Good news or bad news ?


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Good news or bad news ?

It's up to you to say, from these headlines & sub headlines

Teutonic Texans Watch

The Lone Star state is saying auf wiedersehen to its German dialect

The 10 most scandalous euphemisms

What other scandals have enriched the lexicon?

10 questions on grammar

Improve your grammar and writing skills

Boeing resumes deliveries of 787

As well as new batteries which run at a c
ooler temperature, Boeing has also
enclosed them in stainless steel boxes.

VF tourism

Egg shortage forces Asian couples abroad

Moody teens

Trying to understand the adolescent brain

A French affair

How British audiences are being seduced by French films


Can you be part
time and powerful?

UN urges world to eat more insects

over 2 billion people worldwide already supplement their diet in this way.

Little pitchers

Are babies born understanding language?

Lesbian couple prevented from
renting a house on I
sle of Man

“We believe that God has a plan for our lives within the context of marriage, the
scripture is quite clear in its teaching on this.”

sheep given metal heart using aerospace technology

a battery
powered heart, which uses magnetic suspension and hydrodynamic

These headlines CAN be your
topical subject

in WEEK 3