Object and Scene Recognition Using Eigenimages

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17 Νοε 2013 (πριν από 5 χρόνια και 28 μέρες)

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Object and Scene Recognition Using Eigenimages

Ales Leonardis

University of Ljubljana


The appearance
based approaches to computer vision problems have recently
received a renewed attention in the vision community due to their ability to dea
l with
combined effects of shape, reflectance properties, pose in the scene, and illumination

Besides, appearance
based representations can be acquired through an automatic
learning phase which is not the case with traditional shape representat

The approach has led to a variety of successful applications, e.g., visual positioning
and tracking of robot manipulators, visual inspection, and human face recognition.

In this talk I will present the basic ideas of eigenspace methods for appe
object recognition. Various methods for training and recognizing objects will be outlined.

I will also identify the major limitations of the approach and present algorithms which
alleviate the problems, leading to an object recognition syste
m which is applicable in
real world situations. Throughout the talk, all the concepts will be demonstrated on real