOTS), as a 2011 Aviation Week Program
Excellence finalist.

While at Northwest Airlines Fli
ght Operations, he managed several key departments
including In
Flight Training units, where he designed and developed training for
pilots and flight attendants and established the first enterprise delivery of web
based training for them. He introduced and

helped build the mainstream use of
distance learning and simulation for Northwest as well as the initial curriculum and
training in a Learning Content Management System (LCMS) environment. Gagliardo
also developed the initial LCMS
based training in antici
pation of the delivery of 787
Dreamliner. He helped establish and deliver curriculum that attributed to the
successful merger of Delta and Northwest, including the design and development of
Delta Air Lines Flight Operations Training, as part of the Researc
h Advanced
Qualification Program and Development Group.

Prior to that, he guided an aircraft contract field team for Boeing and was a lead
aviation technician for Lockheed
Martin, where he supervised electricians and
avionics technicians in the avionics
modernization retrofit of the C
5 Galaxy cargo
aircraft. Gagliardo is a certified Airframe and Powerplant mechanic, and he is an
active pilot with both civil and Air Force experience.

Gagliardo has spoken at numerous events hosted by organizations, inclu
American Society for Training and Development (ASTD), Women in Aviation, Asia
Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC), and Tanker Airlift Association. Topics included
recommendations for outlining technical training support and integration of UAS
logy; professional development of junior aviators through ab initio programs;
Presidential support and US military involvement in cost saving measures across the
taker airlift.