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Social Entrepreneurs Site - Extensive Opportunities - The Magical World of Marketing and Advertising

Marketing and Advertising The Magical World

Ok, so I’d like to try and put together this article to help those of you out there who are at the
Marketing and Advertising stage of your business or personal endeavors and are overwhelmed
by all various methods available in today’s economy. After doing my own research I noticed
there is tons of fragmented learning material on the web when it comes to trying to figure out
what form or type of Marketing and Advertising strategies we should use for our products and
services. I have found that creating lists with a few guiding paragraphs really helps when trying
to think your way through a complex system or procedure. Since there is no right or wrong way
to approach your Marketing and Advertising strategy, just as there is no right or wrong way to
start a business I instead provide you some bullets to consider. This will allow you an easier
method to determine what type of Marketing and Advertising may work best for your Products
and Services.
In 2008-09 we noticed peoples patience for Marketing and Advertising has gone down
significantly, if you look at the time spent on online ads it shows online shoppers want instant
gratification, instant information and instant speed to market for the products they want. In 2010
there will be no change in this condition, more efficient and effective Marketing and Advertising
will be needed to gain the attention of an audience that has become accustomed to bypassing
the tons of advertising messages they see on a daily basis. You need to help them find exactly
what they want, when they want it and how they want it, whether through social media
channels, interactive media, Offline advertising etc. Novel ways of getting attention will be
needed that can simultaneously match the customer with what they are looking for in a timely
and affordable manner. Being today's economic condition has been dismal, the effect will be a
more frugal and scrutinizing customer, so the marketing and advertising must be that much
more effective.
What is Advertising
First and foremost you need to keep in mind Advertising is a method of association for People.
Advertising appeals to something very basic to all of us. It appeals to our Emotions and to our
Fears. To elaborate, if we really tear things down to the very basic human elements on why we
buy what we buy it comes down to our emotions. This includes sex drive, the herd instinct,
desires such as health, happiness, fitness, appearance, self-esteem, sense of belonging,
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Social Entrepreneurs Site - Extensive Opportunities - The Magical World of Marketing and Advertising
reputation, social status, identity, adventure, distraction, reward, boredom. From a perspective
of fears it comes down to our fear of illness, weakness, loneliness, neediness, uncertainty, the
prospect of actual or perceived pain, basically all that makes us human. This would also explain
why a monkey isn’t running to the store to buy the latest brand name sweaters or to the
dealership for that nice 2010 black Escalade with chrome wheels ;D. Modern day marketing and
advertising has been very efficient at translating human relations into commodity relations
driving what we call capitalism.
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What is Marketing
Marketing is a way to increase brand recognition, Increase customer leads, Increase sales,
Increase Visibility, Increase awareness, ensure company remains relevant , stays on top of
trends(lifestyle trends, technological trends, economic trends, government trends). It is
important to also include measurable results against what you intend to accomplish.
Benchmarking and adjustment is a never ending process in both marketing and advertising.
Traditionally it is an accepted process to consider the 4P’s of marketing:
Product - Being a product, service or idea
Price - What is your pricing strategy
Promotion - How will you introduce, promote or create awareness for your product
Place - Distribution, how will you make your products accessible to customers
Target Customer
Ok this one is obvious, however you need to perform actual research to find out who your
customers should be, or if you have customers get a better understanding of them. Sometimes
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Social Entrepreneurs Site - Extensive Opportunities - The Magical World of Marketing and Advertising
a highly successful advertising campaign can tell you who your customers really are, and it can
also tell you who they are not, and this can be pricey. It is best to get as many un-bias opinions
of your product or service as possible. Trade shows are great places to gauge interest in a
product or service. You want to go where you think your customers are and try and get
feedback. It is hard for the owner of a company to objectively determine the price of his/her own
creation so outside feedback is a must. If you cannot get substantial feedback to support
decisions it would be a good idea to pay for comprehensive research in the marketing segment
you want to target to ensure there is actually a buyer base and demand for what you are selling.
