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Managed by UT

for the U.S. Department of Energy

A Hypothetical
Facility Highlights
MPC&A Concepts

Utilizing a the commercially available interactive
game engine, ORNL constructed a HIVE of a
hypothetical material processing facility. The
portable visual aid was used to explain concepts
of physical protection and material control to
workshop attendees.

The user is immersed into an virtual
environment, where the user can explore and
interact with objects and other users.

Besides lighting and sound effects, special
particle and physics effects can provide a
visually rich environment to hold user interest.

No background script programming was
required for this workshop visual aid, however
the game engine does provide a very
sophisticated scripting language to create
behaviors for objects, computer characters, and
the graphical user interface.

Potential future uses for this visual aid include:

user role playing

Process layout planning

Vulnerability Assessment training and
process improvement

Access Control SNM portal monitor

Microwave intrusion detectors

Vehicle access control portal with monitors

Portal guard station with video assessment

Access control metal detector

Shipping and receiving

Vault storage

Process glove boxes, hoods and equipment