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eBay & eCommerce
Tools & Services Guide 2012
By Chris Dawson & Dan Wilson
Editors of Tamebay.com
Copyright 2012 Tamebay
All rights reserved
eBay & eCommerce Tools & Services Guide 2012
247 TopSeller
Amazon Third Party Merchant Services 2012
Channel Advisor
Dzine Hub
eCommerce Website Design & Management –
247 Topseller
Genie and the Geek
iWoCa Ltd
justtemplateit & Adlister
Lucid - Sellernet
Luzern Technology Solutions Ltd.
Nventree & Fusewave
Magento design and e-commerce services
from We are JH
PayPerParcel & Just Ship It
Rakuten Group Marketplaces
The Wholesale Forums
WidShops by createyourtemplate
WordPress Design & e-commerce Services
from We are JH
Auctane ShipStation
ChannelAdvisor Catalyst Conference -
Dzine Hub
Fulfilment by Amazon: You Sell It, We Ship It
eCommerce Made Easy with Amazon
Improve Conversion with Checkout by
InterCultural Elements
Gold Listings
Linnworks Express
Parcels Please
Price Spectre
Sell Internationally with Sell On Amazon
Sage 50 Accounts
Quantity Manager

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eBay & eCommerce Tools & Services Guide 2012
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eBay & eCommerce Tools & Services Guide 2012

Tamebay is the UK’s foremost eBay and ecommerce blog. It was founded in 2007 by Chris
Dawson and Sue Bailey, two British ecommerce professionals who, between them have traded on
eBay for over two decades, and have more than 70,000 positive feedback comments (and just 2
Chris and Sue met on eBay UK’s PowerSeller forum and by October 2006, both had become
frustrated with eBay’s inability to keep their users informed of new features on the site, with
the impenetrability of eBay’s help pages, and with the lack of a UK and Europe-centered news
site for all things ecommercial. In a moment between classes at eBay University, Dan Wilson
said what were to be fatal words: “you need a blog”. Tamebay is the result.
In 2011, over 70,000 readers visited the site each month making Tamebay one of the best places
on the web to keep up to date with everything eBay and to network with fellow eBay
professional sellers. Over the years, the focus of Tamebay has expanded to cover other
ecommerce marketplaces such as Amazon and others. And to also provide information news of
relevance to all ecommerce professionals.
Sadly, in August 2011, Sue Bailey died. We were overwhelmed by the messages of condolence
and support we received from Tamebay readers all over the world. Sue’s husband and family
expressed how much comfort they took from the warm and heartfelt sentiments and memories
so many people shared. We miss Sue every day but Tamebay lives on. We would like to dedicate
this second edition of the Tamebay guide to her memory.
As an eBay business grows there becomes a need to simplify and automate many of the day to
day tasks you will be undertaking. Everything from listing an item on eBay, printing and
posting your sales, managing your customer communications and expanding your eBay business
onto other marketplaces, your own website, shopping comparison sites and using paid search
can be done manually.
Many of the tools in this guide are little known apps which can make a huge contribution to the
way you run your eBay business. Others are better known, but you may not have had time to
fully investigate the products and services they offer. We’re confident that there is something
for everyone in this guide.
Looking forward to 2012, we predict a bumper year for ecommerce despite the global economic
crisis. We’re also looking forward to developing Tamebay into an even more useful resource
for ecommerce SMEs everywhere. In particular, we’re pleased that Dan has agreed to come on
board as co-editor.
Thank you to all the companies who have supported this guide and also Tamebay over the years.
And many thanks to all you readers who make Tamebay what it is with your many comments and
tip-offs. We couldn’t do it without you.
For the very latest eBay and ecommerce news don’t forget to visit us at tamebay.com.
Best wishes
Chris and Dan
eBay & eCommerce Tools & Services Guide 2012
About Chris Dawson
Chris Dawson has been trading online for nearly ten years, specialising in selling second hand
computers and accessories. He is a Top Rated Seller with broad experience in business. In 2006
he founded Tamebay with Sue Bailey which has since become the number 1 online resource for
ecommerce SMEs. He is a well known figure on national and local media and has spoken on the
airwaves and printed page about issues regarding eBay related matters.
Aside from selling online, editing Tamebay and caring for a strangely aggressive cat, he also
consults for businesses, big and small, on getting the most from eBay and ecommerce. His
no-nonsense practical advice and expertise is highly sought after from clients including sole
traders, big retail businesses and PR agencies all over Britain.
To contact Chris about his consulting work, email him via chris@tamebay.com
About Dan Wilson
Dan Wilson was part of the team that founded eBay in the UK whilst still an undergraduate at
the London School of Economics in 1999. He worked for the company until 2006 and served
variously as Community Manager and eBay University tutor. He is also the best selling author of
Make Serious Money on eBay UK, a book about selling on eBay.
Since 2006 he has freelanced as a copywriter, internet marketing manager, social media and
ecommerce consultant for dozens of organisations including BT, PA, vzaar, MyDish.co.uk, Upad,
the NHS and the Labour Party. Dan lives in Brighton and blogs personally at wilsondan.co.uk.
Connect with Tamebay
To find out more about advertising on Tamebay on this page or by contacting Chris directly.
Don’t forget to connect with Tamebay on social media:
On Twitter: @tamebay
On Facebook: search for Tamebay.
To contact Tamebay, you can visit this page:
eBay & eCommerce Tools & Services Guide 2012
247 TopSeller

247 Topseller are a recognised Solutions Provider for eBay, Amazon, Pixmania and Play.com.
We are an integrated eCommerce specialist and can offer everything a retailer needs to be
successful online under one partnership.
We specialise in tailoring our solutions to a retailer’s specific needs, completing bespoke
integration where required to ensure a completely connected approach to eCommerce.
Introducing our Multichannel eCommerce System…
We have developed an innovative Multichannel eCommerce system, hosted on the Amazon Web
Services Cloud Computing infrastructure. It is quick, stable and above all easy to use.
If you are requiring bespoke integration with EPoS, external order systems or product databases,
we are best placed and will use our best practice knowledge to tailor the perfect solution.
The system can meet the needs of multichannel sellers to large scale retail brands. It has been
designed and built to ensure it can be used and understood by warehouse operatives to IT
professionals and analysts. Using our system ensures you can effectively manage and control
your product range and stock across multiple marketplaces:
• Amazon (USA, UK, France, Germany, Italy, Spain)
• eBay
• Play.com
• Pixmania
• PriceMinister
• Your own Amazon Webstore or eCommerce website
By using one simple data format retailers can easily add, edit and remove products and update
stock information across all sales channels.
Using our system ensures that as your business grows across different marketplaces stock is
controlled from one central area so you don’t oversell and you carefully manage customer
expectations to avoid high order defect rates or negative feedback.

eBay & eCommerce Tools & Services Guide 2012
The order processing feature integrates with all major courier systems for seamless order
management. At the click of a button you can:
• Print picking lists
• Prepare customer invoices
• Submit order information to Royal Mail and all major couriers
• Print shipping labels.

• Submit shipping confirmations back to all marketplaces with tracking details
Our proven system and bespoke integration where required will increase the efficiency of both
pick and pack operations and customer services handling.
For customers using our multichannel eCommerce system we offer full access to our
powerful Amazon re-pricing tool:
1. Set your maximum and minimum price or target profit margin range for each product
2. Our intelligent software will assess competing product offers on Amazon
3. It will automatically undercut or match the price based on the rules you set
4. Price change information is submitted back to our Multichannel System
We are also able to take into account the shipping charged by competing offers, significantly
increasing your visibility and sales on competitive Amazon products.
Did you know?
247 Topseller also offer professional eBay store and listing template design. We take our
knowledge of best practice from working directly with the eBay development teams to offer
design functionality that will help you sell more. Our designs fully integrate with the data you
provide to our multichannel system for the easy creation of new listings. Growing your
eCommerce business quickly is easier than you think.
Let us do the hard work…
We recognise that a potential online retailer may have a fantastic range of products and a viable
eCommerce business plan but little time or resource to grow and manage it to the next level.
Rather than bear the unnecessary complications of hiring the right people or choosing the ideal
solution – consider our fully managed service. We have a team of experts on hand who
understand multichannel eCommerce inside-out and can help in consulting and designing the
perfect business plan.

eBay & eCommerce Tools & Services Guide 2012
Our services include:
• eCommerce Business Planning
• Marketplace Listing
• Customer Services Handling
• eCommerce Website Maintenance
• Search Engine Optimisation
• Search Engine Marketing