Not doing this can prove very expensive. More importantly, after becoming profitable, never
assume your customer base will remain the same, there are constant fluctuations in individuals
and groups in a society and economy. Staying in close connection with your customers,
continuing to look for new customers and encouraging feedback will ensure you remain
Direct OR In-Direct Advertising
First we need to determine if direct or indirect Advertising would be best for our product or
service. Indirect Advertising can be accomplished through many of the Mediums and Channels
described below and can normally be considered a quantity over quality for prospects you may
attract. And the other side of that coin is Direct Advertising. Normally more research is required
in Direct advertising, however represents quality prospects over quantity by looking for
customers who are looking for what you’re selling. Which of these two methods is best will
depending on the various factors, constraints and resources of your Marketing and Advertising
campaign as well as your product or service?
Direct OR Indirect Marketing
When it comes to Direct or Indirect marketing this typically applies to Products more than
Services but can apply to both. Direct Marketing is when your Business Marketing, Advertising
and Distribution channels are aimed directly to the customers. Indirect Marketing is when all or
a portion of your Business or Entities Marketing, Advertising and Distribution for products and
services is aimed at an Interim Business or Middle Man who then deals with the customer
causing and In-Direct relationship between the end user of your product or service and your
Business. At times Indirect Marketing may streamline your Businesses distribution lanes
allowing a company to focus on core competencies. Depending on business structure and the
product or service provided may call for a Direct Marketing approach and closer relationship to
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Social Entrepreneurs Site - Extensive Opportunities - The Magical World of Marketing and Advertising
the customers.
Relational OR Transactional Customers
This is a very important decision and one commonly overlooked when creating marketing and
advertising campaigns. You must distinguish between what type of customer you are targeting.
Whether they are Relational or Transactional customer or in some case both. Depending on
which type you are targeting will guide you in determining the most ideal Market segmentation
breakup and which Advertising method would be best. In a nutshell a Relational Customer is
very critical when deciding on products or services. They tend to prefer quality products and
services and will be lifelong customers. They are willing to pay for the quality you may provide
and base their decision to buy on ideals, customers service and a strong brand more so than on
cost. They tend to form a relation with your Business which is why they are considered
relational. Your Transactional Customer is an impulse buyer, they tend to be more focused on
cost and immediate gratification and convenience rather than quality or service. They tend to be
temporary customers with no loyalty to a brand or company. Quick sales and promotions tend to
catch the eye of a Transactional customer. While they may not seem like the type of customer
you want, your product or service or Advertising technique may lend itself to attracting these
types of customers and they can still be very profitable.
Market Segmentation
How you break down or Segment your customer base will have a large affect on your overall
decisions and strategies for Marketing and Advertising. Again, the products or services being
offered, resources, constraints and competition should all be considered as well as any other
criteria that may sharpen the focus on the type of customers you are trying to isolate and target.
You may have to try several different breakdowns or arrangements with the segmentation below
to determine which segmentation method may be more valuable and profitable to your
Geographical – Considers Region, County size, Population Density, Climate
Demographical – Age, gender, family size, education, income, occupation, religion,
Psychographic – Personality, lifestyle, values, attitudes, temperament
Behavioral – brand loyalty, usage rate, readiness to buy , perception about
Technical Segmentation – Motivations, usage patterns, attitudes about technology,
standards of living
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Social Entrepreneurs Site - Extensive Opportunities - The Magical World of Marketing and Advertising
Marketing Sub-Groups and Strategies
Although Marketing has many, many forms, below are some of the sub-categories you may also
want to consider when building your Marketing and Advertising campaigns.
Grassroots Marketing
– This form of direct marketing aims to get as close as possible to the
actual customer base and listen and learn what it is they demand, their likes dislikes and
feedback as it relates to your business and or for deciding on what product or service they are
in need of.
Network/Affiliate/Multi-Level Marketing
- Aims at creating a Viral Pyramid effect attracting a
large scalable sales force of people who are not necessarily organic to a company.
Niche Marketing
- Form of Direct Marketing in a very narrow field allowing a company to target
specifically a particular customer base focusing energy and resources on this particular Niche.
Business to Business Marketing
– Direct Marketing aiming at finding a customer base made
up of other businesses as opposed to simple customers.
