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Artemis Pharmaceuticals and Bayer cooperate in Mouse genetics

Cologne, November 24, 2003

Artemis Pharmaceuticals GmbH, Cologne and Bayer AG, Leverkusen, have signed a cooperation agreement in
mouse genetics.
As part of this cooperation, Artemis will use it
s unique ArteMice™ platform to generate
genetically engineered mice for Bayer. Bayer will use these mice in its human drug discovery research activities
for gene function analysis as well as for the testing of novel drug candidates.

ene targeting and ArteMice™ SPEED technologies allow the rapid and highly
efficient generation of complex genetically modified mice. These are used as highly relevant model systems in
drug discovery research and functional target validation to identify gen
es, which play a central role in disease
processes and disease therapy.

ArteMice™ in which the mouse gene has been completely replaced by its human orthologe (“humanized mice”)
have a particularly high level of similarity to human biology and therefore imp
ortance for drug discovery.
provide an optimal model for the early in vivo testing of lead compound toxicity and efficacy on the specific human
target. In this way they can make a unique contribution to the selection of promising candidates for furthe
r drug

“This cooperation with Bayer demonstrates the power of the ArteMice™ platform and provides proof of Artemis
ability to generate very valuable custom made mouse model systems for drug discovery research” commented
Prof. Peter
Stadler, General Manager of Artemis. “The ArteMice™ technology is not only reliable and precise, but
also efficient and rapid. We are convinced that ArteMice™ is a very helpful tool for pharmaceutical and
biotechnology companies who are striving to optimiz
e their R&D processes.”

Artemis Pharmaceuticals was founded in 1998 and uses mice as a genetic model system for the discovery and
characterization of novel therapeutics for human disease. The company has developed an exceptionally efficient
and powerful te
chnology basis for the identification and validation of disease and disease therapy
related genes.
This ArteMice™ SPEED platform provides the company with a leading technology position with regard to the
efficient, rapid production of complex genetically m
odified mouse models. Artemis is a wholly owned subsidiary of
Exelixis Inc., South San Francisco, CA, USA.

For further information please contact:

Monika Hahn

Artemis Pharmaceuticals GmbH, Cologne

Tel: +49+221

Artemis Pharmaceuticals GmbH, Neurather Ring 1, 51063 Koeln, Germany