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Brian Behlendorf

CONNECT Collaboration Advisor (Contractor)

Federal Health Architecture, Office of the National Coordinator for Health IT


The CONNECT Open Source
Community's Role in
Promoting Nationwide HIE


HIMSS 2010

Why drive CONNECT as an Open Source community?

Accelerate adoption of the NHIN standards across industry, beyond the
Federal sector

Improve quality through transparency

“To a sufficient number of eyeballs, all bugs are shallow."

E. Raymond

Accelerate features on the development roadmap

Provide a "diagonal" learning curve for adopters

Make it easy to do the simple things, and possible to do everything else
without hand

Ensure the best use of current technologies and design practices in

HIMSS 2010

What's the approach?

Encourage and facilitate bug reports, feature requests,
ideas, and code contributions

Encourage questions from new participants to build a
database of ad
hoc knowledge about the platform

Promote the emerging commercial ecosystem around
CONNECT through the vendor directory and success stories

Promoting major contributors to “committers”, who are
peers to the contracted developers


HIMSS 2010

What Tools Do We Use To Do That?

Public development artifacts in:

Subversion (for public code versioning)

Jira (the bug database)

A Wiki (for all development documentation, whiteboarding of proposals, and
all other collaborative document work)

Public and inclusive development processes:

Discussion forums

Ability to “subscribe” to commits, new/changed issues in Jira, etc.

Visibility into the development sprints and Configuration Control
Board (CCB) meetings via the wiki, conference calls, and more

Public Code
Thons! Two so far, next one in Miami Apr 28


HIMSS 2010

Contributions To Date

Additional operating systems and application servers: Linux,
JBoss, Axis, soon Websphere

Much simpler to build and test now

community contributed
to the move from EJBs to POJOs, and better build scripts

Integration build services to alert devs for broken

Feedback on proposals by the dev team

Two new “committers”: Jeff Schmidt and Keith Babo


HIMSS 2010

Platform Neutrality

HIMSS 2010

CI Factory Build Dashboard

HIMSS 2010

CONNECT Developers Forum

HIMSS 2010

CONNECT Issue Tracker

HIMSS 2010

CONNECT Developers Forum

HIMSS 2010

CONNECT Developers Forum

HIMSS 2010

CONNECT Developers Forum

HIMSS 2010


HIMSS 2010

CCB for 3.0

HIMSS 2010

CCB for 3.0

HIMSS 2010


HIMSS 2010

But More Work To Do:

Adopt even more Apache development principles, a la

“If it's not online, it didn't happen”

Getting public +1 approvals for commits

Introduce “Communities of Common Interest”

subgroups focused on
specific topics, who work together on both code and specs to investigate

Enable more modular side projects: collaboration around new adapters, the
Direct work, and other small apps that would sit on top of CONNECT

Doing more to document the adoption of CONNECT and related open
technologies for HIE


Thank You


The participation of any company or organization in the NHIN and CONNECT area within the HIMSS Interoperability showcase
does not represent an endorsement by the Office of the National Coordinator for Health Information Technology, the Federal
Health Architecture or the Department of Health and Human Services.