Cause Marketing
- Marketing riding the wave or driving the wave behind a movement or cause,
such as the recent “Green Movement” focusing on customer based on their involvement in the
Guerrilla Marketing
- A non-conventional form of Marketing utilizing time, energy and
imagination instead of money. It is aimed at getting maximum results from minimal resources.
Usually involves grand and creative PR Stunts and generates lots of “Buzz”. Great for startups
on low budgets
Stealth Marketing
- Undercover Marketing technique aimed at gaining “Buzz” around a product
unsuspectingly by allowing a Celebrity for example to “Get Caught” innocently and believably
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Social Entrepreneurs Site - Extensive Opportunities - The Magical World of Marketing and Advertising
enjoying using a product or service thereby creating a following and encouraging a product or
service to gain Viral status.
Differentiated Marketing
-Focuses on creating an image for a product or service that may or
not be novel or different however creates an image that differentiates itself encourages
customers to purchase based on its unique image. Also this strategy may involve selling an
existing product or service in a different Advertising Medium and through a different Marketing
Ok, so Online Advertising is our first main section on Advertising. It is very fast and very fast
changing. Trends in the online Advertising arena can be effective today and gone tomorrow. SO
this is why it’s important to understand how the basic forms of online advertising works so you
can understand in what ways they will interact for better or worse with your product or service.
More than likely you will end up using a large mix of each method or medium. So let’s get
Search Engine Marketing
This includes Search Engine Optimization (SEO) or Optimizing your
website so It meets coding criteria and requirements by search engines such as Google, Bing,
MSN and Yahoo to easier find, categorize and offer your site to those who may be interested in
your site. This is known as trying to get natural and organic traffic to your website. Other things
that affect your sites Organic traffic generation is how many other quality sites are linking back
to you, the length of visits to your site, returning visitors, uniqueness of the content you provide
on your site, proper HTML coding, how up to date your most recent content is and overall
usefulness to visitors.
Along with SEO is Pay Per Click (PPC) and Pay Per Impression (PPI). This differs from
generating Organic traffic and instead you can opt to pay a search engine such as Google a fee
for assisting your to generate traffic to your site. PPC and PPI allows you to create a Graphical
or Text based ad that Google will cycle through its huge ad network. It’s ad network breaks
down into two main categories, ads Google displays on the side of its search engine page and
the larger network, and the ads its show’s on other peoples websites known as contextual
advertising. Other people agree to have Google ads which may include your businesses ad on
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Social Entrepreneurs Site - Extensive Opportunities - The Magical World of Marketing and Advertising
their website, in return when someone clicks your ad and is sent to your website, Google pays
the owner of the website that was hosting your ad a small amount. You on the other hand must
bid for the key words that your ad will be shown with. For example, the key word “New Garden
Chairs” may cost you $.75 so that your ad is displayed when someone types in this Keyword in
the Google Search bar. So you are paying $.75 for every visitor to your site, this is PPC. The
other form is PPI, Pay per impression, which will charge you a set fee based on your key word
selection and charge you for displaying your Ad on their networks. Typically the charge is small
for 1000 impressions and you charged regardless if someone clicked your link or not. Pay Per
Click  on the other hand is only paying for results or customers who actually clicked your ad and
made It to your site. Both can be equally effective.
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Affiliate Marketing
– Affiliate Marketing makes use of a Pyramid effect caused by Affiliates
recruiting other affiliates to increase their commissions. This model has been proven to work
very effectively. Basically put, you as a marketer are encouraging others to sell your product or
service, in return they receive a cut of the commission. Along with this you can provide them a
percentage payment for the sales generated by the affiliates they brought into your affiliate
network. This creates a hierarchy or pyramid effect causing your affiliate network to continue to
expand. Your affiliates will then begin referring people both to your product and encouraging
them to join your affiliate network. It can be a very cost effective, viral way to market your
product or service. Downside is you do not have complete control over affiliates and how they
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Social Entrepreneurs Site - Extensive Opportunities - The Magical World of Marketing and Advertising
may advertise your product/service and it creates an additional layer between your company
and the end user. However, all in all Affiliate marketing is a great and proven, highly scalable
marketing model. Below I’ve included links to leading Affiliate/Vendor sites allowing you to sell
other people’s products for a commission or list your own products and services for others to
sell. The first link is to a leading software based Affiliate program you can install and manage on
your own server. It works well and can easily handle your Affiliate program if you chose to go
this route.