Should you have any questions or would like to discuss the best options for your eCommerce
business, please contact us via email at enquiries@247topseller.co.uk or speak to one of our
team by calling 0208 439 9568
We look forward to hearing from you.
eBay & eCommerce Tools & Services Guide 2012
Amazon Third Party Merchant Services 2012

Amazon Services Europe – the fast and easy route to growth at home and abroad.
Amazon prides itself on its wide selection, attractive prices and great customer experience.
These core principles drive Amazon’s business worldwide. Amazon’s vision is to be earth’s most
customer-centric company; to build a place where people can discover anything they might
want to buy online. Amazon customers everywhere should be able to get access to a superb
selection, great prices and customer experience.
Amazon offers a suite of services to allow local businesses to extend their reach to millions of
customers across Europe and worldwide, utilising Amazon’s infrastructure and years of online
retail experience so minimising fixed cost investments for sellers. Through Amazon’s EU
Marketplace platform, Sell On Amazon allows sellers to sell their products to customers through
Amazon.co.uk, Amazon.de, Amazon.fr, Amazon.it and Amazon.es sites. When a customer
purchases from an Amazon third-party seller on an Amazon site, Amazon handles transaction
processing and fraud protection, and sellers can choose to either fulfil orders themselves or use
Fulfilment by Amazon (FBA), where Amazon takes care of order picking, packing, delivery,
customer service and returns handling. FBA allows retailers to make use of Amazon’s world class
fulfilment infrastructure. FBA products listed on Amazon.co.uk can be purchased by millions of
customers in Europe by being exported by Amazon on the seller’s behalf to all EU member states
and for media products even to the rest of the world. With FBA’s recently released Export for
Multichannel option, Amazon can take care of delivering orders originating from your own or
other third party sites in the UK to customers throughout the EU.
“The key to being successful online is having the right selection at the right price, with the
right delivery and customer service,” said Sacha Wilson, senior manager FBA at Amazon.co.uk
Ltd. “FBA can help retailers grow their businesses by offering a window to EU customers and
providing world-class delivery and customer service. For items delivered in the UK, customers
benefit from Free Super Saver Delivery and Amazon Prime on FBA orders and can combine their
Amazon and FBA items in a single cost-saving order. Retailers benefit from building their brands
and expanding their businesses whilst adding the credibility of association with the Amazon
As well as Selling on Amazon and FBA, Amazon also offers ecommerce solutions through its
Amazon Webstore service. Webstore is a comprehensive, full-featured ecommerce platform that
enables sellers to build and operate profitable, own-branded businesses online at a low cost of
operation, leveraging the strength and reliability of Amazon’s infrastructure and transaction
processing systems while building and maintaining their own brand.
eBay & eCommerce Tools & Services Guide 2012
Additionally, sellers who have their own websites can also benefit from Amazon’s technology and
expertise by integrating Checkout by Amazon, the payment service provided by Amazon
Payments Europe.
Checkout by Amazon enables millions of Amazon customers to purchase securely on another
retailer’s website using their Amazon account credentials and without re-entering their delivery
and payment information. Checkout by Amazon helps sellers to gain new customers and increase

Amazon Payments Europe S.C.A., partnership limited by shares, is a company registered in Luxembourg,
Registration Number B 153 265, with its corporate office at 5 Rue Plaetis, L-2338 Luxembourg. VAT Number LU
24448288. Amazon Payments Europe is authorised by the Commission de Surveillance du Secteur Financier as an
Electronic Money Issuer (licence number 36/10).

eBay & eCommerce Tools & Services Guide 2012
Sell more. Sell better.

Brightpearl is a cloud-based system that unifies your sales channels with your back end
business functions. It manages your inventory, orders, customer interactions, and even
your accounting in real-time, across all your online and offline sales channels. For online
sales, Brightpearl has pre-built connections for marketplaces, such as eBay and Amazon* and
integrates to your existing online store or website platform like Magento. For in-store sales,
Brightpearl has an EPOS solution.
With Brightpearl all your orders and inventory are kept in sync so you know exactly where your
business stands across all your sales channels and inventory locations. It helps you keep track
of orders and ensures you never sell more than you can deliver - making it easier than ever to
achieve and maintain Top Rated Seller status.
And because Brightpearl comes with a built-in, full double-entry accounting system, all your
incoming orders, payments and inventory flow right through to your accounts. That means
instant profit and loss reporting and VAT returns completed in minutes.
With Brightpearl you reduce manual data transfers between systems and you have greater
visibility across your whole business at the click of a button.
Brightpearl tracks new leads from your (or a partner’s) website and helps you sell more to your
existing customers. Track customer history, statuses, interests and purchases and send targeted
email communications and offers through a seamless integration with email marketing platforms
like MailChimp. Use Brightpearl to turn one-off purchases into repeat buys from loyal
“It’s an amazingly complete system-- it runs our whole business. And now there is only ever one
place to update prices, customers and stock”, Richard Auden, Lush Longboards
eBay & eCommerce Tools & Services Guide 2012

Brightpearl benefits include:
• No set up fees, nothing to install, connect to your existing eBay store in minutes.
• Web based software so you can access from anywhere, on any device - PC, Mac,
Laptop, iPad or Smartphone.
• Ties all your business functions together - from your sales channels to your back end
business processes, including inventory control, CRM, sales order processing and full
double-entry accounting, ensuring every penny is accounted for.
• Greater collaboration and real-time visibility for employees, business partners and
• Shipping Integration with key carriers (coming soon).
• Improved back-end processes helping you provide more efficient fulfilment and service
to your customers, in turn improving your seller feedback ratings.
• Multi-channel integration across retail stores, websites and marketplaces (eBay,
Magento available now, *Amazon coming in 2012).
“Brightpearl just makes everything so simple”, Richard Hall, Dick’s Climbing
Brightpearl features include:
• CRM – Store every interaction you have with a contact from phone calls, emails,
meetings, invoices, sales, or financial payments.
• Website & Ecommerce – Best of breed Magento shopping cart software to power your
online presence, plus marketplace connectors for integration with your eBay store.
• Ecommerce API - connect your own online store to Brightpearl back end using our
RESTful web services.
• Point of Sale – Streamline your in-store selling with our EPOS console, automatically
updating stock levels so you no longer need to stay late for stock takes.
• Stock Control – Keep track of your stock wherever you are, plus easy re-ordering when
levels are low to ensure you never miss an order.
• Sales Order Management – for easy tracking, fulfilment of orders, back orders and
refunds, including powerful reporting and data export.
• Purchase Order Processing and Drop-ship - for accurate, auditable communications
with your supply chain as well as tight integration with inventory.
• Accounting – Collaborate with your accountant, directly in Brightpearl. All your sales
and orders automatically recorded as they happen for easy reporting at the click of a
• Helpdesk – Improve your customer service with our servicedesk module to help you
communicate with and gain feedback from customers.
Solutions start for just £69/$99 a month per concurrent user, with flexible contracts and
payment options. Find out more at www.brightpearl.co.uk/tamebay. Plus, you can try the
software out for free, for 30 days.
eBay & eCommerce Tools & Services Guide 2012
“A comprehensive and customer friendly system that gives us complete visibility”, Gareth
Austin-Jones, Cocorose
Brightpearl helps small business retailers and wholesalers become more efficient, sell more and
be more profitable Through providing web based business management software, Brightpearl
ties together your business functions and alleviates the headache of transferring data across
systems, leaving you to focus on selling more.
“We recommend Brightpearl as a tool that can certainly grow your business”, Issak LeBel, Oak
Furniture Solutions

Find out more and sign up for a free 30 day trial at www.brightpearl.co.uk/tamebay
eBay & eCommerce Tools & Services Guide 2012
In the world of eCommerce, there is one goal... to sell boxes (and more than you did last year!)
That’s where Cargobox come in because that’s what we do. And we do it well. (Our mums said
so!) Not only that, we’ve done it so well that no-one has ever heard of us!

As much as we would love to spend the rest of this page explaining to you how we have a
‘bespoke solution’ which operates on a ‘multi-channel’ level and how we ‘add value’ to your
existing business through ‘scalable solutions’ ....we just can’t because to be honest, our
buzzword dictionary is propping up the coffee table in our office so we’re afraid you’ll have to
read that stuff on all the other pages in this guide and apply them to Cargobox!

In the meantime, we offer the following description of what Cargobox as a company offer...

