Drupal Theming: Make Your Drupal Site Responsive with Omega

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Designed for those who want to make existing Drupal sites responsive as well as those setting
out to build new Drupal 7 sites, this workshop will introduce the Omega base theme. Basic
knowledge of the Drupal building blocks (regions, blocks, views), HTML and CSS will be assumed.
During the workshop, we will cover:
• Installing Omega
• Creating your Omega SubTheme
• Overview of Regions and other settings in Configuration
• Stylesheet logic (mobile first)
• Advanced options including template overrides
• Other good responsive base themes to consider
• Designing for Responsive
• Testing responsive sites
• Drupal 6: What is different and how to handle it
This workshop is free and open to all UCSB campus employees. Registration is limited to 45
participants. Pre-registration is required. Sign up online at https://learningcenter.ucsb.edu
(log in with your UCSBNetID and search for "Drupal"). For more info: webstandards@ucsb.edu.
Rain Breaw Michaels has been building websites since 1998, and is
now the principal Project Manager and User Experience Developer
with Cherry Hill Company. An active member of the Drupal
Community and well-known trainer, Rain has taught web
development at Colleges and Universities across the country, as well
as presented at DrupalCons, camps and user groups. Her web
development work runs the gamut from large NGO sites such as the
League of Women Voters of California to sites for state and local
libraries and small businesses.
Friday, April 12, 2013, 9 am-12 noon, EH&S Training Room
Instructor: Rain Breaw Michaels, Cherry Hill Company
Drupal Theming: Make Your
Drupal Site Responsive with Omega
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