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Name : Amee Trivedi


−Competent Professional with strong analytical skills, business savvy and a technical background
−About 7.5 years of experience in the Software industry, with experience in Management and
Developer positions in System Programming, Kernel Programming and Product development and
−Demonstrated ability to understand customer needs and consistently exceed client expectations in a
dynamic business and technology environment.
−Awarded “Customer Delight”, “Best performer”, “Outstanding Contributor” and “Customer
Appreciation” certificates for quick resolution of crisis and customer escalations.
−Established SEI CMM Level 5 processes to manage project and improved the efficiency by reducing
defects and design changes.
−HP Certified Non-Stop Kernel Systems Engineer – Level 1
−Expert level contributor for Open Source JBOSS, ERP, Tomcat, Apache


• Bachelor of Engineering – Information Technology Engineering, Mumbai University
• Awarded First Class with Distinction [71.5%] 24
Rank in Mumbai University

Work History

−July 2010 till now - Freelance Corporate trainer, Consultant, Open Source Contributor
−Jan 2010 to July 2010 – Tata Consultancy Services Limited
−July 2007 to Dec 2009 – Freelance Consultant, Open Source Contributor
−Dec 2006 to July 2007 – Network Appliance Pvt. Ltd.
−March 2006 to Dec 2006 – Oracle India Pvt. Ltd.
−Nov 2003 to March 2006 – Tata Consultancy Services Limited

Awards and Achievements

• Awarded with title “Expert Level” contributor with Openlogic for technology contribution in
Jboss, Tomcat , Drools
• Awarded Client Appreciation Certificates for quick resolution of critical Issues in TCS
Name : Amee Trivedi

(recommended by client HP).
• Awarded Customer Delight certificate for solving outage and crisis issue by ANZ bank.
• Hewlett-Packard Non-Stop Kernel Certified Systems Engineer Level 1
• Represented TCS western region in the National Level Quiz and was awarded second place in
corporate quiz representing TCS western Region.
• Nominated at International level for “Amateur Poet of the Year 2002” at
• Selected by the International poets group as a significant contributor for the past 6 years in
succession. Poems have been published and translated in Eternal Portraits Series titled
“Chateaux dans la theme”.

Training Details

I have taken more than 105 trainings till date. Few of the trainings taken are for the following clients:
• HTML, PHP, MySQL – PCDA, Indian Navy – August 2010
• Unix OS & Internals - Tata Consultancy Services – Feb- July 2010
• C++ Programming & Advanced C++ - Tata Consultancy Services - March 2010
• LAMP, MySQL, PHP - Convonix – June 2009
• SVN, Mantis, Achievo Trainings -Convonix -Feb- March 2009
• Software Engineering & Code Review Training -Convonix - Jan 2009
• Content Management System, Joomla, Drupal, Wordpress - Convonix - Dec 2008
• Nonstop architecture - Tata Consultancy Services - March 2006
• Subsystem Manager, OS Internals, Non-Stop Architecture - Tata Consultancy Services - Nov
• Art of Presentation and communication skills

Technology List of the trainings conducted:

•HTML, CSS [Cascading style Sheets]
•Apache, Tomcat, Web server
•Unix, Linux, Shell Scripting, Kernel Programming
•C, C++ and Data Structures
•Javascript, JSP, Ajax
Name : Amee Trivedi

•Java, J2EE, JBOSS Drools , Seam
•Drupal, Joomla, Wordpress, CMS
•SVN, Source Control
•Software Engineering and Testing
•Asterisk, Telephony, Trixbox

Project Details

Non Stop SQL/MP

Company: Tata Consultancy Services, A TATA Enterprise, Mumbai, India.
Role: I.T Analyst
Period: Jan 2010 till July 2010
Key Activities
• Responsible for maintenance and enhancement of Hewlett Packard’s Tandem Non-stop SQL
• Key areas working on the Non-Stop SQL are as below:
• Query Optimizer
• Query Compiler and Executor
• Query Parser
• Responsible for maintenance and enhancement of SQL Catalog, command interface, utilities,
library product responsible for working of SQL/MP.
• Responsible for solving customer queries.
• Member of the Instructor team for new member induction trainings.
Technologies & Tools
• C Programming, TAL, TACL
• Garth, Inspect, Debug
• Sorceress