Cargobox sell inventory for client companies. (Sounds simple when you say it quickly) To achieve
this, we’ll work with clients in whatever capacity is required (we’re nothing if not flexible) but
in our hearts, we are first and foremost a ‘full service provider’ when it comes to outsourced

This means that we gladly handle everything from warehousing, pick, pack, dispatch, customer
service, returns and anything else you can think of within the eCommerce process. (And
probably a few things you didn’t think of, like free gifts for every single buyer....)

We operate logistics from several warehouse locations in the UK, Ireland and wider Europe
which allows us to offer access to marketplaces and paying customers right across European

Cargobox is founded on several core principals, (and I wouldn’t want to bore you by listing
them all here!) but suffice to say that for the purposes of this article, one of those principals
that stands out is that we have a very real “commitment to continuous service and experience
design”, and through this we aim to become one of the most innovative 3rd party eCommerce
service providers in Europe.

Our commitment to this service and experience design is evident in the fact that we have
invested heavily in our customer service operation which is UK based, and because we love what
we do, we make the majority of our customers incredibly happy.
eBay & eCommerce Tools & Services Guide 2012

This is vital because at the end of the day, those customers are shared customers between
Cargobox and our client company because it’s our client’s brand (along with our own) that we
are representing whenever we sell a product.

For all our (apparent!) fooling around – we cannot stress how incredibly seriously we take this.
Tangible proof of this is that our lifetime feedback is 99.9% positive.

I’m not sure any other channel management company can claim the same thing..... In terms of
what we sell, we pride ourselves in not specialising in any specific product areas like many other
channel management companies – basically, ‘if you can’t eat it, we’ll sell it!’ (As long as it’s

Generally this equates to any FMCG products but we’ll try anything once!
For example, we are currently working with Consumer Electronics Manufacturers, Clothing
Retailers, Car Manufacturers, Coffee Roasters and we even sell a Solar Powered, Waterproof,
Talking... Bible (yes, really! – And people love it.)

In many ways, Cargobox have slipped under the radar in the world of managed eBay (and other
channel) services. But that will change in 2012. (The founders wife says it has to or she’s chang-
ing the locks!) So while the founders wife has been plotting her escape, Cargobox have signed
up several blue chip companies as clients throughout Europe (to be revealed in Q1 and Q2 of
If you’d like to have a chat with us about joining our growing list of clients and helping
persuade the founders wife not to lock him out of the marital home, then please feel free
to drop us a line at sales@shopcargobox.com or give us a call on 0845 0000 578 (but please
bear in mind that if you do call, we LOVE to talk so leave plenty of time!)
So, now you know what Cargobox do (minus the buzzwords), all that’s left is for you to meet
some of the customer facing team....
Needless to say, in our office, we have a team of exceptional (hand-picked) people whose goal is
to make our customers (and each other) smile...

If we do this, the rest will take care of itself. And here they are: (No pictures though, we don’t
want to scare anyone!)
Rogues Gallery:
John Davies | Founder & Managing Director Tel: 0845 0000 578 | Mob: 0751 0000 578 |
email: john@shopcargobox.com
Imagine the scene: a cold damp university flat, a tatty sofa, no money and a shelf load of books.
Decision taken to sell the books on a website called eBay. All sold. Decision to sell friends books
on eBay. All sold. Decision to sell neighbours bits and bobs on eBay. All sold.
eBay & eCommerce Tools & Services Guide 2012

A degree, a masters degree (yep, avoiding work for as long as possible!), a job, a wife, two
children and one business award later, Cargobox was born. From the tatty sofa to the boardroom
it’s a several year over-night success!
JD, as he is affectionately known as in the office, is the sole founder & MD of Cargobox.
Handsome, charming, intelligent and witty (hopefully that’s the pay-rise sorted – Clara!) he
sleeps, eats and breathes Cargobox.
Clara O’Callaghan | Customer Experience Manager Tel: 0845 0000 578 | Mob: 07435 764 855
| email: clara@shopcargobox.com

Two days from starting her own business Clara discovered Cargobox... fell madly and deeply in
love with the concept - whereupon a marriage made in heaven was born!
As creator of the ‘Monday Meeting’ - Clara is all about figures, results and plans... in the role as
the chief Customer Experience Manager for Cargobox, Clara’s responsibility is to make sure that
everyone is happy... which she does by... er... telling everyone they are happy! (We know better
than to ‘argue’!)
Lover of the Volkswagen Caravelle ‘Van’ and er... Children (Mr. O’Callaghan put his foot down
after number four! – Ed.) Clara is the voice customers hear when they have a question or a
problem.... thank goodness because due to the daily responsibility of ‘managing’ four sons (and
a husband), Clara is what is known in the customer service industry as ‘unflappable’!
OK... to the tune of the Ghostbusters theme! If you have a problem, who you gonna call.....

Tony McAllister | Sales Manager Tel: 0845 0000 578 | Mob: 07837 266 559 |
email: tony@shopcargobox.com

As an old-fashioned salesman, “Tony is the ‘cheeky chappie’ that all men want to be and all
women want to be with... “ (I knew it was a mistake asking Tony to write his own ‘bio’.) As
the first employee of Cargobox Tony pretty much makes it up as he goes along, never does as
he’s told and generally gives it the “well without me you would still be working in the living
room....” speech!
History graduate, self confessed Liverpool FC nut and general all round good egg, Tony is our
resident (and first) ‘business development manager’. In this role, Tony is on his travels meeting
people constantly and is the first face of Cargobox that our clients see.... oh dear!
Please feel free to give any of us a call if you’d like to know more about Cargobox. (Or even if
you just want a chat!) www.shopcargobox.com
eBay & eCommerce Tools & Services Guide 2012
Channel Advisor
How to measure your success on Amazon and eBay

Knowledge is power. The more you know about your online performance the more capable you
are of fine-tuning your overall strategy for better results. The 4 tips below will guide you to
better understand how you measure up across all marketplaces, allowing you to seize
opportunities to improve your online performance.
Tip 1
Understand your Seller Rating and Reputation.
Globally, 87% of consumers are influenced by a retailer’s seller status. Being a trusted retailer is
important for attracting new customers and retaining long-time buyers. In order to be a better
seller, you need to be aware of your overall sales, top-performing products, any late shipments
and your product-listing status. Detailed reports like the one offered by ChannelAdvisor’s
Amazon 360 dashboard can give you an accurate account of your reputation on a daily basis by
tracking these crucial elements. Improving your seller reputation will improve your sales on
multiple marketplaces.
Tip 2
Identify your top-selling products.
Knowing which items are your “bread and butter” allows you to maintain consistent inventory
levels and relevant advertisements. In addition to making you a better seller, this type of
granular insight will help your bottom line. You’ll be able to spend more money ordering the
items that are known sellers, and prevent listing products that are unavailable, which can anger
buyers and lead to negative feedback scores (see #1). Keeping track of your sales and order
history will allow you to capture as much revenue as possible.
eBay & eCommerce Tools & Services Guide 2012
Tip 3
Compare yourself to retailers that win the Amazon Buy Box.
You may think these retailers have magical powers, but there are certain aspects that are taken
into consideration when retailers win the coveted Amazon Buy Box. If you take a look at the
retailers winning the Buy Box, you’ll realise that they offer the best overall buying experience.
This is accomplished through things such as competitive pricing, product availability, reasonable
refund rates, high order volume, low negative feedback and few A-to-z guarantee claims.
Balancing these essential factors will give your products added exposure.
The Buy Box Details:
ChannelAdvisor’s Factors to Win the Buy Box
Factor What Amazon Considers?Best Practices
Price What you charge for the
How much do you charge for
Low Total Price, including
product price and shipping
Availability How many do you have in
How quickly will you ship the
Quick and consistent
Volume Do you sell many of these
Refunds How often must you issue a
refund due to merchant error?
Low refund rate
Customer Feedback How do your customers rate
your service?
Low negative feedback ratings
(generally less than 5%)
A-to-Z Guarantee Claims: How often do you get
returns on your orders?
Low number of A-to-Z
Guarantee Claims
Tip 4
Know how you are performing on each marketplace, down to each individual product.
Dispersing your time and money evenly across eBay, Amazon, your webstore, etc. can be
unproductive and costly. You need to consistently evaluate your performance levels, and even
item performance, across all marketplaces in order to make the most profitable business
decisions. Comparing transactional data by date, week, month or quarter, and viewing sales and
trends across all marketplaces and your Webstore, is a guaranteed way to ensure that you’re
selling the right products in the right places.
eBay & eCommerce Tools & Services Guide 2012

