External Evaluation (Summary)

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External Evaluation

Project: Attractive Vocational
Guidance for Pupils/

Final Conference

24 September 2010


Remarks on External Evaluation

The external evaluation is focused on
products/outcomes resulted from the project;

Every product is evaluated by external expert
in the respective area;

The main areas of evaluation are the quality of
the products and their relevance to the target

Why choosing such an evaluation approach?
The answer: to provide for validation of
conclusions and credibility of products.

The Value Added of the Project

methodology is addapted to
the specific situation in participating countries with
respect to the needs for vocational guidance of
pupils, educational opportunities and labour market

Content and quality:

transferred methodology is
enriched with two additional methodologies for
psychodiagnostic of pupils’s individualities and
development (training) of their soft competences.

Application scope:

transferred methodology is
addapted to primary education level (pupils of age
14) in Bulgaria, Greece and Romania.

Products resulting from the project activites

Survey of pupil’s needs of vocational guidance;

Survey of educational opportunities of the national
education systems;

Survey of the labour market needs;

Multilingual web
based platform on vocational

Set of CDs for vocational guidance of pupils

CDs, one per each profession);

Methodology for training teachers and trainers in
vocational guidance;

Methodology for training of pupils in soft

Psychological survey of students in relation
to their professional orientation

: to determine the pupil’s needs of vocational guidance;

Target groups:
teachers and trainers/policy makers,

Evaluator’s remarks:

The tools used for diagnostics of personal characteristics and
preferences towards a certain type of career are standardized
and adapted to the concrete socio
cultural environment. Their
reliability and prognostic validity is proven;

The statistical analysis and reports based on the survey provide
valuable information about the 12

14 age group;

A matter of special interest is the comparative analysis of the
results of the pupils from the countries participating in the
project, which is unique in its nature;

The survey has been implemented correctly, according to the
highest professional and ethical standards.

Survey of Employers’ Demand for Qualified
Labor Force

to identify the labor market needs for employees with
specific professional qualifications and educational background;

Target groups:
pupils, teacher and trainers, policy makers,
researchers, wider public;

Evaluator’s remarks:

The construction of the sample size and its sectoral and territorial
distribution provides for accumulation of data that could be considered
nationally representative in terms of survey’s goals and objectives;

The elaborated questionnaire provides for collection of comprehensive
information regarding different labor market issues;

The data collected provides a sound base for estimation of currently
available qualified labor within particular industries; evaluation of the
labor demand in different segments of the labor market; elaboration of
specific recommendations for developing critical skills demanded in
various industries; highlighting some important issues related to
modules of vocational education and labor market participation;

Multilingual web
based platform on
vocational guidance

: to provide information for the project, developed
guidance tools and

to a wider public

Target groups:
pupils, teachers and trainers, policy makers,
researchers, wider public;

Evaluator’s remarks:

The organization of the information is very neat and the
navigation through the different sections of the site is easy;

The site provides a quick, easy and convenient access to all of
its parts;

The design gives an air of freshness and positiveness;

Good usage of screen space and a nice balance among the
separate website elements.

Set of CDs for vocational guidance of pupils

: to develop flexible and user
friendly guidance tools that will
help pupils make informed choice for their future personal and
vocational development;

Target groups:
pupils, teachers and trainers;

Evaluators’ remarks


The appearance of CDs is attractive for students; the CDs are
designed for students to take a look for attractive appearance, even
though they don’t be aware of the content;

The method used is very successful as the presentation includes visual
and written information support;

Profession Guidance part is broadly prepared, the information is clear
and plain and easily understandable for the students;

In the content of the CD, the information about professions

is given in
details; the presentations are fulfilling for the users;

Set of CDs for vocational guidance of pupils


Evaluators’ remarks (2):

In terms of visually and auditory effects video presentations have
positive and lasting effects on users. In vocal presentation decent
voice is used for intonation. It would be more interesting for users if
an appropriate song is used on the background;

The multimedia application allows for minimum user interference; it is
compatible with different multimedia public kiosks for further

There is an optimal balance between resolution and video compression
which allows for convenience and broad distribution of information;
the navigation is convenient and user

The films can be enriched by people working in professions.

Methodology for training of pupils in soft

development of soft competences which will enhance the
effect of the applied vocational guidance methodology;

Target groups:
pupils, teachers and trainers;

Evaluator’s remarks:

The methodology is designed in format of group dynamic training and
integrates traditional and interactive information and training

It is consistent with the target group profile, which is homogeneous in
terms of age

level of development

goals and

The content is oriented to the pupils’ needs which are determined with
preliminary survey;

The training approach reflects the psychological characteristics of the
respective age group;

The structure of the training process, the choice of exercises and used
didactical materials are fully compatible with the set goals.

Thank you!