(commission junction)
- Really Simple Syndication (RSS) is a method of compacting, packaging
and aggregating your latest content, articles or blog posts into a data feed to others. You can
think of it as status updates in MySpace or Facebook, except its status updates for your website
not for you. This is allows readers a convenient way to skim through all your article headlines at
once if they would like or aggregate feeds from various sources to include your site. It is a great
way for readers to keep up with web sites with very frequent posts. You can advertise within the
feed itself or you can also sell the feed to others if they would rather use your content instead of
making their own and most importantly you can get readers to subscribe to your feed so they
always know the latest articles or content updates from your site. Feedburner is a Google
website to manage, aggregate, monetize and advertise your RSS feed, it also compiles
important statistics regarding your RSS subscribers. Google RSS Reader is similar to an email
manager however manages your feeds and can handle large streams of RSS content from
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Social Entrepreneurs Site - Extensive Opportunities - The Magical World of Marketing and Advertising
various sites in a very coherent way allowing a reader to very efficiently read through
information and content. In the information age this is very much in demand for readers.
Rapidfeeds is a site to help you generate an RSS feed if you do not already have the capability
built into your website. RSS Owl is a downloadable program with advanced RSS management
Social Sites
-Social sites have become a modern tradition in today’s marketing and advertising
space, it’s where we can build what’s referred to as the “YOU” brand by personalizing a small
piece of the web and sharing this presence with others on the website. There are social sites for
various niche interest and can quite addicting to the users of these sites. This is why they are
not only great places to advertise with text and banner ads, they are also great places to join
and build your business presence online and create brand awareness through the site. It also
puts you in touch directly with potential customers and you can use this to gauge interests in
various products or services. This form of advertising can be done either quickly or slowly.
Quickly, you can pay for ad placement on some of the social sites which offer it. Slowly, you can
invite others to network with you and join your friends or contact list within the site, build report
and create a strong following and then begin to push products and services. Or you can do a
mix of all these, you can create an account to build awareness, Socialize and let others get to
know the people behind your business and do direct ad marketing. Most importantly, typically
joining is free! The only downside is it takes time to maintain a profile and relationships with
those you network with on the site, and it can be quite addicting taking away from other more
important priorities.
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Social Entrepreneurs Site - Extensive Opportunities - The Magical World of Marketing and Advertising
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Social Media Bookmarking Sites
– Similar to Social Networking sites these social media sites
are Hybrids. They are both a Social Networking sites and a site to Rank, categorize, organize
and present Information that is of interest to each individual. You can for example put together
or actually create a collection of your favorite online video clips, your favorite articles and
favorite pictures in a way that creates a very personal perspective. This can be for
entertainment, for informative purposes, to support a cause that is of interest to you or just to
share the information resources you’ve compiled for others in the community or website to
consume. This can be a very good place to advertise by bringing awareness about a particular
product or service on a website that presents content that has all the built in sharing and ranking
mechanisms in place so others can share  and help you create a “Buzz” around the information
provided. IE: if an Article or video about a particular product or service gains lots of Positive
ranking or feedback more and more people in the community will want to see it and share it or
add it to their collection. Most of the sites below are Authorities across the entire web, you can
think of them as websites with users who will grade a piece of online content. If it is good, you
will know and your reward will be your content gets shared, and viewed by many. If it’s bad the
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Social Entrepreneurs Site - Extensive Opportunities - The Magical World of Marketing and Advertising
opposite is true.
Auction Sites
- This of course is a more direct method of Marketing and Advertising. You can
generate sales by combining other methods in this article with Auctions, for example leading
someone from your blog, website or social site to your online Auctions. Auction sites
themselves have built in mechanisms to advertise and market your Auctions. EBay for example
can send thousands of views to whatever you may be auctioning. While EBay discourages
blatant advertising for anything not related to doing business on EBay it can still be used to
provide a source of traffic to other products and services you may have. The fact thousands of
people may view your auction within a few days period creates lots of potential for further sales
and more advertising and up-sales. You can think of Auction sites like mini-markets. It’s a self
contained economy within the site where you can advertise, buy and sell to those within the site
for a particular product or service. While most businesses do not conduct business solely on
EBay or other Auction sites they are great places to add another dimension of customers to
your business.
