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How to hide the article at the home page in joomla 2.5
Asked by
on 2013-05-02T08:38:03-04:00
How to hide the article at the home page in joomla 2.5?

Some times you want to have your home page with out showing an empty article.

Best Answer
Answer by
on 2013-05-02T08:38:18-04:00
That is not a problem if you dont have any specific background in your template.

Otherwise you can use jquery to hide the div that contains the main body.

You can add the folowing java script to your template index.php before the tag

In this sample i also want to make active the page forum thats why i am using a switch insted of if.

var j = jQuery.noConflict(); var currentPage =
; switch (currentPage) { case '/':
j('#rt-mainbody').hide(); break; case '/forum': j(".item213").addClass("active"); break; }

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