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The infrastructure required to develop and host websites and web-based applications has grown in scale and complexity.
Managing unpredictable spikes in demand, dealing with service attacks, deploying new and updated applications, and coping
with high volume are just a few of the web-related challenges facing IT teams today. Without a fully-automated infrastructure,
companies can find it difficult to keep pace with demand.
Scale-out web operations involve the process of automating web infrastructure to deploy new and changing services in a
cost-effective manner, while meeting peak demand with no downtime or interruptions in service.
Opscode Chef enables web teams to automate the infrastructure powering their websites. Automated infrastructure
makes it easier for high-volume websites to dynamically provision and de-provision infrastructure on demand to keep
up with volatile peaks in traffic. It also enables new services or features to be deployed and updated more frequently
with lower risk of downtime. An automated web infrastructure frees up time for your IT staff to focus on innovation
and growth rather than routine administration.
Your Challenge
What are Scale-Out Web Operations?
Opscode’s Solution
Opscode Chef enables website infrastructure to
respond to elastic demand.

Implement High-Performance Operations Functionality
Build Repeatable Infrastructure
Increase Infrastructure Management Operational Efficiency
Take Advantage of Scalable Infrastructure Management as a Service

Scale in/out or up/down
to handle fluctuations in

Take advantage of new
infrastructure providers
offering better latency and
cost structures without
expensive rewrites

Using one Chef results
in simpler and more
economical management
and maintenance of

Pay only for what you use
through a SaaS model

Enable rapid deployment

of new applications

Easily add disaster
recovery and business
continuity attributes to
your application service

Integration with major cloud
providers such as Amazon
EC2, Rackspace, HP Cloud,
Google Compute Engine,
Joyent Cloud, and others.

Accelerate time to market
by getting up and running

Short convergence intervals
enable near real-time policy

Rebuild or move an entire
production infrastructure
from bare metal, source
control repository, and
data backup in minutes

Run the equivalent of
thousands of totally
isolated independent
environments at once from
a single Chef instance

Hosted Chef maintains an
industry-leading service
level agreement (SLA)

Access a large library of
pre-built community-based
cookbooks and recipes
Key Features Enabling Scale-Out Web Operations
“We see peaks of traffic particularly when new games are announced or there are
video game expos, like E3. During these times, our traffic will dramatically peak.
We used to have to combat that by hand-building web servers to deal with that
capacity a month or so in advance. With Chef, we’ll be able to grow that pool in an
organic way.”
- Ryan Creasey, Principal Systems Engineer, IGN
“It is a business imperative of Rhapsody to deliver a seamless music
experience to our subscriber base and requires that we manage nearly
300 different application server configurations in order to stream a music
catalog of more than 11 million songs to dozens of different devices.
Utilizing the Opscode platform has turned our greatest operational
challenge into an operational advantage.”
- Paul Vandegrift, Director of Vendor and Partner Management, Rhapsody
“Prior to Opscode we were working off an old school managed hosting system. As
we made the decision to begin leveraging Amazon Web Services, we realized we
needed a solution that would not only allow us to automate our infrastructure and
scale our business, but also enable us to take advantage of the elasticity that
Amazon Web Services provides.”
- Grant Rodgers, Software Development, GoTime
We Can Help
You Get Started
The Opscode Services Practice can
help you get started on implementing
an effective scale-out solution
for managing your websites. Take
advantage of our deep experience in
deploying and managing Chef across
large-scale systems spanning tens
of thousands of servers. Our team
of experts offers on-site consulting
services, infrastructure assessments,
deployment plans, cookbook
development, best practices, training,
and more.
Opscode is the leader in cloud infrastructure automation. We help companies of all sizes develop fully
automated server infrastructures that scale easily and predictably, and can be quickly rebuilt in any
environment, saving developers and systems engineers time and money.
1008 Western Avenue, Suite 600,
Seattle, WA 98104,
P: 206.682.7928 / E:
Hosted Chef
Opscode’s Hosted Chef combines
the freedom and flexibility of
Chef with the reliability and
speed of Opscode. No matter
how complex the realities of your
business, Hosted Chef makes it
easy to deploy servers and scale
applications throughout your
entire infrastructure.
Private Chef
The power and speed of Opscode.
The freedom and flexibility of
Chef. Completely customized for
your business. You’ll have total
control of your infrastructure and
your data, as well as a team of
experts at your service, leading
you through every infrastructure
automation challenge.