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Social Entrepreneurs Site - Extensive Opportunities - The Magical World of Marketing and Advertising
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Website/Storefront/Ecommerce site
- Almost all mid-sized and even most small size
businesses today have a website or storefront. Just like online Auctions your website includes
your business in the Online market place. So you can do business in the real brick and mortar
world as well as the Online virtual world. Online your business is represented by a website,
storefront or Ecommerce site and can be just as effective as opening a shop on the side of a
curb. Website can be used for various aspects of your marketing and advertising campaign from
making online sells to providing informative articles about your product or service. It can be
used as a funnel online where all the various forms of advertising focus your customers. It is
almost a necessity in today’s highly connected world if you do not intend to use any of the other
forms of websites described in the online section. Compared to social sites Websites and store
fronts serve different purposes, they are not to socialize randomly, they have a more direct
purpose, that may be closing sales, keeping statistics on sales for use in adjusting marketing
and advertising, building awareness, collection customer email lists for follow on advertisement
and so on and so on. The costs of a good website vary from a few dollars to a few thousand,
however there are some open source free ways to create a professional website as well. One
such way is using an effective Content Management System (CMS) called Joomla with Joomla
you can build and maintain a website yourself, and was built around the process of making it an
easier process. Websites can dramatically lower your overhead costs by streamlining customer
and business to business interactions. Where normally you need an employee and a cash
register who can only work at certain times, you can have an automated system that works 24/7
and can accept payment and deliver a product in most cases for a much cheaper cost.
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Social Entrepreneurs Site - Extensive Opportunities - The Magical World of Marketing and Advertising
Classified Sites
- Classified ads are very common, I won’t get too in depth with this form of
advertising as it is fairly straight forward. You can choose to post an ad in a very wide reaching
Classifieds site or a local classified site to more narrowly target individuals by Geographical
location. Being the cost of online classified ads being very low, it can almost always help you
drive more eye balls to your product or service. This in turn can greatly increase the chances of
making sales. It can also be used for straight forward informative messages as well in some
cases. For example you can advertise the advertising instead of advertising an actual product or
service. IE Today there is a clearance sale today only, come one come all :D
Blog Networks and Blogging
- Blog networks and blogging is similar in some respects to
creating a website, however blogs typically do not come with the large back end and
multi-functional responsibilities as a company website. They are simple, Blog stands for Web
Log, later shortened to B-log, which is a log of content chronologically ordered typically with an
archive section and category section for your content and a Blog roll. Blogs again like websites
can be used to let the customers get a sense for a business, provide customers latest
information about a product, build brand awareness and much more. Typically blogs have
what’s called a Blog Roll, or other recommended Blogs. This is just how the tradition started
with Blogs and has stuck, so by nature blogging encourages networking among other blogs. By
actively building network connections with other bloggers you have the potential to target
customers and readers of blogs in different Niche’s as you see fit. This can be important as the
other blogs you connect with will drive a different kind of traffic and readership you may not
have gotten otherwise and can send potential customers your way that may prove profitable.
You can recommend products or services other Blogs are pushing and in return they may post
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Social Entrepreneurs Site - Extensive Opportunities - The Magical World of Marketing and Advertising
a positive review of your product or service on their blog with a link back to you. Some blogs are
seen as Authority figures in their Niche and if they recommend something this has potential for
huge reward. Some blogs are more mechanical, business like in nature, others are more laid
back and try to capture the Companies Atmosphere in the writing. Which style you use all
depends on what kind of image you would like to portray your Company in. As a tip, normally
customers feel comfortable knowing there are real genuine people behind an intimidating
business front, people like “Real”, so most successful blogs come across in this manner.
Emotions, opinions and the like are allowed to show to a certain degree. This helps your blog
readers truly connect to your business on a more personal level.