Don’t feel like you’re behind the learning curve. ChannelAdvisor’s Marketplaces solution grants
you visibility into your marketplaces performance metrics in order to make you a better seller.
The ChannelAdvisor Cross-Channel Dashboard is a vital reporting feature that measures your
online operations across all channels and gives you the ability to drill down into each channel
to compare performance on eBay versus Amazon, for example. You can also look at how each
individual product is performing on each channel to determine where to list products to yield
the highest ROI.
Further, ChannelAdvisor’s new Amazon 360 feature hones in on your Amazon metrics such as
seller rating, top-selling products, product performance and Buy Box winners all from one
central location. Measuring your marketplaces success will reinvent your selling experience,
transforming you from an e-commerce student to an online retail master.
Learn more by downloading the ChannelAdvisor Marketplaces solution data sheet now.
eBay & eCommerce Tools & Services Guide 2012
+44 (0)161 408 0688
ChannelGrabber is a practical solution for any business that wishes to manage e-commerce
effectively through a single platform. We provide a flexible multi-channel service that can
be tailored to any need.
ChannelGrabber has a unique approach. Our solution sits between being a ‘turnkey’ solution and
a ‘bespoke’ solution. This unique approach means that by using ChannelGrabber as a base, we
will then build on to it in line with your individual requirements.
Inventory Management
• Automatic stock management for all your sales channels – ChannelGrabber will adjust
your stock on all channels when you receive an order or delivery
• Manage one inventory instead of several for each different channel
• Bulk import your products and listings directly from your sales channel or from .CSV file
• Change stock quantity and prices in bulk, either from a delivery, sending stock back to
your supplier or stock reconciliation
Listing Management
• Easily create completely new listings across multiple platforms including eBay, Amazon,
Play, Pixmania and many more to come in addition to your own webstore.
• Create listings in bulk using our .CSV listing tool
• Automatically translate your listings for free to use in international listings

Order Management
• Manage and despatch all your orders in one place and in the same way
• Fully customisable invoices
• Filter and search all your orders by date, price, country and status
• Have a database of all your customers details and use bulk email features
eBay & eCommerce Tools & Services Guide 2012
Q - Will I have to re-list my items that I currently have for sale online?
As part of your set-up we will import any live listings that you currently have on-line. This
ensures that you are required to do a minimal amount of administration and makes the
transition to ChannelGrabber quick and easy.

Q - I currently use a solution similar to yours and have received poor customer service and
slow response times. What level of customer service can I expect from ChannelGrabber?
Here at ChannelGrabber we appreciate that you are relying on our services on a day to
day basis. We promote the use of emails as we find we can assist better when using a
ticket system however we do provide a direct telephone number for customers.
Q - I am currently trading in the UK and need a system that will allow me to bring my
products to an international market. Will ChannelGrabber help me to achieve my goal?

We want our customers to be able to list their products in as many places as possible and
we can support all of the major international online market places. If you have
multiple sales channels, we can provide you with the ability to have them all easily man
aged in one place, with a single stock list, automated stock levels and a powerful order
management system.
Q - I am part of the Internet Retail 1000 group of online merchants. Is ChannelGrabber
suitable for me?

Premier ChannelGrabber account holders have access to a whole host of bespoke
solutions. We are able to offer you your own server dedicated to your services which will
host Sales Forecasting tools, an Enterprise Resource Planning System, Social Marketing
tools, fully integrated Webstore Solutions, Automated Purchase Orders and Warehouse
Mapping all encompassed within your ChannelGrabber account. You will have access to a
service implementation team and an account manager with the option of staff training if
required. We will of course endeavour to provide you with exactly what you need and are
happy to receive any enquiries regarding our services.
Webstores we have integrated with so far:
• EKMpowershop • Easywebstore • Shopify • Opencart
• Virtuemart • OSCommerce • Zencart • Interspire
• Joomla • Business Catalyst • Magento • BigCommerce
(Contact us if your webstore is not listed, we even integrate with bespoke webstores and
eBay & eCommerce Tools & Services Guide 2012
Testimonials for ChannelGrabber:

Arista Computers is a ChannelGrabber Account Managed Customer with:
• Multiple eBay, Amazon and Play accounts
• OSCommerce Webstore Integration
• Bespoke Work
“Having used ChannelGrabber for the majority of 2011 for our business aristacomputers.com,
I can definitely say that it was a great decision. ChannelGrabber has saved us many hours of
work each day, with a simple to use interface for managing inventory and sales. Whilst it may
not be all bells and whistles of other systems available, Daniel and his team have been nothing
but supportive of our suggestions over the year, with many being implemented specifically for
us. If you’re looking for a simple to use system, with a great price then I wholeheartedly
recommend you take a look at Channelgrabber.”
Jason Hawkins
Director of Arista Computers
Mayaz Footwear is a Standard Account Customer with:
• Multiple eBay and Amazon Accounts
• Interspire / Bigcommerce Webstore Integration
• Support for Multiple Variations.
“I joined ChannelGrabber more than a year ago. I had 100s of questions on my mind and I got
satisfactory answers to all of them, the self belief and confidence in them encouraged me to
sign up with them. The customer care from day 1 I have received has been excellent and I re-
ally felt that I am in safe and capable hands. I was one of the first users of listings with
“variations” and this feature was under development at ChannelGrabber at the time I joined,
within a short span of time all went smooth and now I am a user of multiple platforms which
are integrated with ChannelGrabber. There has been a continuous improvement in the system
and introducing new features making things simpler. I am glad I made the right decision and
joined ChannelGrabber. Thank you to all team members at ChannelGrabber for helping me all
the way to implement my business plans.”
Arsalan Khalid
Owner of MayazFootwear.co.uk
Feel free to contact us at any time.

Our friendly staff members are here to answer any queries you may have.
Why not take advantage of a one to one webinar demonstration where you can see
ChannelGrabber in action?
Call us now on +44 (0)161 408 0688 or email us at sales@channelgrabber.com
More information is available online at www.channelgrabber.com
eBay & eCommerce Tools & Services Guide 2012
The convenient and cost effective ‘Economy’ delivery partner for eBay
and marketplace sellers
About Collect+
Collect+ provides a simple, economical and convenient 3-5 working-day home delivery service to
addresses across the UK.
Using a nationwide network of over 4,500 convenience stores as parcel drop off points, by
visiting www.collectplus.co.uk you can:

1. Order and print off postage labels online from our easy to use website
2. Drop your parcels off at your nearest Collect+ store using our website store-finder
3. Track your sent items – from drop off to delivery – on our website.

As well as handling home deliveries, we are the trusted returns partner for over 100 retail
brands including ASOS, House of Fraser, Boden and Asda Direct. We’re growing fast and in the
past year have doubled our parcel volumes, meaning that we now handle over four million
deliveries and returns a year.
An easier way to send your parcels
Nearly all of our stores are open 7 days a week, early ‘til late, which means that our service is
built around your hours. In the last 12 months our stores network has increased to over 4,500,
meaning that there is a Collect+ store within a mile of most urban addresses, making our service
even easier to use.
With Collect+ you can say goodbye to waiting in for courier collections or trying to avoid the
queues – or the closed sign – at the Post Office. So whether you want to send something at 7am
on a Monday or 7pm on a Sunday, your Collect+ store will be open and happy to scan in your
parcels, ready for collection by our courier partner the next working day.
You can find your nearest store using our interactive map on our website or alternatively you can
download our free smartphone App (for iPhone or Android) by visiting either
www.collectplus.co.uk/iphoneapp or www.collectplus.co.uk/androidapp.
eBay & eCommerce Tools & Services Guide 2012
An easy pricing structure – perfect for eBay’s ‘Economy’ delivery option
We have three levels of pricing which are based on parcel weight and size and include online
tracking and £50 transit cover. Prices for our 3-5 working-day delivery service start at just £3.99
including VAT (as at January 2012) – making our service highly competitive and cost
• Jiffy (up to 2kg) £3.99
• Standard (up to 5 kg) £4.99
• Heavy (up to £10kg) £6.99
As long as your parcel measures no more than 50x30x30cm you can send all kinds of things with
Collect+. Sadly though, there are some we have to say no to, such as works of art, money,
glass, liquids, foodstuffs and hazardous goods.
*New for 2012 – take advantage of our integrated eBay service*
We are delighted to announce that we have partnered with eBay to offer an integrated service
that will allow you to select Collect+ as an economy delivery service when listing your items for
sale on eBay. You’ll be able to find us in the Economy Services section when you specify your
preferred P&P details. Just look out for the three ‘Collect+ Tracked’ delivery options.
You will also be able to buy and print off your Collect+ labels from within eBay once your item
has sold, making our service even easier to use.
Book your parcel deliveries from our easy to use website
From our website you can arrange delivery to any address – work or home – in the UK. It’s quick
and easy to book a parcel for shipping; in fact our customers say that the Collect+ website is the
simplest in the market. You can pay using PayPal or credit/debit card, and our prices start from
only £3.99 (inc. VAT), including online tracking and £50 transit cover.
To book a delivery, just visit www.collectplus.co.uk and:

