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Website Requirements


Chirag Suthar
, Account Manager Viteb


Ron Robinson, President ABARIS Consulting


November 8, 2011

Priority One

Newsletter Development & Distribution

My first requirement is to have the newsletter templates for the Not for Profit (NFP) and Public Service
& Government (PSG) Sectors completed and working within iContact. Please ensure that you use the
images from the PSG main page in the header and
I wil
l send along a new
image for the NFP header.

The documents which comprise the content for each of the newsletters

attached. Each newsletter
will have a main article, secondary article, management tools and economic report. Please use the first
few s
entences of the main article and secondary article as the wording on the actual newsletter. Please
cut off the wording as you need to so that it fits within the defined space within the newsletter. Upon
review of the draft newsletters I can make changes
to the wording as necessary.

The content from the newsletters should be loaded on the various sections of the website so they can
be linked to from the newsletter, i.e.


Articles should be loaded on the Thought Leadership page for each Sector


Management Too
ls should be loaded on the Tools page for each Sector


Economic Report should be loaded on the Tools page for each Sector

This will require minor updating of these pages. He titles of the documents can be used to as the
description of the document
. As pa
rt of the newsletter template could you please incorporate the
option of “forwarding to a friend”.

Once the draft newsletters have been approved by me I will need to have you distribute them.


Priority Two

Website Changes to Archive the Newsletters

ith the newsletters now complete and sent out the following changes need to be made:

Add a newsletter page within the Resources section for both the PSG and NFP sectors (similar to
the PC newsletter page)

Add the Fall 2011 Newsletter for each sector to the
ir respective pages so that someone can read
the newsletter and access the articles

For the NFP
pages please use

the same image that was used for the header of the NFP
newsletter (i.e. the new image provided).

Priority Three

Update Subscription Link on

the Website

With the newsletters now archived on the website we need to update the ability for people to subscribe
to the newsletter. As such the iContact subscription needs to be put on the website and replace the
existing Joomla subscription link.

lso, the page that comes up when you click the “Newsletter” words
on the bottom right of each page needs to be updated. This is essentially a subscription page that
allows someone to sign up to any of the newsletters. In updating this page please get rid

of the category
“newsletters” and keep the other three options, PC, NFP and PSG. Please use a simple design.

Priority Four

Basic Website Changes

With the work for the newsletters complete there are a few changes needed to the website.

Please update th
e Not for Profit Header image. This image is located on the:


Main page

both static and rotating images


NFP Sector main page



NFP Sector

Project Summaries page

Case Studies page



NFP sector

Thought Leadership page

Tools page