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- Forums are excellent places to advertise. While most hate spam and blatant
advertising on their Forum communities there is a professional way to participate in Forums that
can lead to a steady and growing number of customers. When you create a Forum Profile it can
contain more detailed information about your company, links to your products and services and
the like. However you can’t simply post spam on the forum message boards, you need to
actively participate in the conversations and provide valuable feedback relevant to the topic you
are discussing. With every post you are typically allowed a signature block that can contain a
quick link to your website and what you’re about. However the key to Forum advertising is
selecting a Forum with the customer base you would like to attract and actively and consistently
participate in the discussions on the forum. This will bring you more visibility from other forum
members who will want to view your profile or follow the links in your signature block. If you
establish yourself as an authority on a particular subject, say, selling race cars and partake in
lots of race car discussions on a Race Car Forum, you will more than likely generate a lot of
traffic from your Forum discussion to your Race Car Sales website :]
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Social Entrepreneurs Site - Extensive Opportunities - The Magical World of Marketing and Advertising
Newsletter/Email Marketing
- Yet another low cost way to find new customers and generate
repeat business. Newsletters and Email marketing is an excellent way to keep your previous
customers coming back by letting them know about new products and services. Unlike website,
blogs and social sites where a customer needs to visit you, Newsletters and emails are that
subtle little reminder on the customer front step letting them know about new products and
services they may be interested in. As they say, it’s cheaper to keep an existing customer than
to find a new one. However Newsletters can also be used to find new customers. Sometimes
people will subscribe to a newsletter if they feel it contains information relevant in helping them
make a decision to buy. You can put a “Sign Up to Our Newsletter Free” area on your website
and allow them to hook themselves per say. Or you can provide a small incentive or free gift if
they sign up. Some in the business refer to these as Squeeze Pages, or pages that convince
people who may have skimmed by your website to provide their emails or subscribe to a
newsletter for a reward so you can work on convincing them to purchase other products in the
future via their email inbox. Today Newsletter and email management programs are all over the
place and highly effective. They can gauge which newsletters generated the most clicks or
sales, which emails were deleted, which were read and many other valuable statistics that can
help you sharpen and expand your Newsletters and Email marketing campaigns.
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Social Entrepreneurs Site - Extensive Opportunities - The Magical World of Marketing and Advertising
Video Marketing
- Believe it or not Videos are a very powerful method of advertising. You
should take lots of thought on how to create your video to capture the attention of those you are
targeting. By nature people view videos as a form of entertainment as much as informative. It
helps if you do not bore your audience, you need to be captivating and strike their imagination
and emotions in your video. Everyone wants to see you, the good the bad and the ugly, they
want to know who they are doing business with or who wants to do business with them. Aside
from providing them the information they need to make a decision on making a purchase or
looking further into your product or service you must ensure you include a strong call to action
with various ways they can contact you, phone, email, website, order form etc. Since videos
activate both our visual and hearing senses it makes it a much more powerful and memorable
advertising medium. Depending on what you are selling you will want to pay great attention to
the length of your video message. For example when trying to target a Transactional customer,
you should aim to build excitement and encourage an impulse buy by stressing price, limit time
offers etc, you cannot be too lengthy, it needs to relay the pertinent information in the right tone
with a strong call to action as not to bore the viewer. However, when marketing to a Relational
customer base you can allow the video to lengthen and provide more details. Tone of voice,
body movement, word choice and most criteria when dealing face to face should be observed in
your video. Stressing your tone of voice and using words that are evocative in nature can also
improve your video. Today there are tons of video websites, however my personal favorite Is
YouTube. It provides such a huge demographic of viewers on its site it leaves you lots of
options for customer targeting. However, at times a more narrowly focused video site may be
better for you. The goal of course is finding the most viewers, and better yet, viewers who will
be responsive to your message or can be persuaded by your message.