1. Type in your buyer’s details
2. Select your parcel weight
3. Select your cover amount
4. Enter your payment details
5. Print out your label
6. Attach your label and drop your parcel off at your nearest Collect+ store
7. Track your parcel online
It’s that simple.
Booking multiple orders? Link your eBay Account.
To make things even easier you can link your eBay account to your Collect+ account too,
allowing you to automatically import your orders and download addresses. This will free you up
from the need to retype your customer’s details and save you valuable time,
especially if you have multiple orders to book in one go.
eBay & eCommerce Tools & Services Guide 2012
Easy tracking and peace of mind cover
Our free online tracking service ensures your parcels are delivered in line with eBay Buyer
Protection guidelines for items worth up to £150.

Whilst our prices include £50 transit cover as standard, you can choose to upgrade this to £300
if you need to – giving you the peace of mind that any buyer claims will be quicker and easier to
We’re here to help if you need us
We know that there will be times when you need to get in touch, so here are some useful
contact details for you to use should you need to:
• Collect+ website: www.collectplus.co.uk. Visit our website to find your nearest
store, link your eBay account, book a delivery, print a label, track your order or
return an item from one of our participating retail brands.
• Customer Support: 0845 2709888 or customerservice@collectplus.co.uk. Based in
Liverpool, our support team are here to help on Monday – Friday between 8:00 -
20:00 and on Saturdays between 8:00 - 12:00.
• Twitter: www.twitter.com/collectplus. Follow @collectplus to keep up to date with
the latest news and customer promotions. Tweet us if you have any questions or
queries and we’ll do our best to help.
• General queries: info@collectplus.co.uk. Contact us on this email address if you
have any general queries about the products and services that we provide.

eBay & eCommerce Tools & Services Guide 2012
Nothing is impossible - That is our attitude to eBay and website design.
Our designs are intuitive, funky and completely bespoke. No two are alike our designs are
unique. We offer integrated cross-selling, optimised user experience, multiple languages,
product filters and many more features, even for your eBay shop!
We offer other business related services such as marketing, social media, corporate and brand
design, managed service/fulfillment and ad-hoc business consultancy.
We are experts in cross border trade and help our customers achieve their business goals
through design and consultancy.
Case Studies
Passion4italianfashion chose createyourtemplate to design their eBay shop and listings to
provide a professional sleek impression for their customers. Along with eBay design we have also
created a great facebook experience for them with marketing assistance that led to a stable
growing fan base.
eBay: http://stores.ebay.co.uk/passion4italianfashion
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/Passion4italianfashion
For Mr Shoes we took their website design and went global on eBay covering home ground (UK),
France, Germany, Italy, Spain, Australia and the USA! Design translated to fit their country
specific eBay stores.
See many more case studies and examples on our website from all over Europe.
eBay & eCommerce Tools & Services Guide 2012
Dzine Hub
eBay design services
If you are trading on eBay, the first step to take your business to the next level is to
subscribe to an eBay store. The next is to get your eBay store designed professionally. At
Dzine-Hub, we give your eBay store a complete face-lift with a new, unique and custom
professional design.
The sales on eBay are driven through your listings. Your prospective buyers would search for
items on eBay and arrive at your listings. Therefore, it is imperative that you catch their eye at
this stage. Instead of plain boring text in your item description section, you now have the
option of having an entirely designed listing with a custom listing template, designed to suit
your requirements.
What you get?
With the eBay design base package at Dzine-Hub, what you would get is –
1. An eBay store design completely installed and integrated on your store. We would set
this up from scratch on your store, the functionality of which would not change a
single bit.
2. A custom listing template design submitted to you as a template file to use with your
listings, so that they may appear designed in eBay’s item description section.
There are “add-on” features that you can add to your package depending on your requirements.
Our designed templates are compatible with major selling tool applications like Inkfrog, Auctiva,
ChannelAdvisor, eSellerPro, TurboLister, Blackthorne, Linnworks, etc. If you are using one of
these seller applications, we can customise your template to work on the respective seller tool.
Why you need an eBay design?
Our designs focus on three basic factors –
Branding – A strong brand is invaluable as the battle for customers on the eBay market increases
by day. Time taken to create a brand, and then market that effectively is time well spent.
Branding increases your credibility with the customer & concretes user loyalty. A unique high
quality design helps in effective branding.
eBay & eCommerce Tools & Services Guide 2012
Interface – A bad design interface can discourage a potential customer from making a purchase
owing to the fact that the navigation is not too simple. A good interface can put the customer at
ease, with navigation made easy between store pages and other information. Our store designs
are not just good looking, we create a good navigation interface to make your eBay store more
Cross-Promotion - Another way of increasing sales / conversions is cross-promotion - let the
customer know what you feel might be of interest to them apart from the primary area of focus.
Creative banners and well designed promotion category boxes can communicate with the
customer more effectively.
Why Dzine-Hub?
Here are some of the reasons we have 500+ satisfied clients selling on eBay with our
professional designs –
1. Quality – At Dzine-Hub, we have a team of experienced designers who spend time on
each project assessing the best possible layouts and designs according to your
requirements. A top quality design can encourage a sale, while an amateur design can
do otherwise.
2. Service – We offer unlimited revisions on the design, something nobody else in the
business would offer. And why? Your acceptance of a design that is simply perfect for
you is of paramount importance to us – we do not stop revising the design until you are
completely satisfied.
We assign each client a dedicated project manager to liaise with during the entire
course of the project. All your project related queries will be answered promptly by
your project manager who is available on email, phone and Skype.
3. Speed - Time is money - we value your time! All your revisions during the project
phase would be efficiently handled within 24-36 hours on business working days, with
emails answered within the said time-frame. Our average time duration on an eBay
design project is about 7-12 working days.
4. Pricing – Given the quality, service, speed and efficiency in our work - our price is a
steal! If you do your homework on this front, you will find that choosing Dzine-Hub to
design your eBay store is a no-brainer! And here’s the cherry on top – we have NO re
curring fees associated with our eBay design project.
eBay & eCommerce Tools & Services Guide 2012
Our Clients Say
Given our service levels, pricing and professionalism, it’s no surprise we’ve got a 5-star rating on
the Auctionsoftwarereview site. Here are some excerpts of reviews –
“Dzine-Hub is a great service and highly recommended. Their design team had very quick
turnaround times to these requests. I have used a previous service before to revamp my listings
and Dzine-Hub blew my expectations out of the water. Their support was unmatched. Finally,
the price was just right!”
-Rich Vosko
“Dzine-Hub is an excellent choice when looking for eBay template design and setup. Their
professional and timely work, cooperative spirit, and through knowledge of the inner workings
of eBay and its associated providers make working with them a pleasure. Their great rates and
professionalism make them a first rate choice for any company - large or small.”
- Aaron Parnes
“I would like to thank Dzine-Hub for making our eBay store look unique and professional; our
new design stands out and looks leagues ahead of our competitors. It looks amazing and I’m so
happy my money went to professionals. I would like to thank Fahd for absolutely the best
communication and customer service I have experienced!”
- Justin Williams

“If you are wondering how to get your eBay store designed, the best choice you can make is to
hire Dzine-Hub to do it for you. Their support was amazing – they are extremely professional,
knowledgeable and efficient. They made the overall experience so easy that anybody could
design their eBay stores with them.”
- Nicholas Laird
To view our designs, you can have a look at our portfolio on our website. To have your eBay
store professionally designed or to know more on this, please get in touch with us –
E: sales@dzine-hub.com
W: www.dzine-hub.com
Ph: 0161 408 3726
Skype: dzine-hub
We would love to hear from you!
eBay & eCommerce Tools & Services Guide 2012
eCommerce Website Design & Management – 247 Topseller

247 Topseller are a recognised Solution Provider for Amazon Webstore and have developed
over 35 websites since the solution was made available to the UK in early 2010.
Amazon Webstore is a recognised eCommerce platform, taking the proven features and benefits
used in the creation of the Amazon website, making them available for development as part of a
seller’s own branded eCommerce website. As our development platform of choice Amazon
Webstore is feature rich, flexible, scalable and robust.
We are experts in the field of development, design and management of Amazon Webstore
projects large and small. Our ability to mix standard Amazon features with customised on site
tools ensures we can offer a website that meets customer expectations and requirements.
247 Topseller work closely with the development community at Amazon and participate in all
Beta trials for new functionalities being released. We ensure all new features go through a
rigorous testing process for smooth delivery to our customers.
Whether you are a large retailer looking for a robust eCommerce solution or a smaller business
looking to improve your online presence, Amazon Webstore in partnership with our knowledge
and experience is most definitely a solution you should consider.
Long term management and support…
Alongside ensuring an eCommerce website is compatible for all Web Browsers and new versions,
it is important that online retailers update, refresh and maintain their eCommerce websites on
a regular basis.
Using our expert knowledge and management we offer on-going website support arrangements
for our eCommerce customers in order to cover their specific needs. For a regular monthly fee
we will use a set number of hours to complete website update work and maintenance to ensure
you don’t lose out on sales and offer your customers a refreshed and updated website.

