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Biotechnology Authority

Edward Lanphier has been intimately involved in the biotechnology industry since its inception over
twenty years ago and is a leading authority on the industry.

In 1981, Mr. Lanphier published the first commercial

analysis of the then nascent biotechnology industry.
He authored the first “Genetic Engineering Industry Directory” as well as studies detailing the potential
commercial significance of this emerging science including reports entitled
Advances in Biotech

Monoclonal Antibody Market Opportunities
. In 1982 he joined Eli Lilly & Co. in
the Strategic Business Planning group responsible for biotechnology product acquisitions. This began a
career that has seen Mr. Lanphier start, bu
ild or take public several leading biotechnology companies
including Celtrix Pharmaceuticals, Somatix Therapy Corporation and Sangamo BioSciences.

As a biotechnology industry veteran, Mr. Lanphier will share his perspectives on the role of
biotechnology (
and other emerging technologies such as the sequencing of the human genome,
bioinformatics, gene therapy, and genetically modified transgenic plants) in our society and our economy.
Additionally he can address the importance of research and development in

the pharmaceutical and
agricultural industries and the need for public policies to support these efforts.

Mr. Lanphier is a frequent speaker at a wide range of biotechnology industry conferences. In the past two
years he has made presentations at some o
f the countries premier financial conferences including the
Hambrecht & Quist Health Care Conference; the BancBoston Robertson, Stephens Medical Conference;
and the
U.S. Bancorp Piper Jaffray Medical Technologies Conference.

Additionally Mr. Lanphier has
given detailed commercial presentations on gene therapy, regulation of
gene expression, development of transgenic plants, novel anti
viral therapeutics, and DNA diagnostics /

Lanphier, is the founder, President and Chief Executive

Officer of Sangamo BioSciences, Inc.
Sangamo is a publicly held biotechnology company (NASDAQ: SGMO) focused on the development of
novel transcription factors for the regulation of human, plant and microbial genes. The company has
signed collaborative r
esearch agreements with Pfizer, SmithKline Beecham, Millennium Pharmaceuticals,
Zeneca, Berlex Biosciences, Bayer AG, GlaxoWellcome, DuPont Pharmaceuticals, Japan Tobacco,
LaRoche and Genset.

Mr. Lanphier has twenty

years of experience in the pha
rmaceutical and biotechnology industry. From
1992 to 1997, he was executive vice president, commercial development and chief financial officer
97) at Somatix Therapy Corporation, a leading gene therapy company. Prior to Somatix, Mr.
Lanphier was pr
esident and chief executive officer of BioGrowth, Inc., which merged with Celtrix
Laboratories to form Celtrix Pharmaceuticals, Inc. in 1991. Mr. Lanphier was also the vice president of
corporate development at Synergen, Inc. and before joining Synergen i
n 1984, he was with Eli Lilly and
Company in Strategic Business Planning


Mr. Lanphier is a member of the Biotechnology Industry Organization (BIO) board of directors.



Biotech 101 or "Molecular Biology for D
ummies". An introduction and overview of the basic principles
underlying the application of modern scientific techniques to molecular medicine.

Modern Pharmaceutical Product Development

(Similar to above) Greater emphasis on genomics and the discovery p
rocess of novel drugs.

Public Policy Issues Facing Biotechnology

A discussion of the issues / ethics that face the American public as biotechnology reaches beyond the
laboratory and into our society. Issues ranging from the ethics of animal testing and g
ene therapy to drug
reimbursement and R&D tax credits will be outlined.


Good or Bad Idea

The ability to "clone" a gene has been an acceptable aspect of medical research for over a decade.
However, the ability to clone multiple genes

or more s
pecifically all of the genes of an entire animal has
given rise to serious debate about the value that can be created verses the social costs that may be

Genomics and the Sequencing of the Human Genome

Considered by many in the medical community

"the biological equivalent to putting a man on the moon",
the sequencing of the human genome will revolutionize our understanding of who we are and the
biological world in which we live and from which we have evolved.

Gene Therapy

Regarded by many as the

next major medical modality, gene therapy holds the promise of not just treating
diseases but actually replacing or repairing the genes that cause a disease. This presentation will address
the promise and the reality of this fundamental new approach to m
olecular medicine.

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