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John Smith, V
ice President

Joe Gentry, Secretary

Elaine Keel, Treasure

Eric Bindner


August 23
, 2012

Date: August 23
, 2012


Facilitator: John Smith

Recorder: Elaine Keel

On call
: Jerry Donley, Joe Gentry,
Megan Greene, Elaine Keel, Dan Pierce, Patrick Rizzo, Rich
Schornstein, Don Sinclair, John Smith

Guest: Jed Conforth


Business Development

John Smith called a teleconference to discuss issues with the website and website proposals

Once all
had copies of the proposals, John asked Megan to read the following from the Raesoft
Technologies p

As Is

The current website and email system is hosted on Go
- This system though convenient,
creates a few challenges for USATF
CO in term
s of flexibility, growth and maintenance.

1. The website is developed using Joomla, an open source web development tool and interface.

Joomla is limited in terms of its functionality and design capabilities, leaving the design and website
maintenance te
am with limited and time consuming options regarding site maintenance and support.

2. The current email hosting for USATF
CO utilizes the basic Go Daddy offering of 25 MB of email
capacity for five email boxes and addresses. This offering is significantly

inadequate, and increasing
the mailbox size and amount of email addresses constitutes a significant monthly fee, in addition to
the website monthly hosting fee.

3. Document sharing and storage are consequently out of the question with the current limite
d email
storage and capacity. In addition, there is no file and document
folders functionality to store any
documents with the current system.

4. The means that growth for USATF
CO in terms of increased website features, functionality,
storage, and members’ participation are limited without a significant outlay of financial resources.

John Sinclair refuted the


ing that the
system the association has
in place
has the ability to do what the Raesoft proposal is offering. H
e went over several items to
reiterate his point. He suggested that the proposals
be tabled until the new board i
s in place.



said he
was in agreement

with Don

on almost all points. He was concerned about the
substantial cost

when there was functionality

and wondered why the association was even addressing
this. He


the association

find a webmaster that was able to utilize
what the assoc
has in place and best serve the association/customers. Pat
rick Rizzo wondered if we have all these
who’s capable of managing them and
why aren’t they being utilized. Rich asked who
the current webmaster is
. John asked t
o continue with the comments and then the webmaster concern
would be addressed. Jed Conforth

USATF Business Development manager joined the meeting. John
left it open for the board to address Jed with questions that they had about the system that the
nal office offers to associations.

Questions were asked about the system, its capabilities
, start

and fees
. Jed named the following associations for the board to review their sites: New York,
North Carolina, Florida, Ohio, and Indi
ana. Jed also expl
ained advantages of nationals system in
terms of registration for meets. Questions were asked about the
associations’ commitment to the
urrent webmaster.

There is a one year contract, in which 4 months have been served, paying $350 a
month. Raesoft is the

Webmaster. John suggested that he could go
Raesoft to see if he would be
able to work with the national program as it is the most cost efficient. John was asked to send a copy
of the webmasters contract to the secretary as there was none on file.
wanted to poll the people
to see if they wanted to consider the national proposal

as the future website for the association
Elaine suggested that we
should be asking if we want to
change websites, then
we discuss

we would


As this
was not a board meeting, the board members on call felt that
they would feel more comfortable tabling the proposal and discussing it at the annual meeting,
September 23, 2012. As Tania Pacev
LDR chair, was not able to be on the conference call, she sent

email to the board to be read on the call.
Don Sinclair made a motion to table the item until the
September 23

annual meeting and make it an agenda item. Rich and Patrick both seconded the
motion. The motion was carried; 6

yes (Rich S., Megan G., Elain
e K., Don S., Dan P., Patrick R.),
and 2 no (Jerry D., John S.,). Dan asked that John find out what it would take for the association to
get out of the contract with the current webmaster. It was also recommended that the proposals are
sent out
to the memb
ership for consideration. Rich reiterated that John would contact the current
webmaster for options to void the contract beginning the 1

of October and get a written proposal
from USATF. John wanted clarification on whether he is getting information for
the webmaster to
t the USATF system or to void

his contract.

Figures are wanted from the webmaster for all
possible options: keeping current system with or w/out him, or with the USATF proposal. Rich asked
about the webmasters obligation for postin
g items. John says that he is posting by the week but on a
system that has problems.
There is discussion about the current system; fix it or go with something


made a motion that the meeting be adjourned. Don seconded it.

Proposals attached:

Raesoft Technologies