This may include:
• Front page banner changes
• Colour scheme editing
• Design skin changes
• Adding banners based on promotional activity
• Supporting significant product range increases
• Categorisation edits
• Product content improvement
eBay & eCommerce Tools & Services Guide 2012
Search Engine Optimisation & Online Marketing
247 Topseller recognise the importance of maintaining a website’s natural position in online
search. We have a dedicated Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) team who will analyse your
website on an agreed basis and edit keywords and content where required.
Our team will produce detailed reports, providing you with important intelligence relating to
keyword performances and the impact of any changes made.
We are also experts in managing affiliate and paid search campaigns and are Google AdWords
and Analytics certified. Outside the recognised methods of driving site traffic we will work with
you to find innovative solutions to increase your direct online sales.

This may include:
1. Integrating your website with Facebook.
2. Working and managing relationships with deal websites.
3. Delivering a mobile eCommerce website design.
Our attention to detail and innovative approach will ensure you grow your business profitably
and sustainably.
Should you have any questions or would like to discuss the best options for your eCommerce
business, please contact us via email at enquiries@247topseller.co.uk or speak to one of our
team by calling 0208 439 9568
We look forward to hearing from you.
eBay & eCommerce Tools & Services Guide 2012
Leading the Way in Integrated eCommerce Solutions

With the growth of Internet shopping there are increasingly more opportunities for
retailers to increase their sales and profits online. However, on the flipside the consumer
now has more choice and power than ever and can easily browse around for the best deal.
Online retailers need to look beyond their own website at other online sales channels in
order to attract as much custom and revenue as possible. eSellerPro offers a complete and
fully integrated solution for today’s online retailers.
eSellerPro is the first complete eCommerce ERP solution that integrates a retailers’ entire online
sales process, simplifying and automating tasks such as inventory management, product listing
and scheduling, sales order processing, payment and dispatch, customer communications and
accounts posting, saving time and money and leaving businesses free to concentrate on service
and customers. With eSellerPro, online retailers can seamlessly scale up operations, maximising
sales opportunities across multiple channels such as eBay and Amazon.
eSellerPro’s product portfolio includes:
Inventory and stock control – maximising and preventing overselling
With eSellerPro’s stock control functionality retailers can achieve complete control of all
inventory, efficiently distributing stock count across all chosen sales channels including eBay,
Amazon, and Play. In addition, features such as minimum stock thresholds for marketplaces
ensure that retailers have maximum exposure of all products as well as maximum protection
from overselling, reducing the risk of negative feedback.
Through more accurate stock levels across all channels, customers’ experience is enhanced,
meaning costs are likely to be reduced.
eBay & eCommerce Tools & Services Guide 2012
Key features of eSellerPro’s inventory and stock control tools include:
• Automated stock distribution
• Flexible rules for managing stock control across your online marketplaces
• Multiple channels and selling accounts
• Parent and child relationships (variation support)
• Auto repricing
• Bulk update and revision
• Barcode support (EAN/UPC)
• Kits and related product mapping
• eBay Auction, BIN and classifieds automated
• Multi-language and multi-currency support for international selling
• Automatic listing/advert creation
• Import/export available in Excel, CSV and XML
Marketplace management – accelerating sales across multiple channels
eSellerPro helps online retailers broaden sales opportunities and succeed in multiple
marketplaces. Using structured data, eSellerPro lets retailers create or upload content once,
but deploy it simultaneously across multiple channels.
The ability to amend all channels quickly and accurately, together with eSellerPro’s auto
repricing engines for Amazon and Play, rapidly improves both retailers time to market and
volume to market.
Accelerating content creation makes businesses faster than their competition, ensuring they win
share in chosen marketplaces and increase sales.
Channels supported through eSellerPro’s marketplace management tool include:
• Amazon (Including European unified account, FBA, and North America)
• eBay (including UK, France, Germay, Italy, Spain, Australia, & more)
• Pixmania (PixPlace)
• Play.com (Playtrade)
• PriceMinister
• Webshops (support for eSellerPro websites, and integration of third party websites via
the eSellerPro web-integration API)
Back office automation – streamlining the entire eCommerce operation
Integration with external systems
eBay & eCommerce Tools & Services Guide 2012
With eSellerPro, online retailers have the ability to integrate eSellerPro with existing legacy
systems that are in place. This can be accommodated through a variety of mechanisms

• Flat file exchange
• eSellerPro API
Typical integrations will automate inventory imports, sales order exports, shipping information
and integration to fulfilment centres.
Automated supplier feeds and drop ship suppliers
If an online retailer is looking to increase its inventory, eSellerPro can automate the integration
with suppliers it chooses (depending on the technology available). This will allow the retailer
to increase its addressable market, at a very low risk. This can be set-up for drop ship suppliers
and for Just In Time (JIT) suppliers. Retailers can also set-up automated pricing rules for these
suppliers. For example, per cent markups based on their cost price to the retailer. With this
whole process being automated, it means retailers are able to fulfil sales without the burden of
carrying the stock.
Automated PO
Online retailers can set-up flexible rules in the system that will automate purchase orders to
their suppliers, based on order trigger points which can be configured by the retailer.
Flexible marketplace inventory management
Online retailers can set-up different rules for different products or different quantities available
for products. For example, when an automated feed is taken from a supplier, a retailer can set
up different listing rules depending on the inventory a supplier has available.
A retailer can create very granular listing rules depending on the product, the suppliers or the
Flexible pricing management
Pricing rules can be automated depending on a retailers’ requirements. Online retailers can set
different sales prices for different seller IDs across different marketplaces.
Warehouse management
With built-in warehouse management, one or more warehouses in one or multiple locations or
countries can be mapped for immediate visibility of stock by quantity and location. Supplier
management offers various levels of control, from buying lists of stock below on-hand thresholds
through to fully automated reordering, including auto-fax or email of the PO.
By automating all the manual tasks within the business, it gives retailers more time to
concentrate on serving customers and enhancing profitability.
eBay & eCommerce Tools & Services Guide 2012
Key Features of eSellerPro’s back office automation tool include:
• Returns management
• Supplier management
• Purchase order production and automation
• Back order and drop ship controls
• Warehouse and location management
• Courier integration
Sales order processing – matching orders and payments automatically
By consolidating all orders across multiple sales channels and seller IDs in a single view,
eSellerPro enables batch processing of orders from a single view.
Order processing can also be fully integrated with retailers chosen courier partner system, so
that tasks such as label production and customer notification of tracking numbers can be
With all customer service information in one place, retailers can search for a transaction by
order number, invoice number, name or postcode. eSellerPro’s solution then shows every detail,
from product description and order date, to payment and shipping information, along with a full
audit trail of all the order events includes user IDs for the staff who created the entries.