Name : Amee Trivedi

Website Design, CMS, OsCommerce Projects

Company: Freelancer
Role: Business Analyst, Developer
Key Activities
• Draft Business proposals to the clients
• Responsible for requirements gathering, feasibility study, design documents
• Responsible for creating use cases, converting requirements into functional requirements and
then technical requirements
• Contributed to development of few modules for LAMP projects, oscommerce - 2 and CMS such
as Wordpress and Joomla
• Project coordinator and project driver for B2B and B2C projects
• Responsible for business development : getting new clients and projects from the market
• Closing business leads and client interaction at all levels during entire project development
• Technical Training co-ordinator and conductor
• LAMP, Perl, PHP, JQuery, Ajax, MySQL
• OsCommerce, Carts, ecommerce
• CMS : Wordpress, Joomla
• Moodle, Huddle
• C, C++, UML, OOPS
• Unix, Linux, Windows

Open Source Projects

Company: Jboss/JBoss Drools/Apache/ Tomcat Open Source
Role: L3 Support

Key Activities
• Technical L3/L4 staff responsible for solving issues reported by clients
• Significant contributor for optimization of rules for Jboss Drools and algorithms
• Contribution to source code for enhancements of bug fixing for patch releases
Name : Amee Trivedi

• Jboss, Jboss Drools Rules
• Apache Mod – Rewrite and Redirect rule
• Linux, Windows

Unified Communications/Asterisk Telephony

Company: Freelancer
Role: Technical Lead

Key Activities
• Understanding and integration of telephony and open standards tools and components available
to create a subsystem for low cost VoIP communications using asterisk
• Drafting PRD (Project Requirements Document) and doing feasibility study
• Estimation of time and effort for the project and setting deadlines and milestones for the team
• Bug identification and fixing during integration and testing of open standards components
• Coordination and take over from team scattered throughout the globe
• Contribution to asterisk team for code improvements and bug resolution
• Asterisk, Tomcat, LDAP
• Conference Bridge
• C Programming
• Linux, Windows

ChatRobot / Softbot

Name : Amee Trivedi

Company: Freelance Consultant
Role: Technical Lead

Key Activities
• Technical Lead responsible for requirements gathering, design and implementation.
• Significant contributor for optimization of brain map and searching algorithm
• Implementation of targeting and symbolic reduction.
• Deployment and maintenance of the Customer application
• Project management
• C Programming
• Prolog

Volume Snap Mirror

Company: Network Appliance Pvt. Ltd., Bangalore, India.
Current Role: Member Technical Staff - II
Period: Dec 2006 to Jul 2007

Key Activities
• Development and maintenance of Volume Snap Mirror (VSM) product - the disaster recovery
solution from NetApp.
• Suggestion of enhancements to the internal processes to increase the efficiency.
• Understanding Storage Domain and Disaster Recovery data storage solutions.
• Understanding of SAN/NAS architecture
• Knowledge of Write Anywhere File Layout [WAFL File system]
Technologies & Tools
• C Programming
• Unix, ONTAP
• Gdb, Perforce, Shell, EMS
Name : Amee Trivedi

• Storage Technology, Storage Recovery solutions

Export/Import Oracle Utilites

Company: Oracle India Pvt. Ltd., Bangalore, India.
Role: Member Technical Staff
Period: Mar 2006 to Dec 2006

Key Activities
• Contributed to the development and maintenance of Import and Export products responsible for
backup of ORACLE data in operating system files.
• Responsible for enhancement and maintenance of Export/Import Test suite.
• Responsible for testing of the product for enhancement carried out in the product.
• Responsible for triaging of LRG's.
Technologies, Tools & Platform
• Oracle
• Export, Import
• C Programming
• Unix, Solaris, Windows

Non Stop Kernel and Subsystem Manager

Company: Tata Consultancy Services, A TATA Enterprise, Mumbai, India.
Role: Assistant Systems Engineer
Period: Nov 2003 to Mar 2006

Key Activities
• Responsible for maintenance and enhancement of Hewlett Packard’s Tandem Non-stop
Operating system kernel and subsystem manager.
• Key areas worked on the Non-Stop Kernel are as below:
• Operating systems internals
Name : Amee Trivedi

• Memory management, Process Control, Inter-process communication
• Kernel Subsystem Manager
• Parser
• Fault tolerant architecture
• Developed the design and implementation of the Subsystem Manager in Non-Stop Operating
System for Itanium Processor.
• Performed due diligence to comply with SEI-CMM Level 5 processes.
• Responsible for maintenance and enhancement of firmware product named MIOP, product
responsible for firmware update.
• Responsible for solving customer queries.
• Lead a team at offshore support center for design and deployment of APD project for subsystem
manager which had addition of Assign, Param and Define attributes for processes through the
subsystem manager.
• Coordinated development activities between Hewlett Packard’s US team and TCS’s offshore
• Member of the Instructor team for new member induction trainings.
Technologies & Tools
• C Programming, TAL, TACL
• Garth, Inspect, Debug
• E-Garth, e-Inspect
• Sorceress
• Tandem Non Stop kernel