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Social Entrepreneurs Site - Extensive Opportunities - The Magical World of Marketing and Advertising
Article Marketing
- Article marketing is a way to drive traffic to your website, build awareness of
a product/service or cause. E-Zine articles are a perfect example of Article marketing, whereby
you produce a relevant informative article for the E-Zine website and they will allow you to post
a link for your personal website. The E-Zine website gets a valuable sought out piece of content
to increase their readership which allows them to price their advertising higher, you get an a
post on an authoritative website with a large readership which will translate to some visiting your
link to your personal page. The article was what linked everyone together. Other forms of Article
marketing include creating an article with built in Advertising mechanisms. Say you can type a
research paper on how Entrepreneurs get to work in the mornings and offer it as a free
download on your website. Inside the article content can have promotions and links to relevant
products you may provide, say a Scooter targeted to Entrepreneurs wanting to participate in the
“Green” movement. You can also follow the conventional route of using in Context advertising
described above in the Search Engine marketing section and include ads within the article text
itself that links to a product or service relevant to the article and customer base. If you wrote a
persuasive style article on why you should buy a Scooter from an Entrepreneurs perspective
and had an ad that linked to where they can get a great deal on a scooter you have a strong
chance that article may generate a sale if you provide this article to an Entrepreneur by either
free download, or with other free incentives they may want. And lastly the good old fashioned
way of selling articles on an as is bases. Meaning you have a high quality Article that can
command a price and you sell it, the reader can download it only after payment or can only view
a portion of the article and must pay to view the rest.
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Social Entrepreneurs Site - Extensive Opportunities - The Magical World of Marketing and Advertising
Mobile Phone Marketing
- This is a fast moving new Marketing direction. You will see in 2010
and beyond Mobile phones will begin to play a larger and larger part in our lives than they
already do. They are moving from being a phone to being a small personal computer that can
give us directions, look up sports scores, review hotels and restaurants, reach search engines
such as Google, make calls, keep ups connected to those we love, create social media in the
form of video and pictures and so much more. With the creation of the I-phone and Android and
other smart phones Mobile marketing will begin to play a much larger role. Currently the
technology is moving too fast for Marketers to take full advantage of this avenue, however rest
assured the time is near when a marketing model is developed for accessing and monetizing
customers through their phones. One such successful campaign was Apple I-phones sell of
music through its I-Tunes division. This is one new way in which music can now be conveniently
downloaded and listed to where ever you are for an economical price of .99cents per song.
Eventually other products and services will follow suite and larger purchases will be available
through our phones. Keep an eye out on this marketing strategy, it has been around a while and
is just starting to get hot now that technology is catching up to our smart phone demands.
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Network Gaming
- This is another new trend starting to emerge. Where in the past gaming
systems went from an individual gaming entertainment system, moving to multi-player console,
to today's highly advanced systems such as your XBOX 360's, Playstation3's and PSP-Go.
These new consoles are highly networkable, they can be linked to countless players across the
world who can enjoy gaming on a globally connected level. Currently this market is seemingly
untapped by marketers. However where you have a large group of people, especially on any
kind of social network you have potential for advertising and marketing. Currently gamers have
been a highly profitable market even throughout the recent downturn in our economy. Gamers
conduct voice chat, text message and compete against each other or participate with online
community mulit-player games. Sometimes there are as many as hundreds of thousands of
gamers in an online virtual world mulit-player games. Again after someone creates a successful
model for tapping into this potential market should prove successful.
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While there are many forms of Online Advertising there just as many Offline Marketing
strategies. You should aim to include a mix of both on and online advertising methods to bring
even greater results. Below you will find a short list of common Offline Advertising methods
ranging from very cheap to very expensive, broad based advertising to very narrow based
targeting. I will not get into too much detail as to which method to use because there is no
wrong way. I will leave this part up to your own scrutiny on which may prove most beneficial for
advertising your particular product/service. I hope the basics provided above were enough to
help you come to an easier decision.
Newspaper Classified Ads
Rack Cards & Brochures
Local Papers & Gazettes
College Campuses
Event Marketing
Celebrity Marketing
Hold an Artistic Event
Hold a Music Event
Hold a Charity Event
Prize/Raffle and Giveaway contest
City Street Banners & Billboards
Movie Theaters
Vinyl Signage on Cars/Windows
Business Cards
Distributing CD/DVD units
Viral word of mouth
Comic Advertising
Creating Brand and Logo Awareness
Creating Brand Popularity
Maintaining and Improving Company Reputation
Participating in Community Activities
Creating and informing others of a Company Slogan
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Create a Movement or Support a Cause
Up-Sell products and services
Improve all lines of Communication
Cold calling and Call backs
Seasonal Greeting Cards
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