Key features of eSellerPro’s sales order processing tool include:
• One-button batch processing
• Courier integration for all major couriers
• 3PL integration available
• Back order management
• Automated invoicing and document creation
• Automated customer emails: e.g. order acknowledgement, dispatch notification
• Feedback automation
Creative services – enhancing brand image and customer experience
New to eBay?
All online marketplaces are different and it takes time to set up stores. However, the eSellerPro
team can fast-track a retailer to the eBay marketplace, dealing with store set-up, content
creation, listing management and customer service. Retailers can benefit from a fixed set-up
cost and low ongoing management fee structure which ensures a cost-effective launch of a
brand and products on eBay.
eBay & eCommerce Tools & Services Guide 2012
Key features of eSellerPro’s eBay shop service include:
• Professional and unique designs integrated into the eBay Shop platform
• Consistency in design across eBay Shop and product listings
• Retains eBay’s framework and shop page dynamics
• Compatible with all the latest browsers
• Product advertisements and up-sell areas
• Store search built into your custom design
• Optional search filter refinements
• Optional brand list displays
• Customised inner store content pages
• Cross sell opportunities in listing templates
• Content tabs to minimise content clutter
• Listing image enlargement feature
WebShops for all budgets
eSellerPro has also developed a fully functional eCommerce web solution, built on a JSP
platform. With all the front-end code compliant to XHTML Strict, the solution achieves standards
rarely, if ever, matched by other eCommerce sites and delivers class-leading natural SEO
performance. Retailers can choose from four different product offerings to match budget,
feature requirements and marketing strategies.
Adapting to the mobile world – eSellerPro’s mShop solution
Over the past 12 months, there has been a noticable increase in interest in mCommerce, with
demand looking to sky-rocket over the next year. The creation of mobile optimised sites and
mobile shopping apps are giving consumers easier access to their favourite high street stores
when on the move. Every company that has a multi-channel strategy in place should also be
embracing mCommerce. Businesses should see mobile websites as an extension to their existing
site, and it is important that these are optimised to allow a smooth, intuitive user experience.
Consumers are increasingly looking to shop on the move via mobile enabled devices, and
retailers are now more aware of the benefits mCommerce can bring. eSellerPro’s mShop
solution is a great way for retailers to capitalise on this growing market. Mobile shopping is only
going to continue to increase in popularity and the mShop solution is just the first step in
supporting retailers in this journey.
mShop is a product that allows retailers to create simplified mobile websites, giving shoppers a
quick and stress-free mobile shopping experience.
mShop can either be delivered as a stand-alone solution without the requirements for a primary
eSellerPro website service, or it can be integrated with the retailer’s main website. mShop also
offers retailers its own stock control options so that if a retailer requires, it will be able to
display items on the mShop that may not display on the primary website store or vice-versa.
eBay & eCommerce Tools & Services Guide 2012
mShop is flexible in terms of design and feel and retailers can include their own customised
branding within the design to ensure consistency for customers who use both standard and
mobile sites. With an easy set up process, an mShop site can be designed, created and
operational in under two weeks, and with full PayPal integration, customers can easily make
purchases securely via a mobile device.
For further information on any of eSellerPro’s products or solutions contact:
Email: enquiries@esellerpro.com
Phone: 0207 872 5442
eBay & eCommerce Tools & Services Guide 2012
“...being privy to Flubit’s development and 2012 vision, I’ve rarely seen a platform that can
make such an impact on a consumer’s final point-of-purchase. They combine a winning user
experience which leads to very high sale conversion rates with a unique split-revenue model
that offers us a higher net return - costs are a lot lower than traditional marketplaces. I
believe Flubit offers huge potential for multi-channel merchants, so deciding to integrate
with them from the very beginning was an easy decision and aligned with our strategy of
keeping Luzern at the cutting edge of e-commerce solutions.”
Patrick Sherlock, Director, Luzern Solutions (luzernsolutions.com)
Flubit: The Closed Marketplace
Flubit is the selling channel that increases your chances of making the sale: the perfect
complimentary channel for eBay Powersellers.
We simply ask our users one question: are you ready to buy? If the answer is yes, they are taken
on a unique e-commerce journey where they “Demand a Deal” for the product they want. No
product browsing or searching. If you stock this product, Flubit generates that user a bespoke,
private deal on your behalf. This process has resulted in a 72% demand-to-purchase conversion
Our innovative fee structure makes this all possible: it is fluid and responsive, and provides your
customers with the best price on the market, while never eating into your margins.
Choice of
Point of
Other Market

There’s a growing body of frugal online shoppers who are only loyal to getting the best price.
‘Scan and scram’ is becoming the norm. With product search and price comparison services
reaching saturation point, Flubit focuses solely on winning the purchase - for you. We give our
merchants a safety net for catching customers they could have otherwise missed out on.
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Before you buy it, Flubit!
This simple message is why we win the user.
...here’s why it works:
• Flubit is the e-commerce concierge service, not a typical marketplace with product
• Our system automatically generates deals for the products our users demand.
• The time limit and pricing of each deal varies, and is bespoke for each user.
• These deal variables are determined by algorithms that assess the buying habits of
each user.
• And it’s a better price than any they’ve already found…
…this is why we had 29% repeat customers in our last beta month
“Tell us what you want to buy. We’ll find you the best price from one of our
retailers, and send you a bespoke, private deal on their behalf.”
The simple consumer experience, Flubit.com
...and here’s how you fit in:

Our API has been designed to replicate the functions of more traditional marketplaces to
ensure integration is straightforward and efficient.
We might not be a typical marketplace on the front-end, but behind the scenes it will feel like
we are. You simply feed us the same inventory data you would to other marketplaces. This
means when we offer a user a customised deal for one of your products, it will be accompanied
by all the product descriptions and images that they would expect to see before going through
with a purchase.
So integrating with Flubit is almost identical to other platforms
Via our API feed, your products, prices and stock levels will already be in our database. If a user
Demands a Deal on a product you stock, we have instant allocation access and our process
A sale on Flubit will appear in your system in the same way as a sale made on any other
Orders, inventory and stock allocation can be captured or fed via API, XML feed or FTP.
eBay & eCommerce Tools & Services Guide 2012
A channel fee structure that makes it all possible
We’re proud to have ripped up the channel fee rulebook. Our fee structure enables us to push
bespoke prices to individual users without affecting your margins. It gives us the flexibility to
make more sales for you, more often - and give more back to you.
• Our partners love it, because they’ll often achieve a higher net return from a sale than
on their other selling channels.
• Tiered structure: we reward merchants who assist us in creating a trusted buying
environment, i.e. offering fantastic prices and impeccable customer service.
• All transactions on Flubit are made via PayPal, so you don’t need to worry about ad
justing to a higher payment processing fee - and payment is made instantly to you
upon dispatch.
• No setup, subscription or listing fees.
Our journey
Flubit Beta went live in August 2011. Our aim was to spend 12 months experimenting with
different ‘point of sale techniques’ in a live environment to refine our core offering. This
involved running tests with a limited number of merchants and a restricted user base. We
measured and compared the effects of different ways of selling to the consumer (group deals,
flash sales, vouchers, etc.) and within a few months we’d discovered the Demand a Deal buying
journey. The results were beyond our expectations: a 72% demand-to-purchase conversion rate
over the last 3 months.

Visit Flubit.com to see these tests in progress. Meanwhile, we’ll be putting the finishing touches
to our API, UI and back-end, while integrating with merchants and channel management solution
companies as part of our pre-launch integration programme. The full site will launch during late
2012, whereupon market presence and emphatic conversion rates will define us. Our significant
marketing war-chest will fund substantial online and offline user acquisition and education
Who we want to work with at Flubit.com
We are looking for multi-channel merchants, online retailers and channel management solution
companies who are at the forefront of innovation, and want to redefine the online shopping
If you agree with the following, we want to work with you:
P Traditional marketplaces are becoming stale and/or saturated
P Consumers want to be able to influence the price they pay for something
P Traditional marketplaces take too much commission
P You want to dominate a new channel before your competition get there
P The market is ready for an innovative and integrated new selling channel

If you want to learn more about selling on Flubit, and how to join our pre-launch integration
programme, then get in touch to arrange a free compatibility consultation.
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Contact details for Flubit.com
Andy Stephen
Head of Merchant Relations, Flubit Limited
DDI: +44 (0) 207 502 8241
Mobile: 0778 691 7071
Users: http://flubit.com Merchant: http://weflubit.com
andy@flubit.com | Twitter: @weflubit
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Thousands of small businesses and traders are discovering an easy way to manage
their books and invoicing. Say hello to FreeAgent.

In a nutshell

FreeAgent is an easy to use, award-winning online bookkeeping and accounting system
specifically designed to meet the needs of small businesses and traders. With customers
in over 80 countries, FreeAgent puts you in control by taking the jargon out of accounting
and giving you real-time visibility of how your business is performing.
With FreeAgent you can manage your stock, send invoices, automatically chase payment,
analyse bank statements, manage your payroll, and even submit your VAT returns online to the
HMRC and forecast your tax in the UK. In a nutshell FreeAgent brings all of your business
finances together in one place, letting you build real-time accounts in straightforward

Getting started is easy
• FreeAgent is internet based so there is no software to download/install
• You can access FreeAgent anywhere you have an internet connection
• Unlimited users and unlimited transactions on your account
The features
Award winning support whenever you need it by telephone and email
• The FreeAgent Support Team can guide you through getting started
• Support accountants can help you with any queries on using FreeAgent
• Awards include:
Software Package of the Year, British Accountancy Awards 2011
Software Vendor of the Year, Software Sartisfaction Awards 2011
eBay & eCommerce Tools & Services Guide 2012
Keeping on top of bank account transactions
Online banking features lie at the heart of FreeAgent, so you build an accurate, real-time
picture of money in and out of your business
• Import electronic statements from your online bank account
• Reconcile invoices and bills generated through FreeAgent
• Explain transactions and categorise credits and debits
• Gain an instant picture of money coming in and leaving your account and easily assess
your cash position
• FreeAgent learns from the categorisations and automatically handles future
• Integrate with your PayPal account

Real-time Profit & Loss and Balance Sheet created automatically

• Easily collaborate in real-time with your accountant or advisor when you give them
access to your accounts on FreeAgent
• Track income and outgoings to get a true picture of your business over time with
monthly and yearly Profit and Loss statements
• See a balance sheet for your business covering UK tax
• Your accountant can export your data as a trial balance whenever they want.
• If you’re a UK Limited company keep track of dividends paid and automatically
generate a Dividend voucher to download, print and sign.

Clear tax forecasting (currently UK only)
• Tax timeline shows live updates of your tax position
• Synchronise important tax deadlines and liabilities into your calendar
• Get the numbers you need to add to your UK self assessment tax return
• Simple payroll engine lets you track salaries and PAYE/NI liabilities
• Automatically create VAT returns and submit online to the HMRC

FreeAgent is working hard to join up with different applications
you may want to use to run your business. So for example,
PayPal payments can be updated in your accounts
automatically. You can also do things like download apps from
your smartphone to scan and add expenses. FreeAgent is
always collaborating with other businesses to add new apps that
enable you to automatically update your accounts.
eBay & eCommerce Tools & Services Guide 2012
Manage your stock and expenses
• Add stock items and price lists
• Allocate purchased stock to invoices
• Match purchased stock to expenses
• Cost of stock is automatically added to your balance sheet
• Upload expenses and see them accounted for in your real-time accounts

Professional estimates and invoices
• Quickly build branded estimates and invoices from our selection of designed templates
and email direct to clients or print in PDF format
• Convert estimates to invoices in one click
• Invoice in 15 different languages covering over 50 countries
• Track confirmation that the invoice has been received by the client
• Automate your billing process - schedule recurring invoices, send automated invoice
reminders and a ‘Thank you!’ email when an invoice has been paid

FreeAgent puts you in control and gives you visibility of your finances.
Try FreeAgent for
yourself - the first 30 days are free.
Don’t just take our word for it, here are some comments from FreeAgent customers on

odsska Chris Ball
Highly recommend @freeagent for any Timesheet/
Invoicing/Accounting needs fre.ag/41dv1v1d
AndrewWoody Andrew Woodward
Received awesome support from people @freeagent
- if you don’t use them for your account you really
should bit.ly/f6b1se
gregdavispsu Greg Davis
Catching up on a little book keeping for @38solutions
with the awesome online tool @freeagent. It almost
makes the job fun!
Search @freeagent to see for yourself.

Offer subject to terms of service. See www.freeagent.com for details.
leewilshire Lee Wilshire
Personal self assessment also sorted,
not that it takes
long thanks to @freeagent see: fre.

andywade84 Andrew Wade
@freeagent signed up for your free
trial last night, have to say I’m very
impressed with your product so far!
and pretty cheap as well
eBay & eCommerce Tools & Services Guide 2012
“Confidence is everything....“

Confidence is everything on eBay, the more confident the prospective buyer, the more willing
they are to spend money with you; through clever design we position your store as a major
online brand inspiring massive confidence in your customers, increasing customer loyalty and

Frooition – “Delivering the Best”
With over 100,000 online clients and a reputation of ‘World Leading Designs’ we understand how
to create highly engaging designs and what makes them ‘World-class’.
A few key benefits of our designs:
• 100% custom
• Increases buyer confidence
• Increases average order values
• Intuitive navigation with easy product find
• On average, a massive sales increase of up to 30%!
And much more... www.frooition.com
Unlike our competitors we are officially the World’s only eBay Certified Provider that
specialises in design. This means we’re verified by eBay to ensure our designs won’t break any
of those scary eBay rules (so with us you won’t suffer seller restrictions on your Account).

The Technology...
It’s not just about great design; at Frooition we give you access to our powerful eBay design
management software, this allows you to create your eBay listings from inside your account,
apply design and list directly to eBay in literally half the normal time! – That’s a time saving of
over 50%!
Don’t worry, our software and eBay designs work with all the listings tools, so if you prefer to
use Channel Advisor, Selling Manager Pro, Turbolister, Blackthorne, eSellerPro or any of the
others you won’t have to change the way you list!
eBay & eCommerce Tools & Services Guide 2012
We have two powerful eBay design solutions to take your business to the next level:
Advanced eBay Design – “Inspiring confidence...”
Our Advanced eBay Design Solution helps to create and establish your brand on eBay, inspiring
massive confidence in your customers, increasing customer loyalty and presenting rich relevant
content through clever design.
Perfect for the standard seller looking to get more out of eBay.

Checkout our fantastic Frooition Advanced eBay Design features:
TopSeller eBay Design – “Reaching out to your clients”
In addition to our Advanced eBay Design features, ‘Top Seller’ comes with design extras such
as branded search boxes, rotating product image galleries and side product promotions; all of
which help to retain customer interest, up sell your products and increase your eBay sales!
Perfect for eBay Top Sellers who are looking to take their store to the next level!
Checkout our Frooition Topseller features:
Ecommerce Web Design
As part of our outstanding services we provide ecommerce web design for the following
exciting platforms:
BigCommerce - “Making it easy for anyone to sell online”
BigCommerce is our new ecommerce design solution, fully functioning and jam packed with
many brilliant features this powerful solution ‘Makes it easy for anyone to sell online’.

You can have a Frooition BigCommerce Web Design for as little as £950+VAT; here are some of
the fantastic features:
• Frooition World-class design unique to your business
• No transaction fees – ever!
• Superior SEO functionality
• Customise your store with ‘drag and drop’
• eBay export feature (Available if purchased with a Frooition eBay Design)
• Unlimited FREE BigCommerce Phone and Technical Support *
*subject to which BigCommerce package you choose
And so much more!
eBay & eCommerce Tools & Services Guide 2012
Sell on eBay? - “Exclusive eBay export tool”
Exclusive to Frooition eBay design customers; you can now export your entire BigCommerce
product inventory into eBay!
• Sell your products on the largest online market place - eBay
• Increase your product exposure and sales
• List your products to eBay in half the usual time
• Go multi-channel with consistent branding
Why Choose Frooition?
In addition to the benefits above:
• World-class BigCommerce Design Partner
• Dedicated Account managers
• All our designers work in house, no third parties
• 100,000 satisfied customers
• Delivered in as little as 3 weeks!
Check out our Frooition BigCommerce designs today -
Amazon Webstore - “All-in-one ecommerce solution”
Amazon Webstore is our new and powerful “All-in-one ecommerce solution”, this fantastic
platform comes with all the power of a leading ecommerce provider; Amazon.
A Frooition Webstore design comes with many exciting features, check them out here:
Facebook Design – “Designing for engagement”
With a Frooition Facebook design, we’ll help your business stand out from the crowd, drive traf-
fic to your website, reward engagement and most importantly increase your sales!
Checkout our fantastic Frooition Facebook design service here:
eBay & eCommerce Tools & Services Guide 2012
Our Frooitions World Leading Design Services include:
- eBay Design
- BigCommerce Website Design
- Facebook Design
- MagentoGO Ecommerce Design
- ChannelAdvisor Premium Ecommerce Web Store Design
- POWA Ecommerce Design
- Vendio Ecommerce Design
- eBay Productivity Apps
To get started with your exciting future design, simply contact us today at www.frooition.com!
(Don’t forget to take a look at our special discount code at the back of this book! - £100 OFF
RRP eBay / Ecommerce Design Services)

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